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    I had a really good day. I joined an editor's group and we reviewed each other's first chapters. They said the first chapter of THE BLUE GOLEM was really polished and a lot of fun. They wanted to read more! And then after that call I jumped on a call with SG Editor Danielle Kiowski - she wants to work with me on my novel to prepare it for submission to Story Grid Publishing! I asked her about yesterday's panic attack about the Middle Build - she said it sounds like what I'm doing makes sense and flows well going into the Ending Payoff. Whew. I didn't want to rewrite yet again. So I'm working through polishing up my fourth draft and then I'll send the manuscript to her for a deep scrub before opening it up to Beta readers. I have a busy winter ahead of me but hopefully the manuscript will be ship-shape in time for publication by Spring! After that, it's just a question of when they can slot it in.
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    It's a balmy 15 degrees outside and I'm staying toasty-warm while watching an episode of The Expanse (an enthralling Sci-Fi series). The phone rings and the screen ID says it's ReadersMagnet. Nomorobo fails to kill the call after the first ring, so I let it go voicemail - because Nomorobo sometimes misses spam calls. But that name, ReadersMagnet, made me curious enough to pause the episode and listen to the message. What luck! After an awkward pause that left me listening to a busy telemarketing background, a ReadersMagnet operator explained (read) how one of my books was recommended to them by a "book scout." This caused them great joy to contact me in order to line up a coveted spot at the upcoming Tucson book fair. He sounded so excited over the opportunity that he could hardly complete a sentence without tripping over his broken English. So now I'm floating on high hopes as I reach for my phone to call them back. Somebody important noticed me! They think my book is good! I've finally arrived as a best-selling author because I'm going sell millions of copies! Okay, that was a wee bit sarcasm, in case you couldn't tell. 😉 But beware, these types of scams are all over the place. Some are easier to identify than others. Typically, if someone contacts you out of the blue, it's usually too good to be true.
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    Hi, I'm Rebecca, a Christian and I write Inspirational Romance. I am currently working on a manuscript and I'm in desperate need of a critique partner. I found this writer's group by a Google search. I'm currently a member of RWA (Romance Writer's of America); not sure if anyone is familiar with the fiasco going on right now; however, I do not want to be a part of it. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and learning. Thanks. ~Rebecca
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    Well, considering the fact that a year ago, I couldn't speak or write, I'd say I'm doing pretty good!
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    I have the nagging feeling I've miscalculated the entire second half of my novel and may have to rewrite.
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    My name is Jared Williams. I am a former math teacher who is in a transitional period of life, partially forced by health concerns. Although I have many varied interests, I have been working on a christian novel series for a little over a decade now. As a self-learned apologist, I have spent much prayer focused upon the issue of theodicy - in particular the problem of pain. If God is good and all powerful, why is there pain and evil in the world. The Lord has provided many answers to that question that I have gleaned over the years. Far from being an expert on it, still I believe there is a lot that can be said for answering that difficult question. The novel is an epic story - a kind of parable, if you will - that is my attempt to bring about the answers I have found for that question. I have also written a 60 day devotional on the subject. The devotional is on amazon as I attempted to self-publish it, but hasn't fully been published properly. The first novel of the series is ready to publish, the second written and not edited yet, and I am about 1/5 through the third book now. I am about to attempt to query my first novel for the first time ever, and am a bit nervous about it. I have no idea really what to expect or how the process of publishing traditionally works. My sister is a Christian author who self-publishes off amazon, but I don't think I want to do that with my novels. Would anyone have any advice for me? Below is a copy of my query letter for anyone who may be interested in reading it. I look forward to getting to know new Christian friends. Soli Deo Gloria! Sincerely, Jared Williams
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    An amphibole is a sentence with two meanings. It is usually due to ambiguity or bad grammar. Both things writers hate, but I have found these can be quite humorous at times. I am sure you all have many, many examples of hilarious amphiboles. I thought it would be fun to list some of the more outrageous ones. Here are some of my favorites! "He broke the barn window with his little sister." "It is bad manners to break your bread and roll in your soup." "Biting dogs can be dangerous." "They fed her dog biscuits." "I am going to tell you a long story in a second." "I need a second hand to fix this clock." "Hey, Mr. Baker, can I borrow some dough?" "The young genius Professor Wolfgang Pauli became Dr. C. G. Jung's patient, and long time friend."
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    Hey, guys, why don't we ratchet down the tensions just a bit? We're all God's children just trying to find our way.
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    May you feel the blessings of the season and share them with everyone you meet.
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    Okay. I HAD to add these. Found these hymn misheard lyrics. Too funny... High on a Mountain Top: Misheard: “High on a mountain top, a badger killed a squirrel. Ye Nations now look up, he waves to all the world.” Actual Lyrics: "High on the mountain top, A banner is unfurled. Ye nations, now look up; It waves to all the world." We’ll Sing All Hail to Jesus’ Name Misheard Lyrics: "When my in-laws joined the Church they really thought the first few times that people were 'singing all hell to Jesus' name.'" Actual Lyrics: "We’ll sing all hail to Jesus’ name." Come, Come Ye Saints Misheard Lyrics: "Come, come ye saints! No toilet paper here!" Actual Lyrics: "Come, come, ye Saints, no toil nor labor fear." Lord, I Would Follow Thee Misheard Lyrics: "'Find in thee my strength, my bacon.' There was a time when I was going through a very hard time and this hymn always made me ugly cry!! So every time we sang it, I was a total emotional wreck. . . . But then one time I literally heard the congregation say bacon!! So there I was like a crazy woman crying and laughing at the same time." Actual Lyrics: "Find in thee my strength, my beacon." Away in a Manger Misheard Lyrics: "The cattle are blowing the baby away.” Actual Lyrics: "The cattle are lowing, the poor baby wakes." Here’s the funniest. I’ll leave off the correct lyrics ‘cause you know them... While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks Misheard Lyrics: "While shepherds washed their socks by night all seated on the ground, the angel of the Lord came and passed the soap around."
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    That's not dyslexia, and it's much more common than you might think. I would imagine most people would think he and his little sister broke the barn window. But I accepted it at face value, because my brother popped dozens of balloons in a box with me. When we were little, they picked me up by my ankles and dumped me, head first, into the box to see if they could pop all the balloons with me. They even used me like a stirring spoon once the first action popped some balloons. (I was not having fun, although looking back, it is a funny story.) Every single one of those sentences made sense to me when I read them. And then I had to work at figuring out the other way to understand each one. The first one took me a while to get. I never did get a second meaning to the last one. (Can't Jung's first patient also become his friend? What else could that mean?) But honest, not catching the double meanings isn't dyslexia. I suspect it's more of a I'm-set-in-my-ways kind of thing. Then again, only because I am set in my ways and have been told I'm not very open-minded. ☺️ One I know from articles about commas, but since I also have trouble with commas, I can't tell you where the commas belong either. "Eat shoots and leaves."
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    Or how hard-headed she is. 😋
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    God bless America, land that I love, Stand beside her, and guide her, Through the night with a light from a bulb
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    I'm so sorry you're discouraged. It does happen to all of us. We're glad you've posted because we are pretty good encouragers. It's true. Memoirs don't sell very well. Sooooo...here's a thought: why not take your MS and turn it into a novel? Or go for nonfiction and make it into a devotional or some topical piece? May the Lord encourage you!
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    Hi everyone, Erin here. Just letting y'all know I decided to change my profile name but it's still me so don't be alarmed!! Lol. 😄
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    Sci-Fi is an abbreviation for Science Fiction. SyFy is a channel that's supposed to feature science fiction programming, but recently turned to brain-dead YA shows. They used to have great sci-fi shows like SG1 & Battlestar Galactica. They recently let go of The Expanse (Amazon thankfully picked them up). Sorry for the rant.
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    May I add that readers everywhere are thankful that I DON'T write romance novels, at least after my first attempt:
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    This might help, since Hallmark Christmas movies tend to plot the same.
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    😳😱 NO! Don't do that!
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    You know, you'd think they would have some protections against piracy.
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    The eleven days are the ‘lost’ 11 days of September 1752, skipped when Britain changed over from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, bringing us into line with most of Europe. There remained the problem of aligning the calendar in use in England with that in use in Europe. It was necessary to correct it by 11 days: the ‘lost days’. It was decided that Wednesday 2nd September 1752 would be followed by Thursday 14th September 1752. There were claims of civil unrest and rioters demanding “Give us our eleven days”
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    Reminds me of something I read a long time ago. Something with malfunction of the calendar during September of 1700 something. Something like two weeks went missing and half of the population was asleep for two weeks. (You’ll have to google it. This is in no terms correct)
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    Which one is your favorite? https://thewritepractice.com/become-a-better-writer-quotes/
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    Claire Tucker, thank you! That's what's giving me the most hope, and I look forward to a life with God in it.
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    Hi Miss Bad Wolf! You are at the right spot, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you!
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    I've just been to the Stop-and-Shop this morning, and I've got a little more information. The man whose name is Ambrose is "Okay for now". The problem is that he has diabetes, and his collapse is the result of him having eaten too much sugary food. So this is an on going problem for him. While we should all thank the Lord for his recovery; he is still going to need continuing medical care along with prayers. I also think it's a good thing that it happened where it did, inside the Stop-and-Shop. He had a lot of people around to help him, some who knew exactly what to do. They were able to give him immediate aid, while waiting for the ambulance. I thank the Lord for all this. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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    Hi Sarah, it's great to meet you welcome!
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    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone, and for the advice. The book is about 75% written and I don't feel like I should put it on the back burner. There is a long story involved in my deciding to write it now. I spent a lot of years feeling like I couldn't write my story because the story wasn't finished- I didn't have a happily ever after yet. One day when I was praying I felt quite clearly that the Lord said it didn't have to be finished. That that was part of the power of it. So I don't feel like a delay is the right thing to do. As for school, I am managing so far, and actually did manage to do a good chunk of memoir during this last school semester. I just find mental energy a lot to balance. Particularly since my professional capacity involves writing- even creative writing. There is only so much creative energy in the tank on any one given day. I just need to learn to balance it better. Re: not selling well. Of course my point is to touch people's lives. I don't expect to make money. But the reason the "memoirs don't sell" comment was discouraging is that an agent IS thinking about what sells, and I really want to traditionally publish. So I have to attract the attention of an agent in order to get it out there. I'm not new to writing, nor to publishing. I have two published books already. It's just that those are in a niche market and were commissioned. Querying is new. Thanks so much! Lovely to meet all of you!
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    Welcome, JukieJ! 🙂 It's great to meet you. Sounds like an interesting story!
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    Very true, this. Thanks for sharing, Johne. It's a good reminder
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    Everyone has a great entrance into the new year. I hope you'all have great life in 2020.
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    Yes, amen! When you feel the most broken, the most hardened, the most lost, THAT is the time to worship the Lord. Even through gritted teeth! Gratefulness, thanksgiving, praise, and worship will lift your soul, clean out the cobwebs, rip apart the veil, and change your attitude. And the best? Well, the best after glorifying the Lord, is that worship is a weapon against the enemy.. He hates it!!!
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    He sounded either Scottish or British to me; I think he's British. Maybe Welsh.
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    I've noticed that if we pick any activity that's not explicitly and unambiguously required of us by scripture, we can find someone who doesn't do that activity, and can make up some reason to declare it sinful. If we look on the internet, we can find many such people, and find them very quickly. You've found one. One unfortunate thing about this gentleman is that even though he might be our brother in Christ, he's going to be living a much sadder life than he has to. Another sad thing is that there will occasionally be someone who's taken in by his comments. I didn't listen all the way through his screed, but it does come across to me as an unspoken request for prayer.
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    Lol, but if you heard it on the internet then it must be true, right? *joke*
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    If that is the goal God called you to, then it is perfect! We all write for different reasons, and God uses them for many different things. Some people write as a job, others a teaching tool, sometimes it is just a different form of fun and entertainment, and sometimes God uses it to teach us stuff. (Time management, diligence, or maybe you learn something from the story you write, etc.) That's another reason comparing ourselves to others in dangerous territory. God doesn't call us to the same thing. My advice is to pray. God will lead you wherever he wants you to go.
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    Loved it!! That was absolutely hilarious!!!!! One thing I love about the English language is how flexible it is. (Alexa and Siri may still have sm' catchin' up ta do...) If you switch vowels around a bit in English, you've usually just created a new accent, and you'll be understood, just fine. (Most of the time...) In some languages, like French, you change a vowel even a little bit, and you're very often saying completely different words, and you'e not understood at all. Our language is one crazy, mixed-up mish-mash, but I just love it... BTW... my accent is from the American NAWTH, and Google has just as much trouble understanding me...
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