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    I give thanks for my God, and Savor! For my husband, children, home, and the wonderful blessing of food. I give thanks for the wonderful second family I have found here. I also give thanks for this little toddler in my lap that keeps poking my eye to make sure it really is part of my face. 😊
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    I give thanks for a God who loves me enough to send His son to come get me. A son who loves me enough to die for me. Both who love me enough to forgive me and still provide all my needs.
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    I give thanks for our loving Heavenly Father, my crazy family, and my family in Christ I have found here ❤️ ..And the crazy child singing into her daddy's flashlight which doubles as a phone.
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    I give thanks to God, who always teaches me what I need to learn, for His saving me from my sins. I also give thanks to Him for my husband of 50 years and our son who has made something of his life despite a serious congenital condition. I also give thanks for my church family, several who stood by me through some very difficult periods of my life.
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    Just wanted to share this prayer of Thanksgiving with you. In one of the Thanksgiving episodes of Father Knows Best, Jim Anderson, the inimitable father, offers this prayer at the end of the episode as the family holds hands around the kitchen table… “Oh, Lord, we give Thee thanks from the depths of our humble hearts, for all the blessings Thou hast seen fit to bestow on us. We thank Thee for the food which graces our table and a roof which covers our heads. We thank Thee for the privilege of living as free men in a country which respects our freedom and our personal rights to worship and think and speak as we choose. We thank Thee for making us a family, for giving us sincerity and understanding. But most of all, dear Lord, we thank Thee for giving us the greatest gift a family may know…the gift of love for one another…Amen.” And the gift of knowing and loving You, Lord. In Jesus’ Name…amen! However you spend this Thanksgiving, and whatever surrounds you at this time of year, may your heart be filled with praise and thanksgiving, if for no other reason than you are saved by grace and filled with the living Word of God. Thanksgiving blessings to you! Giving thanks for you all…Lynn
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    total of 38,023 words
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    Sometimes we need to take a break and do something completely unproductive, just for fun. In that vein, I bring you... The unbridled joy of dogs catching treats Enjoy!
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    GRRR!!! A new trend people are doing and it's driving me nutso! Starting a sentence with a numeral/digit/number rather than a word. For instance... 11 years ago... 5,000 pages of... 7 year old... Wanna makes me pull out my hair, what little is left! Whew! Now I feel better!
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    I'm beta testing a new feature to replace the Publication & Plugs section. If you're an established member (more than 5 posts) I encourage you to add your books, articles, blogs, or short story links here. Once we have some entries, I'll link the database to member profiles. Other members will be able to click a link in your profile and see all the publishing credits you have listed. Also, the database will be available to all members and visitors to view and/or purchase your work. Like I said, this is a beta run, so I welcome your feedback!
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    Mystery Writer's webinar
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    Recently, one of my friends who works for a publishing company offered to read one of my YA novels. She regretfully informed me that the style was more suited for middle readers than teenagers. I took this to mean that my vocabulary could use a little work. I found the method that works best for me, and I want to pass it along to you. Here it is: 1) Read a published novel in your chosen genre, noting down every big word you find that you wouldn't ordinarily use, like "odious" and "concurrently." Be sure to note down the page you found it on. 2) Write the sentence that the word is found in, but omit the word, leaving a blank space instead. (This is for the review test.) 3) On another sheet of paper, write down the definition of the word. Memorize it. (It helps if you can think of common words that relate to the new word. For "disparage," I thought of "dis-pear-age" and drew a pear next to the word. This helped me remember the unfamiliar word.) 4) After learning six words, take a quiz. For the six-word quiz, write the simplest definition on the right-hand side, and scramble the six words on the left-hand side. Take the quiz after writing down the definitions (Step #3) so the definitions aren't fresh in your mind. No cheating! (I used a pocket dictionary that has only the simplest definitions.) 5) Once you've learned 20 to 25 new words, go back and take the review test (see Step #2). Relearn the words you missed before continuing on to a new set of words. That's it! I learned over 50 new words using this method, and I'm not done yet! Let me know how you do!
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    This would make quite a scene. Enjoy your day.
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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope your day is filled with fun, Food, and Family!
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    at 42,000 words tonight! I've got about 7,600 words left to write!
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    2091 words today brings "Blazing Glory" to 40,114 words!
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    Write From the Deep has another excellent podcast about writing from God's heart. We spend too much time comparing, thinking in negative cycles etc. They give practical tools to silence the inner editor as well as the nasty outside voices that would hinder our expression of God's gift in us.
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    I see nothing wrong with "writing in a way that most people will read, understand, and enjoy." That's what I do. I never use any words to which I don't know the meaning. and assume that most readers also know. I've been writing that way since long before I first joined the internet back in 2006. Since then, I've written two novels, and dozens of novellas, short stories and non-fiction articles. They are posted on several different writers websites, where, counting all the separate chapters, they've received hundreds of very positive, mostly 4 & 5 Star reviews. This leads me to assume that by "writing in a way that most people will read, understand and enjoy", I must be doing something right.
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    There were these thugs in the alleyway of my brain. Let's call them characters for now. They threw me down and pummeled me with their life experiences. Then stuff started happening to them. If I wrote it down, that scene would blow into the dust and another would happen. If I didn't write it down, I would be pummeled some more. Suddenly I had a book of 500 000 words. Then I met these wonderful people who said I could publish. They wouldn't let up. They still won't let up! They keep posting encouragement and articles on how to get the job done. I suspect God has set me up. He's behind all this. Praise Him for His gentle nudges. (His kind of gentle, not mine!)
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    Epic Music. Bach. Bigtime Bach. Try the Goldberg Variations. Vivaldi. Both Leopold and Wolfgang Mozart. Holst.
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    Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Chopin, Holst, but not Bach. I can't even drive and listen to Bach.
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    1778 words tonight... over 30,000 words in the novel so far!
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    That's funny you mentioned her, because I'm reading one of her books now to help me! I have more of hers on my to-read list. Thanks!
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    Have you read any of the books by Sarah Sundin? They are fiction, but they might give you an idea of what it was like living in that time.
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    I'm very excited! If any of you are going to the festival, look for my little short documentary, Sewing Seeds. I will post the schedule when it comes out. Dear Rita, Let me be the first to say congratulations! Our programming team thought that Sewing Seeds was excellent and it has been selected to screen at the inaugural God Country Family Christian Film Festival, which runs December 7-9, 2018 at the Downtown Micon Cinema, in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
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    I would approach competitions with a lot of caution. The Alliance of Independent Authors has an excellent resource page, and a quick search showed that at least one of those contests has a warning attached, while one has a good reputation. https://selfpublishingadvice.org/allis-self-publishing-service-directory/award-and-contest-ratings-reviews/
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