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    A few years ago a dear friend suggested that I write a book, I didn't quite my day job, but I did retire. I've have spent the last two years researching, writing drafts, seeking advice, and attempting to develop writing skills worthy being read. I have worked harder at this endeavor than my previous profession, I now question if I'm really retired.
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    The villain never changes. Good to know. https://stevenpressfield.com/2019/01/the-villain-doesnt-change/?__s=icqrtynfcrptpqb4pux2
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    Nah. You just changed jobs.
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    I'm a sucker for stories that redeem the villain. I find stories with a static, cardboard cutout villain to be boring ('I'm here just to be evil! muahahah!') and I absolutely hate the 'I'm a villain because the story calls for me to be and I can't be redeemed even though I show the potential to' story lines with a passion.
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    But what about the hero? One of my favorite lines from "The Dark Night" is from Harvey Dent: "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." I actually like stories that redeem the villain. Star Wars - Return of the Jedi comes to mind. Darth Vader, arguably the baddest villain in cinema history, turns against the Emperor to save his son. I LOVED that.
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    This is speculative enough that I would read it just to see how it played out. My friend Mike Duran has a series of ParaNoir books which skirt the supernatural line. I think they do so in a way which leads people to want to know more about Jesus instead of doing damage to Christ. The Ghost Box Saint Death
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    I have no opinion of the modern psychics. I have no experience there. But whatever gift they might have, it's not anything prophesied in Scripture. The Bible passage you speak of, is from XXX. Which, according to Peter, was fulfilled at Pentecost (Acts 2). CORRECTION: That prophecy is from Joel 2, and cited by Peter at Acts 2. My bad.
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    That is true, however we are told in Revelations that in the last days some will have visions. The Christians I'm speaking of all say they receive visions, non that I know of claim to have encounters with spirits. What they have accomplished has definitely been a blessing in many cases. I refer to all of these people as having psychic abilities, maybe my definition isn't correct.
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    Psychic ability is not among the spiritual gifts enumerated in Scripture (such that they might cease after Pentecost.)
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    This brings up a question regarding supernatural abilities. Law enforcement today has used several psychics during criminal investigations. A few of them refer to themselves as Christian seers and are surprisingly accurate. This seems to step outside of typical orthodox thinking other than some groups that believe spiritual gifts did not end at Pentecost. How would a story documenting Christians gifted with psychic abilities be received within the general Christian community?
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    Good perspective! I'll get cracking.
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    Congrats!!! It is all about seeing signs and believing in them. Can’t wait to have a chance to read it!
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    This sums it up neatly, Kat. What a responsibility you have! I pray God blesses you with His guidance.
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    Spoiler alert: No. https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/did-tolkien-waste-his-life
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    I like this statement Clarke. I might add, that the Christian writer has the challenge "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it for the glory of God." Writing taken in that sense can never be deemed insignificant or unnecessary. We all have a responsibility to bring glory to God in our lives. I believe Tolkein had a very real grasp of that philosophy. And yes it should not be our foremost source of theology.
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    You seem to be walking many razors' edges at the same time! There are more Christians who are legalistic about this topic than those who are not. There are more Secular people who don't want their little fantasies explained away than those who do not. What motivated you to wander into non-fiction territory? This is a very different world from the fiction universe, with all manner of different rules and expectations. Reaching people there means having credentials in the subject, not just having a story to tell. The territory between heaven and hell is full of the best and worst. Humans have dominion there, as long as they stay close to God. When they stray, they yield dominion to Satan. As I said, there are razors' edges everywhere! I am not surprised by anything that happens to me, or that I hear of, and I am more afraid of humans than any other being. Humans, having the potential to be holy, are more evil than Satan's minions, when they stray.
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    We live near an air force base where they keep a few B-2 bombers. Sometimes they fly them around town here for no apparent reason (training?). A few years ago I could swear that I saw one hover over a supermarket, making no sound or downdraft.
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    I once saw a flying saucer hovering in the area. Bright silver. I waited a minute. Eventually the jet plane, which had been heading straight toward me, turned aside and I could see the wings and tail section. But for thirty seconds it definitely looked like a flying saucer. Paul
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    I've had an encounter with an angel (I only mention this because - while weird - it matches with Biblical accounts of angelic encounters). Personally, I don't believe in supernatural beings other than the ones already mentioned in scripture and I find such things easily explained and not worth additional study. Most of the 'haunted' things I've seen presume an extrabiblical interpretation of supernatural beings and we simply come at those things from different perspectives.
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    Thanks Robin, the helps. I guess I need to begin going to writer's conferences.
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    There are a number of publishers that will only work with agents. But before getting mine I worked with a couple of critique groups and editors to make sure the manuscript was ready. And did lots of revision. Meeting an agent at a conference is a good idea, too.

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