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    Our goal is to keep the site text uniform and easy to read for all users. To accomplish this, we require the following format for posts, stories, blogs, and other text submissions:

    • Double space between paragraphs. This will leave one blank space between paragraphs, and makes your entry much easier for others to read.
    • Use proper title case for titles.
    • Do not use ALL CAPS in your title or text. The only exception for this is acronyms (such as NASA, IBM, etc.) or brief emphasis. Using all caps on the Internet is considered shouting and viewed as rude or offensive by many users.
    • Do not use multi-color, or different text sizes or formats for your posts. The exception is the critique forum, where it may be helpful to use different colors to emphasize any errors or revisions in the work.
    • Text must be included directly in your submission or post, not as an attachment.
    • Include all article or post text, and not a teaser with a link intended to direct traffic back to your own site. This is considered advertising.

    We reserve the right to reject, edit, or delete any submissions or posts that do not follow this formatting guide. If you have any questions, please post in the support forum.

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