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  2. I think the idea is to only write the message that was in the bottle. Might make it easier.
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  4. Hi, Celtic Lady! (Brittany) It took me awhile to catch this thread, but I'm glad I did. I don't know if we've spoken before, but in case we haven't it's very nice to make your acquaintance!
  5. Emotion is one of the things I focus on the most when writing a story. I love a good read that will give me feels, that will keep me hanging on every word, that will make my heart go out to the characters. Emotion is very important in a good story in my opinion, so I'm glad it is being focused on here.
  6. Sounds like a really interesting concept, William!! Will be thinking it over.
  7. Oh, my, no, he does Spiderman at some kind of monthly festival they have in Decatur (about 25 minutes from Hartselle, Alabama, where I live) called Third Friday. I have never been to one, but I need to head over to one sometime to see what it's like. It might be fun; I'm also planning to go to the Japanese Daikin Festival in Decatur next year.
  8. "The cork squeaked like a mouse as it popped effortlessly out of the bottle neck. The tattered message read: 'You have just found your life's treasure. Read Matthew 6:19-21.'" Drat. That has over 27 words. BEEP!! I lost. This is hard!! 😮 😮 😮
  9. Writing the "great" novel is the first step.
  10. Thanks, Lynn. It's from ProWriter, so ...
  11. An interesting read. Yikes, if one of my books received rave blurbs from all of these authors, then I'd probably have a best-seller without the support of a major publisher like Macmillan Publishing. But on the other hand, it took the pull of Macmillan Publishing to assemble the blurbs from these authors to begin with. Actually, I pulled only one strategy out of this article. Write a stellar novel and score a generous publishing deal through a major publisher. They will handle the rest. There's little chance that a small-time publisher (or independent author) could realistically replicate this level of success.
  12. Holyblues

    Worried Heart

    God knows you better than you know yourself. If you have any type of worries today God wants to heal you of them. All you have to do is ask him and he will .
  13. He didn't actually work on the movie, right?
  14. I hardly know anything about Spiderman personally!! I never watched the movies.
  15. It is the Marvel Spiderman, I just don't know if it's any particular one like one of the types you mentioned above.
  16. I'm actually not sure; I'd have to ask him, though I hardly ever see him anymore since he stopped working at the Kroger I shop at.
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  18. From what I read, MasterWriter sounds really cool. I was looking for reviews and comparisons and came across this article reviewing numerous programs. Some I've never heard of before. With pricing. Though it didn't list MasterWriter, you might want to look at it.
  19. Another good resource. Thanks again, Johne.
  20. Looks good! Another resource for my files. Thank you, Johne.
  21. Anyone have an opinion on Master Writer? It's on sale for half price until tomorrow just before midnight. Is it worth spending $50 or $80 dollars for (one year or two years)?
  22. Interesting case study how a new publishing arm started marketing a debut novel a full year before release to build a bestseller at launch. https://www.goodreads.com/blog/show/1616-case-study-how-celadon-books-got-everyone-talking-about-the-silent-pat
  23. My friend Rachelle Stewart Ramirez wrote a blog post today detailing How to Evoke Emotions in Characters and Readers. https://storygrid.com/how-to-evoke-emotions-in-readers/
  24. THE ARC ANGELS Of THE ARC EXPLANED MICHAEL GABRIEL RAPHAEL URIEAL CRESENT MOON The gravity of the bond between a Mother, and her child cannot be broken.. Young, and naïve I had no idea I was the innocent lamb. Evening was made last to be first to see the North Star. My unconditional love was born when I became a Mother, and a sliver of the moon cradles life in the darkness on that painful June night. HALF MOON Born perfect sweet little baby Angels. God the Father made a hierarchy of His creation. In the beginning of separation they fell into little devils, and fear of death guided their actions. When the crescent moon grows into the half moon the child leaves the arms of the Mother, and stands up for the first time. Man stumbles in the darkness. Like a child they don't understand punishment is not the Parents’ fault. When you liken God to a Mother, and a Father combined life is created. In reality if the Mother has no say so the children will not have the comfort, and discipline they need to be successful adults. Treat others how you would like to be treated is the law of the Almighty One. The Male, and female compliment each other or they reflect one another. To be made in God's likeness is a child, and they need to grow up in order to be the Parents who raised them. Thought alone is very powerful, because what you think is what you speak. What you speak are the words which create your situation. In the beginning God created the heavens separate from the earth. The North falling is the South. The earth had to raised above the sea in order for the mammals to exist. Before we fell as children Eden existed unfortunately Eve was made lower then Adam, because she carried the blame. A women is not the author of any books found in the Bible. She was forbidden to speak the word, and the Bible proves my point. Logic deduction equates to The North Angel of Earth as Adam, and the South Angel of Water as Eve. Trees were planted, and bore fruit to feed the mammals the nutrients they needed in order to sustain their life. When the women fell below the man the beasts were created to complete the food chain. The Son, and Daughter of God were acting like children not knowing any better. God created the world as a Father, and since the beast was not made in the likeness of God then the Bible portrays the women as the beast. Jesus is the only Son of God right? He is superior born man, and lived until he was 33 without committing one sin. He must have had awesome parents who raised him in a healthy environment to turn out so perfect. His parents must have followed God's law in order for Jesus to teach others with respect since they were his influence. When my Father would go to work my Mother stayed home, and supervised us. She would cook, and clean maintaining the home. When my Mother would go to work my Father would take over her role to make that possible. Everything was discussed, and they worked as a team. Only a Father of a pride of Lions takes control, and the one with the most power dominates the females. Code transcribed in the DNA of Lions is an automatic response to ensure survival of the carnivore. Fear of death is what enables the beast to live without thought, and traumatic experiences rewrite the code in order to adapt to the changing of the climate. Throughout time they evolve, and fit nicely into their environment. The code written in the Male Lion will kill other males to dominate their pride of females. The goal is to produce offspring to ensure survival of the species for future generations. The superior Lion will kill other males which threaten to take his position of authority. He claims ownership of the females, and they must submit or be killed in order to stay in the pride. The ruler will be overpowered eventually, and another will take power. The child learns from watching, and repeats what they have learned in order to survive. The King takes advantage of his power, and gets away with murder, rape, and theft. He is the superior one, because he has the most physical strength. Evil is derived from instinct of the meat eater. Fearing death is the opposite of God, because the beasts were not made in the likeness of God. We fell from grace when God became physical form, and wrote the word. He created the Adam superior to Eve, because Eve was blamed for picking from the tree. She was forbidden to speak in order for the Male to dominate, and the gene's of the beast were carried on through her children. The female has no say when the male lion dominates, and the superior one has the power to shift the blame in order to get way with murder. The King Lion is responsible for killing the weakest children who threaten to take his place. Man will blame their brother for murdering first to get away with murder themselves. The enemy threatens our survival, and fear of death is justification for dominating the enemy in order to prevent them from coming into power. The superior one justifies his actions, and enforces his law appearing righteous. The followers believe his law will protect them from their enemy, and give them a life without death. Cane being the strongest child killed Abel, and became the only son to the superior Father who blames Eve for giving life. Not only does she have to tolerate disrespect, but her life was miserable. Who would want that life? We go to heaven to be with God the Father after we die if we follow the ten commandments. Heaven is not a place where you go to die. If we sin against God we go to hell to suffer for our sins. Since God's law is to treat others how we would like to be treated then suffering would be the opposite. Therefore hell is a place where murder is committed, and it is a place where we would be treated the same way we have treated others. Reaping what you sow, and sowing what you reap. True justice is sending the person who committed the sin to hell to be punished. God would not send a innocent person to hell to suffer for another's sins. Jesus is the superior one, and God sent his only begotten Son to die for us. He is equal to the Father, and we must worship God as a man. If we confess our sins to man who denies a women we will be forgiven by God according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. If fruit is life, and bread is manna from heaven then you turn life into death when you drink blood, and manna into hell when you eat flesh. Denying a women gives priests the superior right to forgive sins committed against God. The enemy as anyone who does not obey the teachings of the Catholic Church, and you will suffer and die if you don’t obey. God is a Father, and you must give money to the church for a place to worship. Only God is man, and women are not of God right? Sounds a lot like the beast to me. Mary ascended into heaven body, and all right? Then she must have floated despite the weight of gravity holding her down. Sounds like a child's story. Why do I have the stab wound? Sounds fishy to me. That's all women are is a catch, and food the beast. As a women I would not choose to be treated lower, because my children would suffer. Jesus did not die for me. He died as a result of male dominance and power. It's a Man's world they call the shots. Since Eve is south, and she gave birth to Cane, and Abel then they must be the Angel's of the east, and west. Adam made a male from his rib either way you look at it so stop lying. All he made Eve to be was lower acting like a beast. There are 3 Male Angel's, and one female below. The arc of the covenant is the rainbow, and no man dare say women have value or they will be crucified. The Bible proves men are right, because we really aren't equal. Unconditional love is divine I am that I am. I exercise my freedom of speech. At last! The Lord sounds like an angry Mother. Could the He be a She, and Jesus her husband?
  25. What would you all think of having a discussion of sorts for different story ideas? I honestly have so many that I don't know what to do with most of them. For example:


    Better than Okay (actual title: TBD)

    A young woman whose medical card has expired - really? - has a choking episode in a coffee shop. That's when off-duty paramedic his name here goes into action. His quick [actions] save her life and she's so grateful she offers to pay for a brand-new rig for him and his [team]. That's when he finds out just who she is: A very rich heiress.

    1. KR LaLonde

      KR LaLonde

      Ready or Not

      Are you prepared for the inevitable? The Lord's return is [imminent]. No one will escape His judgment. Not even those long dead.


      Speaking of which ... are you ready for death? It, like Jesus' return, is a certainty. So many are not ready,; they may think so, but they aren't. And like Christ's return, death can happen at any time.

    2. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      I wait anxiously for the Rapture!!!

    3. Lucian Hodoboc

      Lucian Hodoboc

      I am not ready. I am so NOT READY. 😥

  26. Wow! I can certainly understand why you'd think so. We don't travel as much as we used to, either. I think it's because my parents are so ... old. *shrugs* That has it's good and it's bad points.
  27. Does making copies for your writers' group and sharing it with them constitute publishing? That's what I consider posting something here.
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