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  2. Many thanks. Shared with my wife. Not enough, we are taking this clip to church where tonight, in our Good Friday Service, this will be a timely, God-sent blessing! Once again, thanks for posting and being a blessing.
  3. jonjovi

    Jesus say to You

    I could not agree more. Maybe added with welcome home!
  4. Yep- I couldn't agree with you more, Nicholas! I've fallen asleep reading that thing so many times that I think I'll get two attorneys!
  5. Good one there. Thanks, Lynn, I will and look forward.
  6. Raised in a church-going family, I soon found out that I had been growing not only in some basic knowledge of God but also in a desire to serve God. Mum would always get her little twins, Peter & Paul (my brother and I), to Church every Sunday. The “two little birds sitting on the wall, one named Peter, one named Paul” was a song we heard often as people exchanged greetings with mum and her kids at church. A Godly habit of Church-going was formed in us. Little did we know that, little by little, the Lord was drawing our little hearts towards Him. A Hunger For God: As years rolled by, the Lord was placing a hunger in me which, at that time, was becoming greater than the level of ‘spiritual feeding’ that I was accessing at the local parish. Hence, I found myself consuming the Gideon's New Testament Bible from cover to cover, and from time to time while on my own after school hours at about age 11-12. This became another Godly habit, and yet, I was not even Saved. My local Church did not teach Salvation nor made an altar call. To their credit, however, the Church taught that, there is a God out there who draws closer to those who would draw closer to Him. However, something dramatic was about to happen in the course of this Godly habit - my habit of reading the Gideon's Bible regularly was about to mean an encounter with the Living Christ. The Encounter: In November of 1975, I was alone in my Mother's shop and the last thing I remembered was the fact that I was reading through the Gideon's Bible. Somewhere and at some point of this reading, I suddenly became aware of my sins, and how that I was a Sinner. I became conscious of the truth that my sins made Christ to suffer and to die for me. This came through as a revelation from the verses I was reading at this point in time. This revelation became totally nerve-wrecking and filled me with great anguish for my sins. I had never before this day understood it that way. Indeed, the awareness of this truth became so strong on me that the next thing I remembered doing was falling flat on the floor, on my face, crying and pleading with God to forgive all my sins. I was there praying out my heart on the floor of that little shop (for how long...I had no idea) until I felt that heavy weight was lifted off me. I found myself on my feet again, but this time rejoicing and praising God for removing away my sins. I knew that weight was gone! There, at that shop situated in the front of our family's House at No. 44/20, Yusufu Street, a new me rose from the dead. I arose to my feet, singing, rejoicing, thanking and praising God. Any time I share this story, I can't help but sing my own version of that old song: "At the shop (at the shop), where I first saw the Light, And the burden of my soul rolled away; It was there by faith, I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day”! Join in the conversation. What's in this that resonates with you? How about sharing your own story to God's glory? Your story may bring clarity to someone's experience. It may stir up joy in another or even lead to an encounter of Christ by the same Spirit.
  7. Thanks, @Sophie! Those are good descriptions. 😉 I like. 😄
  8. Yesterday
  9. ...and thinking of calling you Jacob from now on! Gen. 32.24-31
  10. Short. Watch it. Prayerfully watch this. I've preached on this twice, and gone into far more detail than he did. But this is a good way to really reflect on this. By the way, Excruciating is a latin phrase, Ex Crucis, "From the cross." The most intense suffering anyone can experience is the crucifixion.
  11. Bottom line - get an attorney. straight to evernote!
  12. I just visited the website and had a first-glance-through. Ist impression? The colour is cool, welcoming. Any further comment might be after a bit more read. The depth of content though, for such a new website, is great. Well done!
  13. God created us for his glory. Not to increase the beauty of his perfections or fill up some emptiness in God, but rather to display his glory in the way we live and to win praise for himself. Isaiah 48:9–11 We bring him glory through our good deeds, says the Lord Jesus. Good deeds do not save us but we were created to to good not bad. Using your illustration, being a good carpenter, or building a rickety saw horse, or building a church can all be done to God's glory. Now if you are using your carpentry talents to build a brothel, don't see how God could be glorified in that.
  14. My plan worked perfectly! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!
  15. They used it as an example of a scene that would employ the use of sensory words to recreate in writing. Not disagreeing with that, but its' really funny how the dialog was so basic. Here's the clip:
  16. Oh, glad you think so. I thought it was, too. You're welcome.
  17. You're welcome, Sophie! Accord, that's really strange. I haven't been able to look at the video. I wonder why they included it?
  18. It's ironic, though, how the dialog in the Field of Dreams clip didn't contain any "sensory words." It was quite basic. Emotion was conveyed with brilliant acting, music, and cinematography.
  19. So Glory to God can't be a deciding factor if something is a gift from God. Whether you're a freakishly good carpenter, or someone building rickety saw horses that are as ugly as sin, but do the job, could both be equal if they're done to bring Glory to God (e.g. building a Church)
  20. 1 cor. 10:31-33 "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. Give none offence, neither to the Jews, nor to the Gentiles, nor to the church of God: Even as I please all men in all things, not seeking mine own profit, but the profit of many, that they may be saved." Paul is saying that what ever you do ask yourself: Will it cause others to stumble? Will it help the cause of evangelism? Will it bring glory to God? We have much liberty in Christ, just don't abuse it.
  21. How does any talent, short of painting murals composing hymns truly bring God glory? And I'd argue that any action which someone sees you performing brings you glory/attention, not God. Which loops me back around... how do you know if a talent is a gift from God, for His plan, or just an obsession?
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