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    Hi everyone! I'm Juba. I'm a student, but behind closed doors, I'm a writer. I've always loved writing, and for a long time ideas flowed faster than I could get them onto the page. Sadly, with a busy student life and many distractions (*cough* YouTube and Netflix *cough*), I've lost a lot of my inspirational drive. However, though I've acknowledged that it's going to be hard work, I've decided that writing is something I will always love and want to do. I've been checking out a lot of other writers' platforms on the Internet and thought I should join a few online writing communities. As a Christian, this seemed like a safe and caring space to branch out as a writer, and after lurking for a few weeks I thought I'd start joining in! I'm looking to learn more about the writing process, find other writers to connect with, and learn how to be a good critique partner (as well as hopefully receiving some critiques from others, once I'm brave enough to send out my work). As far as what I write, I have a few short stories in progress, as well as some novel ideas in the early stages - one that's more 'general' fiction, one in the Fantasy genre, and a YA novel I've been working on for about a decade. I'll read pretty much any genre, but I especially want to become more knowledgeable about the ones that I'm writing in. (I just love stories in general, so settling on one genre seems claustrophobic to me!) My interests outside of reading/writing include horses, tea, and movies - especially PIXAR movies. Yes, I know that they're kids' films, but I think that there's so much to learn from them as adults, and as storytellers.
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    I was traditionally published for horror and suspense, but when my publisher took ill, my wife and I started a new indie publishing company and, although we publish other writers, we're going to give it a try with my Christian sci-fi and suspense, too. I don't see other ways to get it to market in a timely fashion. Thank goodness we go into this with editors and such, but still its different introducing my fiction into the mix. By the way, having been traditionally published, operating a publishing company and now owning a family publishing company, I can tell you that I think the most intellectually stimulating of all publishing ventures is the freedom associated with the new, self publishing options. We truly live in the Renaissance of creative writing!
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