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    This is a very thought provoking question. I've wondered what the true meaning of "Christian Fiction" is myself. I am a secular writer who happens to be a Christian and I can not deny that Christian themes find their way into my stories. But that's bound to happen when you are a Christian because Christ is at the center of your life.
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    Think of the OT as a memoir anthology written by a few people.
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    Ready? You need a glass, paint, a ladder, and a hairdryer. You also need a camcorder on a tripod and something heavy like sandbags, a purse or two or a bulletproof vest. last, you need two chairs. And.... one rubber band. Here we go! paint the glass black and set the glass between the two chairs. If you're going to film from below, leave this step to last. Get your paints nice and water wet, so they're thin but not runny. Add red by dripping it. Next, add blue. the white needs to be from a dry brush, but shake the brush onto the glass to create white specks. Place the tripod over the ladder and weigh down with two purses or sandbags Aim the camera down at the glass. turn on hair dryer and lightly blow on the wet paint. use a second person to turn the camera angle slowly with the rubber band. Voila. You have an outerspace nebula, orbiting in space. Try not to make a mess, @zx1ninja and @Johne
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    I'd add my reassuring, but there's been some good answers already!
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    Welcome! I don't have the amazing helpful links everyone one else does, but it is very nice to meet you!
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    My Christian person - a person of faith - wants so much to comment on this. But you have quite a few people talking with you already. But just so you know, Pax Pace, I'm praying for you.
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    I know everyone's got their $1000 writing academies or writers groups or writers bund or what have you... and one person has a $500 writers platform academy... I was thinking of one in a couple of years where you could join! Here's the catch... 100 smackers up front OR 20 rejection letters due within 2 years of completion. That way I know you took what I teach and APPLY by getting rejected. Or a copy of a literary agent's letter of acceptance could be tendered instead of rejection letters. I'm not knocking anyone else's academies, but I can't afford $1000, and I bet most writers can't either. Writing mentoring should not be reserved for the wealthy. It should be for everyone. I'd rather give away what I know, but I've learned from my business guru that you have to charge something. So, a hundred dollars is due two years later or 20 rejection letters. Feasible? Or far fetched?
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    First of all, I'm wondering if any of you have ever used reedsy.com? If so, what did/do you think of it?
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    It's good to struggle with understanding God. The effort you make to understand brings a special kind of revelation. You take the step from being just religious person to a person desiring a relationship with God.
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    I love Reedsy! They have some great, really helpful classes aimed at beginning writers. I've also selected an editor through them. I love being able to learn more about each possible candidate before I even begin talking with one. I never felt like I was putting my story out where it was going to get stolen - probably because I had references before even beginning. I haven't tried any other services yet - not been in a place where I needed to.
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    Depends. If it is for studying, I like print books. It's so much easier to find things in a print book. If I'm reading purely for enjoyment, I like ebooks. Mostly because as a homeschooling mama I have no room for more books. Five full bookcases of school books later it's getting a little crowded.
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    As a reader, I'm in the middle. I think they're a brilliant invention because you can have a library of books sitting in your hands. Reading them takes an adjustment because I was raised on print books, and I find them easier to navigate. As a writer, I LOVE THEM!! Why? Because my readers love them. Also because it enables me to instantly sell books all over the world without having them physically in stock. My retailers can even tell me what country I sold them in. Over the years I've been amazed that copies sold in places like Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, India, Norway, etc. One of my books sells pretty well in Australia and New Zealand. You also need to keep this in mind: While print books are still going strong, Amazon sells more eBooks than print books.
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    I don't have a Facebook for my Pax Pace authorship at this time, but I'm planning to create one later in the week. Same with Twitter. But when I used to have my old account, I did join some Christian writing groups there that seemed helpful with advice and info. I may try them out again. Maybe some of them might know more about Reedsy, too. I would definitely join some of them, though. Maybe try a private one where posts are hidden from non-members? That might be a bit more reassuring, at least.
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    I guess I can unsubscribe from the Writers' Digest emails. Not that I ever paid $199 for one of their webinars, but I have read through some of their articles. Some seemed worthwhile.
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    I wouldn't know what other sites to look for. I found this one mostly because one of the members is also a Facebook friend of mine.
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    Yep, I can definitely relate to that. We writers often get rather protective over our stories, and we should be. They are our private creations from the depths of our creative minds, and we guard them like no one else can. And no worries about rejoining Wattpad if you feel unsafe there. Definitely think on it some more and shop around for more sites. Some sites made their stories section private, like this forum, so that helps. One thing is for sure is never to stop writing. Even if you end up writing only for yourself, that is a beautiful gift all on its own.
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    This has been happening with my WIP. I know where its going, but one character bounced in and refused to leave, and another character calmly started doing stuff and then told to take notice. It hasn't changed the end - just how I'm going to get there. Thanks for sharing, Johne. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has this happen
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    No rush! This post is not going anywhere. 😊
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    It certainly can. I just feel more "in control" of my "stuff" if I keep it for me. But I can use all the help I can get. I'm sure there are other sites (I'm a member of a couple, in fact, but I don't think they are what you'd be looking for). I may try Wattpad again. It just depends. On a lot of things.
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    @Bob Leone Thank you so much! I appreciate the scripture you provided, and I wish you luck on your continuing journey as well.
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    Sadly, it has happened on Wattpad many times, but to be honest, it can happen anywhere. I definitely share your worries to an extent, just that I haven't personally experienced it myself to avoid all sites at all costs. That said, I will happily go elsewhere if there are better sites than Wattpad. It's just that Wattpad is larger and offers the chance to have your book adapted to TV and film if it's good enough, which is what I'd like very much. Still, Reedsy seems pretty cool from what I have seen, and I'll have to investigate it further and get a better feel for it. I do like the professional design of the site, so that's a start. Good luck to you and anyone else if you try it out.
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    Yeah, well, it's sad when any business closes, but I'm glad that they are gone.
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    I got scared about Wattpad. I joined and tried for a short time a few years ago. But I'm serious about my writing, so I don't want to just write things that I don't care if someone "steals". I was warned about people taking your work and claiming it as their own on there.
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    I too will check it out. The only place I've published at so far is Wattpad, but I've largely used it as a feedback outlet. Though, I admit that there are probably better sites out there for feedback. Thank you for sharing this. It's always great to have more choices.
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    I’m new at writing children’s fiction and thought I should avoid any mention of Christianity so as not to confuse kids which is true and which is made up... and to be honest, I also thought it would mean ‘Rejection’ stamped all over it... but I just finished reading “The Inquisitor’s Tale” by Adam Gidwitz and my mind is blown. He beautifully interweaved fiction, Christianity, and Ecumenism. He even got stories of saints in there, and St. Michael, the archangel, as one of his main characters to boot. The book is a Newberry Honor Book - a distinction given to “the most distinguished contribution to american literature for children”.
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    It figures it took The Titanic (the sappiest, most overrated movie) to make her smile. 😒 Although I think the theme from Halloween fits her better. 😀
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    He played the Titanic theme really well, didn't even use his hands.
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    Attempt 13!!! As a pianist, I'm jealous. He plays well. As a violinist, I keep wondering when he's going to pick that violin up and play it. Oh. He doesn't.
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    Don't be hard on yourself! Everyone struggles with the Old Testament. Myself more than most
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    Only a mess when there's a sudden and large number of stars coming to life in succession.
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    😱 No mess? Where's the fun in that? 😄
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    You know, as someone who isn't always optimistic in life, I have to agree with that piece of advice. I really do appreciate it. Thank you.
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    I tend to think if you go through life frowning 24/7 you'll never appreciate life.
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    Haha, well, there's that at least. I'm glad we can get some humor in. It's always great to laugh once in a while.
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    I really did think it was comical.
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    @KR LaLonde Whoops, sorry about that! 😂
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    Some thoughts - in another related thread, one person raised the question about sharing the gospel via fiction - "What would make a non-believer read a Christian novel?" The obvious answer was - nothing. I've adapted my fiction to having elements of Christianity such as a theme of redemption in my Star Trek novel. Why leave it there? Because any Star Trek story that speaks positively about religion is rejected like the plague by most of its fans. But if I plant seeds, I'm conditioning readers to expect themes and elements like this. With most Christian publishers cutting their fiction and non-fiction lines WAY back to the point I'll only get published if I've played for a major sports team, this is now almost the only way we have to market and make a living writing. I could self publish and I think I'm savvy enough at marketing to sell maybe 50 copies of a book. I'm thinking broad market though. If I can get readers to see religious and Biblical themes positively, then I can finally get my apocalyptic fiction published. And that will scare the willies out of everyone.
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    Hmmm...this sounds interesting.
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    Oh, no - gotta be 20. There's been a couple of famous authors who got up to 100. Frank Herbert got 23. Chicken Soup for the soul, over 140. Stephen King got 30 rejections for his first novel. John Grisham 28. One of the lessons is don't give up. Never. "Keep Fighting till the fighting's done!"
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    Hi Pax Pace, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
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    That's definitely all it takes. Thank goodness Jesus has done everything. Like I said, I've also struggled with doubts about salvation. I have to keep remembering that it's not what I do. It's what He did on the cross that paid my debt. He did everything for us. He died and rose again for us. All I have to do, all you have to do, is accept that gift. No works. Just faith. Yes. We must be very alike. God's drawing you to Him. Read the Bible. Start with Romans. That's how you will get faith. Romans 10:7 says, "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Also, here's a website that might help you out. https://answersingenesis.org/ I'm pretty sure they have an article on most every question you could have They're really thorough. Praying for you!
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    Pax, you already know God exists. Otherwise, you wouldn’t say you’ve gotten off track. We all get off God’s path at some time or other in our walk toward our heavenly Home. If you ever, in your past, asked Jesus to come live in you, then He is there. You haven’t lost Him. You’ve just covered Him over with doubts, unbelief, and the stuff of life. God did create the universe. The Word tells us so. His voice DNA is still alive in all that exists. He created you. He has a plan for you. And He is pursuing you so that you can follow and complete that plan. Searching for Him, and His purpose, and learning to know Him through His Word, you will gain the insight and intimate fellowship you are longing for. I would tell you to keep at it. But realize that forgiveness is the Spirit’s fresh wind of clearing. Asking the Lord to forgive you while you forgive others clears that misty fog and darkness from your soul and you will see God’s Light of love. We are glad you have joined us and have been so open with your heart’s desire. We will all be praying you find that place of rest and purpose you so diligently seek. Be sure you get into God’s Word, for there, you will find the guidance you seek. May the Lord bless all your searching and your writing to serve Him. I'm going to take my moderator liberty and suggest you might want to read some posts from my site. I write devotionals and inspirational stories. The one that just went up is What Kind of Father? Praying it blesses you.
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    Welcome, Pax Pace. Nice to meet you. Your introduction reflects something I went through myself recently, although my road is very different from what you have described yours to be. I was raised in a Christian home and taught from an early age the importance of believing in the Bible and trusting in what Christ achieved for me. So one of the major questions I struggled with, especially towards the end of teen years, was whether or not I was a Christian because of my upbringing, or because I chose to believe in Christ for myself. This was a question I was afraid to ask, because I feared the answers I might encounter. It was only about 6 - 8 months ago that I faced the question and asked it. Honestly, it felt like I was driving my faith onto rocks and hoping it would float. I started with science - did I choose to believe the Bible because it was backed by science? Turns out that the answer was no. Same with historical evidence. I eventually had to conclude that I do not choose to believe the Bible because of the overwhelming evidence. But I still didn't have my answer. So, in frustration after months of searching with no results, I finally turned to God and asked Him for the reason why I believe. The answer came within a few hours: I believe in Jesus Christ, because I have tasted His precious mercy towards me. This really is just to let you know that you aren't the only one who asks questions - we all do, and I believe that it is important to ask them. One final encouragement I will leave with you is: God will be found by those who seek Him earnestly. Once again, welcome to the community. It is great to have you here
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    HI. My name is Kendra. I'd introduce myself further but you can probably see more information than you want on my profile. *shrugs* 😊
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    Welcome, Kendra!
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    Welcome aboard, Kendra! It's great to have you here.
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    https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/7808603 This may not fit the profile here, but it's the only "quick" link I have to Flash Fiction. Claudia has her hands in everything under the sun--clay, poetry, painting. I enjoy her posts. The New Yorker is partial to this type of artwork.
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