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    If you get on the internet and start asking algorithm based search engines about Bible doctrine, Jesus and the end times, look out for the rabbit hole up ahead, filled with men in darkness seeking knowledge of the light. We live in the days now of men roving about in search of what is truth, and in the final analysis, the truth is not a destination or viewpoint one arrives at. It is a person and not a place. It is a who, and not a what. My journey began when I was introduced to reading the book of Enoch; this lost book of the Bible disregarded and hidden since the Nicean Councel. Reading about the watchers and fallen angels coming to earth and introducing mankind to divination and the desires of our flesh was a very interesting read. I knew there had to be another book in the Bible because 67 sounded so much more godlike than 66. That soon segued into learning that many of these demons are walking amongst us today and these hybrid reptilians are now leading the world to her destruction. I saw a photo of David Rockefeller and was immediately convinced. That man is not human folks. Neither is George Soros. I was really onto something here. Next thing I know, I find out there are these shape-shifting Nephilim serpent hybrids alive and well down here on earth, and in hd video on Youtube. Most of them make a living in Hollywood and DC. Why arent people talking about this? It was basically Biblical and on the internet? I saw a video of Nancy Pelosi morphing into some other being, which didnt suprise me, and one of Obama's bodyguards doing the same. Unbelievable. I had my proof and this was all starting to make some sense, because I always knew Hilary Clinton was a demon straight from the pit of hell. Turns out about half this world isnt human at all, and that half made sense to me. I then started reading about Albert Pike and Luciferianism and the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and I'm telling you friends there was no turning back. We are all under the complete contol of the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Jews, The NWO, Freemasonry and Mark Zuckerberg. I deleted my Facebook account that day. True Story. I had reached the point of finding out who this antichrist dude really was. I was banking on Obama because I knew he was Muslim and just had that antichrist feel about him, and the timing was right; but whoever the pope is at the time also fit the bill. Turns out it's this Maitreya "World Teacher" who first appeared literally out of thin air in front of thousands of people in Kenya in the 80's. He is the very one the Illuminati and NWO folks believe is coming. Thank you Google for finding that so fast for me. I knew people devoting thier lives to knowing who the antichrist is and it took me only 5 minutes. Armed with this accurate knowledge I proceded along so much closer to the light of day. Really though, I was a thousand miles from nowhere and could'nt have been more lost. Moving forward, I began reading about Agenda 21, an alien invasion coming soon, and the ever so elusive mark of the beast. Did you know that UFO's are coming along with Project Bluebeam and Planet X, and the rapture is being faked by our government? This all made sense because Ive seen ufos before, and Lucifer and the fallen ones needed a ride to get to DC. The truth was setting me free! And friends, Ill make your search for the mark of the beast very simple: Its a tattoo or rfid chip or stamp on your hand or in your hand and on your forehead- im not yet sure where, or it is a brain wave implant wifi based technology running on the upcoming 5g networks and generated by CERN. Its gotta be one of the two. Then again, it could be an international ID Card, gentically modified foods, DNA activation, AI, or your social security number, or quite possibly something coming along with all these FEMA camps I keep reading about. Either way, dont take the mark, and start storing food. I was now armed with more knowledge than most men could fathom, but was still in the closet about banking on Obama being the Antichrist. I could just tell by looking at him. I was sure about chemtrails, HAARP, GMO's and UFO's, but still on the fence about the mark of the beast, who Mystery Babylon is and the role of the Vatican in the last days. I saw videos that disproved the whole reptilian shape shifters thing, and then found out we faked landed on the moon - NASA is one big lie because the earth is flat and they know it! At this point I am actually angry and ready for a revolution. I then find out that I needed to learn more Hebrew, buy a shofar, study the Torah and be more Jewish - but did'nt have the time because Nibiru was inbound, the Revelation 12 sign was being fulfilled on September 23rd, and Donald Trump got elected, beating the demon Hilary by a landslide. There goes the whole Obama is the devil theory I was secretly rooting for. I remember wondering somewhere around that time about the validity of the Book of Enoch because I read about the Nephilim coming back soon and realized: I had gone full circle to distant places going nowhere, far down an uphill road. I had not learned one more fact or acquired one ounce of useful knowlege in all my time searching, because I had been seeking what the truth was rather than Who, the truth is. Be rooted in Christ people. May our depths be the knowledge of His grace of His loyal loyal love. Have faith in Jesus. Seek first His Kingdom. Be Holy. Be Holy. Be Holy. Do not forget my dear friends, Jesus rocked the world with 12 ordinary men, no Bible and no church and no internet. What they did have was supernatural divinely ordained Holy Spirit power, and it was awesome. It brought down temples and Kings and changed the planet. Ministry... It was boots on the ground out in the darkness being light and salt to a world in desperate need of a savior. The Savior. He came and saw and conquored and is right now, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He reigns. God Almighty can use your little light to help save souls, bring down strongholds and overcome the gates of hell. Thats what I believe. Thats who I believe in. Truth is not a complex thing requiring algorithms and a wifi connection. It is divinely revealed gift of the knowledge of Christ Jesus to the humble lost sheep He seeks. It transforms us inside out, root to fruit. Be rooted in Christ. Be rooted in Christ. Be rooted in Christ. Google it.
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    One of the most challenging aspects of my ministry has been to get Believers to evaluate what they believe; to see if what they confess as truth stands up to the challenges to their Faith. Too many Christians operate only in their “comfort zones” and are diametrically opposed to any Biblical excursions that might cause their basic beliefs to come under scrutiny. Lukewarmness becomes a reality when we become content with the basic tenets of our Faith, and are unwilling to grow in the Faith. A lukewarm Christian becomes a spectator rather than a participant in the Kingdom of God. It is so tragic to see Believers walking with limited Biblical knowledge. I thank God for the foundational truth of Jesus, for without the Cross, His Resurrection, and Ascension there would be no Church. The question is what have we done to build upon that foundation? Scriptural ignorance has caused many Christians to simply accept what they have been taught without personal Biblical confirmation. Why are we so afraid of revisiting our “comfort zones” to see if what we have believed truly lines up with the Word of God? For many years, I studied at some great theological schools. I attended Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic seminaries in quest of understanding God’s Word. I pursued pastorates with churches affiliated with three major denominations as well as independent fellowships. I taught against things that conflicted with my “adopted “beliefs. For years, I preached to peoples’ wants instead of their needs. Finally, one day the Holy Spirit took me to the Scriptures for the first time and my eyesight went from 20/20 to 39/27 and I saw things as they really are. From that moment on, I began to preach under God’s direction. No longer was I going to teach to appease the “itching ear syndrome” of my fleshly “employers.” (I Timothy 4:3) It has not been an easy road, for people that are entrenched in unbiblical traditions are almost impossible to budge; Satan sees to that! My prayer is that Biblical ignorance can be eradicated. I pray that people will get back to personal Bible study under the tutorage of the Holy Spirit. We need to make sure that Scriptures compliment each other. In other words, follow the continuity thread throughout the Word. If a verse says something, find co-existing verses which will compliment and elaborate on its significance. The Word will never conflict itself. Don’t be quick to read; use a soaking action. Read a verse and then meditate on it until you are released to move on. I challenge every reader of this article to join me in opening your Bible and making sure that what you have defended for so long lines up with the Word. If it doesn’t, make the corrections; if it does, press on to even greater truths. Whatever you do, do not remain complacent.
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