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    I came across this today!
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    Writers Write has a great cheat sheet list for writing body language.
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    How much time will pass? 🤔
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    Make that seven - it's spelled 'dialogue.' 'Dialog' is the name of a screen element, a 'dialog box.' (I get this from my day job.) https://mailchi.mp/xmission/6-common-dialogue-mistakes
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    Little Jeffery says "Happy Patty's Day!"
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    As funny (and clever) as it is, it oddly serves as a basic template for book blurbs. Less music, visuals, and actors of course.
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    I am not sure when I was in here the last time. I know it has been a few years, at least. Life got away from me and in 2016, after a head injury, back injury and West Nile virus, I started a goat rental business with the goats that I co-own with my landlord. I do weed and brush control around the state of Kansas. I am not making a million but enough to live without fear of starving, as I did when I cowboyed full-time. I have a herd of 75 goats and three border collies that help me. I set up temporary electro netting fences on the job and let the goats have their way with the weeds, brush and invasive trees. I've been doing this every summer and then in the winter I kid out goats (birth out baby goats. Financially I get by enough to survive and I am happy. November of 2018, my life turned upside down when my parents were in a car wreck, where a semi turned in front of them. My dad that had just turned 80, ten days before died about 30 minutes after the accident due to his pacemaker defibulator blew his heart apart when the airbag and seat belt set it off. Mom was able to walk from the wrecked Ford Escape to the ambulance with 15 broken ribs, sternum, left collarbone, two broken fingers in her hand, two fractured vertebrae and two brain bleeds. She was in ICU for 7 days, three days in trauma recovery and 5 days in rehab. When I walked into ICU that first day, she told me I was moving in with her and taking care of her and would have to bring my animals with me. So, she is recovered enough that I can still do my weed work but she doesn't like that I am gone for 12-14 days on some jobs but I'm trying to get some jobs closer to home so I can come home during day and then camp out with the goats at night for protection. I am trying to find more people to help me out with my business (subcontractors) and have one man from Iowa that is going to run NE Kansas area for me. About six months ago, I started writing prose again. My poetry comes to me out of the blue, so it is sporadic. Still, I am starting to make my way into the cowboy poetry world. I have started doing competitions and last summer I entered the National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo and goat third place in the Rising Star division humorous group. That is kind of like entering the Kentucky Derby without racing before and getting third place when the odds are 100-1. I then did a Contest in Oklahoma where they had a Cowgirl Poet division and I took home a buckle for that one (Champion). I just finished my Cowboy stories and poetry book that I've been working on for 15 years. it is ready to put into book format. I am working on a book that focuses on basic Animal Husbandry for those who want to raise meat goats and have never had any previous livestock experience. I am also going to do a DVD series to go with the book, so the reader can see how to give shots, trim feet and evaluate breeding stock. This is in its fifth year of designing. So, that is the catch-up on me. I had to move five hours from my farm in the north central Kansas, to south central Kansas , to live with Mom but she got a settlement fro the wreck and we have a new mobile home for her and cleaning up the yard and trying to get everything moved into the house before I start my 2020 grazing season.
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    Let's all take a moment in remembrance of toilet paper.
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    @Spaulding My prayers are with you. If you tell others of your faith, and show it by persevering in writing and your other activities, your hope can change lives. Among the people who have inspired me the most in my life were a woman named Janet from my church on her deathbed with RA, and my father Joseph, who has survived the death of his wife, two strokes, two heart attacks and a near fatal infection, all in the space of three years. My dad's recent upbeat attitude, kindness, and thankfulness in the face of such hardship are a testimony to me of how faith can create a resilient life of purpose. He is 93, and still kicking. His example helped inspire me to write Job Rises : Thirteen Keys to a Resilient Life. Janet's faithful witness to family and friends despite deep pain overflowed into my life with the power of the Holy Spirit, and thirty years ago my visits with her set me free from a decade of depression and gave me joy. You must always believe that your life has purpose. God has made it so. When we are weak, He is able to accomplish great things through us. Paul
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    So here we are, right in the middle of a true-life pandemic. Hopefully, it's a short-term inconvenience, and most of us will stay healthy. But right now there's no denying that our lives have changed. Our priorities have shifted. We're living in a new reality. So how do we handle this new reality as writers? Sure, it could give us more time to write. But what about those of us with books on the market? How are sales? And how do we (tactfully) address marketing during this time? I really don't have any ideas. Part of me wonders if it's even in good taste to think about marketing books at a time like this. But another part of me sees a huge number of people confined, looking for something to take them away from the daily grind of bad news. Maybe something to help lift their spirits, or to escape reality for a little while. So please, share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
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    Here's my giggle for today. I understand that posting humorous things about this otherwise dangerous pandemic upsets some people. While I do take the situation very seriously (I have family who are first-responders), I also feel that we need to keep a healthy sense of humor. Otherwise, we'll just descend into fear. I personally don't think that's the lifestyle God wants us to live. Anyway,...
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    My favorite writing prompt.
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    LOLOL Where'd you find that picture of me? Darn that person with the phone!
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    😄 I'll start a whole thread about how important your platform is. Sound good, everyone?
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    Thanks to God, my wife and I found a way to leave Spain and get back to our Stateside residence. We arrived home yesterday. My wife and I have no COVID-19 symptoms. I can’t stand that acronym. It sounds like the Evil Empire’s version of R2D2. Well, today is Day 1 of our required 14-day self-quarantine. Immediate challenges: * Grow in fellowship with Abba Father through prayer and His Word. * Make the required contact with the State health officials (we have to log daily temperature readings and call them in) * Yeah! As soon as we got home, my wife went on-line to order home delivery of groceries. Receive them today. * My mailbox is across the street and mail resumes tomorrow. Contact Post Office to see if they can drop our mail in front of door inside my garage. * Figure out why the initial Amazon Fire TV screen I always get when I turn on the TV remote is not showing. * Learn to use my wife’s treadmill. * Let humor be a contagious remedy (our monkish lifestyle ends on April Fool’s Day 😉)
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    I don't think so. Will check.
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    I might be wrong, but I thought that was a Jehovah's witness publication.
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    Now this is carrying the virus scare too far, lol.
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    Happy Birthday!!🎂🎉🎁🎊🎈
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    ebooks! this is a great time to promote ebooks. People are stuck homes, with nothing to do. A great way to escape, read a book!
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    Thanks for the update from your part of the world. You are not alone. Praise God for the internet and pray it is sustained.
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    You know, I’ve found the writing/ story structure articles on the website called “Helping Writers Become Authors” to be very helpful. When I started sharing my first novel on this site last summer, I realized quickly I was doing everything wrong, did some research, and that was the site I found most helpful. As far as personal advice, I think the most important things I’ve learned have been 1. The main character’s desire or need is what drives the story. If he’s just sitting around saying “I wish...” the story is a flop. Same if someone else is making all the plot moving decisions for him. (You might want to reconsider who’s your main character in that case.) 2. Every scene in the story must have some element of conflict or tension in it, and every scene must move the story forward toward its climax and resolution. 3. A large cast of characters can quickly become too much of a good thing. Everyone who’s in the story had better have a really good excuse for his presence. 4. Nobody will understand setting, background, character motivations, even character movements, as well as you do. Even if you think what you’ve written is crystal clear, if your readers tell you it’s not, then it’s not. 5. If readers tell you part of the story is boring, no matter how exciting you meant it to be, or how much you enjoyed writing it, think long and hard before leaving it unaltered. And that’s my two cents. Hope it helps.
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    Looks like this would impact print book sales/shipments only. eBooks aren't shipped, and should be instantly accessed as always. I see some potential here. As people dial down the panic shopping and settle into a more isolated existence, we could see a resurgence in book reading. How much can anyone binge-watch before fatigue sets in, or you run out of things to watch? Reading has far more material avaialble. Now we just have figure out how to market in this unique environment.
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    I know its been said before, but. My wife and I just got back from trying to buy a gallon of milk. One store had a line out the door and the second had bare shelves. I shouldn't be surprised by the lack of faith, selfishness and panic of society. But even the media has said this, stock up for a thirty (30) day supply. Not for a lifetime. My wife has told me as long as the power and water are good, we're good for at least thirty days. If those failed, we have propane so the only issue would be water. And I know where I can get that if necessary. This buying everything on the shelf mentality is insane. You're getting more than you can use and creating a problem for your neighbors. I even heard today from one of the shoppers that the government may shutdown in 48 hours. Let's be real, this is about limiting or stopping the spread of a virus. Not a zombie apocalypse (which is an impossibility). Use some common sense people. Panic will ONLY make it worse.
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    Wow, it has been a very long time since I have come to this site, several years to be exact. So much has happened to me and I won't go into that for now. I finally after fifteen years of actually writing all my cowboy misadventures down, have organized them into a book form, along with my poems and I am starting to look for a software program that will allow me to format into book form for POD. I am also looking into printers as I think I would like to start my own publishing organization. I am currently Looking at InDesign as the format program but the money is an issue at the present. I am hoping to return more often now as I am trying to get away from the stupidity of Facebook (even though I need it for my business), my personal page is getting to be limiting as I was banned from linking my political, sarcasm web blog. I guess snowflakes are offended by my refusal to be politically correct. I believe if you are politically correct, you aren't truthful.
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    I work with a number of financial institutions (banks) who have sent me notices about how they are making their branches extra clean. I think that's more an effort to reassure their customers that it's safe to visit the bank if they need to. These days that could draw an emergency response. I was in a grocery store last week (before all the panic) and had to cough into my sleeve. I didn't have a cold, or was sick - just needed to clear my throat. A women at the far end of my isle gave me a panicked look and turned her cart around for a hasty retreat. 😄 Sadly, that's the world we live in now.
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    Sadly, my belief is that they will try to cash in on this. Greed is a powerful tool of the enemy. It easily sneaks in with selfishness and convinces one this is the right thing to do.
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    Happy birthday @Johne ! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with many blessings! 🙂
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    All there is for me is to write for the next five weeks with my school district closed! I have no excuse now lol. Hopefully, a lot of sharing will be forthcoming.
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    Yes, welcome back!
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    Hi Johne, hope you have an awesome birthday! 😀
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    Happy Birthday! 🙂
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    i'm confused! today is MARCH 10. Your sign refers to May 10th.
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    Speaking of centered cowboys... You fine folks 'member this?
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    You know, I think I remember a bit of that. It was good!
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    I'm pleased to announce that I have completed writing THE BLUE GOLEM. I'm now editing, paring, polishing. At 98,800 words, it's a tad long for a mystery but is right in the sweet spot for a Fantasy. Next up, I send it to my editor. When I receive it back from her, I'll go through her edits and then it will be ready for final Beta readers to hammer on. I'm sending it to her on March 1st, she'll have it for a month, and then we're off to the races after that.
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    The evening I was born, the process started when Mom and Dad were in a theatre watching "Shane". Mom made it to the hospital and intended to name me Shane. I always joked with Mom that I missed my chance for fame by being given plain ol' "John". At least it wasn't "Sue"😀. Anyway, I watch "Shane" once a year to remember Mom and how we fondly bantered about that rascally "No good Yankee liar". Back to my topic, I just can't picture the young lad yelling at the movie's close, "Shane, come back! Mother likes you, she thinks you're centered!"
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    Welcome to our writing family, Maggi. Glad you joined us. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
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    My thoughts race back and forth I have no peace I long for something Which I can not have A joy that is not within my reach A peace that doesn't exist A song without lyrics A poem without words Silence and darkness envelope the sky I am weakend by its strength I have succumed to the taunting The lies resinate as truth When His light doesn't shine through I'm left in the dark
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    But what if it's not a horse?
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    He's not talking so good, as you and me. His vocabulary is limited to "I" and "am" and "Groot" exclusively in that order.
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    Welcome, it's nice to meet you.
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