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    As the Lord wills,...publish two more books that just need editing and design,...and finish writing the second book in my series,... 😀
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    I have a goal to publish, but I am in between books. One is a completed stand-alone novel that's in a trilogy, and the other is a novel which is half finished. Leaning towards the trilogy book because it's my all time favorite, but still praying for discernment.
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    Happy New Year everyone! The Lord stands between the years. The past covered with His shadow of forgiveness and mercy. The future lit with the hope of a better new year. And the present is filled with His presence as He stands firm in each moment, ready to be all we need Him to be. May the Lord bless each of you as you live for Him in the New Year.
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    Test the waters of traditional publishing with a Christmas book. My MG first draft is done, finish the first rewrite. Begin more serious research for my next book. Stumble through the editing/ghost writing for a friend who needs mega help.
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    This year I want to publish as well, which actually sounds terrifying. Heh!
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    God willing, I plan to write and publish three books this year.
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    Seek God's guidance on my next book. Listen when He speaks.
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    For whatever reason it seems quite common for writers to be among those who just 'don't get it!' - myself, I mostly face apathy, but the Lord is not arbitrary and if you are wired for creativity there IS A PURPOSE for you to fulfill,...and while apathy and downright insults can be difficult to face,..."A person's wisdom yields patience; it is to one's glory to overlook an offense." - Proverb 19:11 Don't get discouraged and don't fall into the trap of seeking approval from others,...especially those who are so insecure in their own worth they have no love or joy to share with anyone. The ultimate reward of the use of our talents, writing or otherwise, is not approval or making the best seller's list or even $$$,...but what we all want to hear from our Lord and Savior , "Well done good and faithful servant!" God bless your writing endeavors! ❤️❤️❤️
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    Most of us, at one time or another, have a stupid question. Go ahead and ask it. One person - the "know it all" will reply about how stupid the question is,, and what an idiot you are for asking. Ignore him. Two people will give you good, solid answers that you can use. and most important, three people will be grateful because they also had that question but were too embarrassed to ask. You have been their angel, guiding them to the answer. Go ahead, ask the stupid question, even if you already think you know the answer.
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    This year I plan to finish (I've already started) some specific advice from a publisher. Do some platform building. Dive into revising and editing my book. Once it is done, I will dive into learning more about the business side of the industry. I plan not to rush myself, but take the extra time to learn as much as I can the first time around. Only when I've at least got all the basics down will start implementing (for the business side). This does not come with a set date, but I'd love to, and would be excited to, publish this year!!
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    I generally have a few books going at once. My mood for the day seems to determine which one gets my attention, but I pray for guidance and the Holy Spirit will keep me on track. One thing I am working on is a commentary on the book of Jude. I am really excited about it. Prayers are appreciated.
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    It's hard enough trying to believe in ourselves when we have people in our own families doubting our worth. But I still believe that our writing gift is from God. I always think that He wouldn't have given me the desire without also giving me the ability to make something of my writing. That would be a cruel joke, and God isn't like that. We need to hold tightly to this truth.
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    I ditto PenName. These are such sad stories. So I would like to say to each of you: GO FOR IT! Keep at it and prove them all wrong. Show them that the Lord has gifted you with a heart and soul for writing and sharing it with others. May the Lord bring great encouragement to fill your hearts and souls and a strength to stand against the enemy that attempts to tear you down. And blessings to you all! 🖤
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    What are your writing & publishing goals for 2019? I thought it might be fun to start a list of goals to keep us accountable. Feel free to add your goals to the topic below. I'll start: Write at least 2000 words a week this year. (This may sound tiny, but I'm a very slow writer. )
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    Still blogging, which does involve writing, but I don't keep a word count. Goal is to keep developing the blog.
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    Isaiah 9:6 "For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace." May Peace be yours for this blessed Christmas season with especial love sent out to those alone or struggling with life issues,...our life circumstances are often not "peaceful" - even during Christmas, but our hearts can be. The LORD knows what it is to be vulnerable,...He arrived as a helpless babe,...born for you and for me,...Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father,...Prince of Peace! ❤️❤️❤️
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    Thank you. My father just believes girls are dumb, no exceptions. My whole family gives me a hard time about having dyslexia. Honestly, most of the time (Ok not all, but most) I let it go in one ear and out the other. It's something I grew up with, so it does not faze me. Yep! Now to be taken serously when I say this. 🤔 You're a great writer! Just think, if you keep this up you'll be able to tell them when the book comes out, and save all of the, well why is it taking so long, stuff. You're a much nicer person than me! I pray they come to see how their harsh words hurt, and that they will repent! My husband has never read a single word I've written, but he knows writing makes me happy, and he will support that! It sounds like you have been blessed with the same! Even if at times you want to beat them over the head with it because, darn it I want you to read it already!
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    Happy Gentile New Year! (My new year was back in September)
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    Amen to that! (Both of them!) We all start somewhere. Ask as many questions as you want, or need. We are here to build each other up, and help each other along the way!
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    I agree with you on this. As a Black person, perhaps I should care more about this issue than I do. But this is close to the bottom of the things I think about in the industry. I know that there is a lot of hand-wringing, because I've read articles and listened to podcasts where people are wondering how they can open up the publishing space to more non-White, non-straight and non-transgender authors. However, concerning literature for adults, this seems mainly to be an issue with traditional publishing, where there are still lots of gatekeepers and hoops to jump through. But it's hard for anyone to get a publishing contract, whatever shade of the so-called rainbow they may be. In indy circles, every possible niche appears to be represented, both among the authors and the published material. If there's a market, indies are producing content for it. Quality is an issue, but I believe that time and market saturation will produce more discerning readers and better standards. My first series will have Black heroines, but it's not because I'm making a point. It's just because I'm writing what I "know." Children's books are a different story, since these are still predominantly published traditionally. However, when I set out to look, I've not had a problem finding books that contain characters who look like my children. Most of the time, though, we're reading books that are diversity-neutral: stories like Winnie the Pooh, the Very Hungry Caterpillar and a host of others with non-human characters. This isn't a deliberate choice: it just so happens that with a huge number of excellent children's books, diversity is not an issue at all. All this to say that from my perspective as a writer of colour who has young children, I worry very little about "diversity." However, I understand how agents might feel they need to "do more," given the zeitgeist.
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    My daughter hid my manuscript behind the piano because I wasn't paying the proper amount of attention to her. Those were the days before computers, well, before I got a personal laptop. My husband has always been supportive of my hobby. He even spent about $30 for my crowd funding campaign which I am cooking up for the new year. He does not support the Christian aspect of my writing and therefore does not read what I write. My Mum didn't like my Leoshine story, but she liked the devotionals I wrote and always consulted me on anything she wrote. Her Bible Study groups often requested her to speak, and she had her blog which had 19 000 visits in 6 months. (I am green with envy). My dad is very willing to rearrange every word I write to agree with the principles he learned. English is not his first language. He prefers a more Victorian flavour in his readings. At the last, I believe we find family here. Blood doesn't seem to be thicker than water anymore. Families abandon each other all over the map, but on this forum, we share ideals, goals, dreams, inclinations, struggles etc. I feel supported and encouraged here.
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    Thank you, Katherine, and amen!
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    I haven't submitted yet - I want my work to be golden before I do so. No sense sending out something that's not ready.
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    Please join me in welcoming @Johne (formerly known as Phy) as the newest moderator of our ChristianWriters.com team! Johne is from Southern Wisconsin, husband to Linda, father to two grown children, grandfather to three. He's been a Technical Writer for 18 years, has run his own Space Opera e-zine, and writes SF/F fiction in his free time. He's sold a dozen short stories to zines which are no longer in publication and has written three unpublished novels. Johne is working on his debut novel right now, a Fantasy Noir which will be out sometime in 2019. He likes God, Film Noir, Space Opera, and the Green Bay Packers. Johne has been at ChristianWriters.com since 2005 and considers these forums his favorite writing site on the internet.

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