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    The owner of a small bookstore in San Diego needed open heart surgery. His only employee was sick with swine flu, so he closed the store not knowing when he could be back and open it again. His friend contacted others who work or run book stores who re-opened the store and ran it for him until his employee recovered enough to come back to work. Washington Post story about book store
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    I think it's because new authors are less likely to have an agent.
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    Amen! I just read that again yesterday. Great quote! Thank you, Diamond. *Moving this to general discussion as it's a better fit.
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    Well, I have to say that the stroke put a kink in my writings! It made it difficult to write for sure, and difficult to think- not to mention it was impossible to type afterward. But gradually, I have been returning to normal after a long, hard recovery. I can write for 15 minutes at a time, and I consider myself lucky to do that. Plavex was supposed to help dissolve the clot in my brain, but after six or seven months, testing revealed that it wasn't working at all. Now, I've on a new medication, and it seems to be making all the difference in the world. All of this leads me to say that I have some unusual obstacles to overcome, but I think that this article highlights some of the difficulty I am having writing now. So, anyway, I will give some serious thought to what Ms. Weiland has to say. I think that it will be a great help to me. And thank you, Johne, for posting this.
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    Yep, I agree. Never send anything out to strangers and never, ever post anything on the Internet- it will come back to haunt you. Heck yes, Sophie!
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    I'm tired just reading this! But I feel your heart beating, and I do believe you will do the more you desire. Thank you for your encouragement about marriage. I'm in year 29 and I still need to know that God has a fulfillment there too! Not in the least! But I have an eternal perspective and I know God will give me paper and a pen in heaven. As long as I keep on keeping on, I'll accomplish His desire.
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    What! No vanity 'e'?
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    Lynn, you have spent your precious time to share your thoughts and guidance with me. I truly appreciate it, after church ill have to sit and review everything you wrote. Oh my... I really appreciate it. The k you! To Antonio. The k you and so happy U liked it! ❤️❤️❤️
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