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  2. That's it!!!!! Thanks! I thought I was going crazy, and just imagined seeing the article, but y'all found it! Yay! It was very helpful. I reached out to Mr. B., who was about to publish his second book with them. Thank you!
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  4. BTW, Accord, how did you find that?
  5. LOL Yikes! I am forgetful! Thanks, Accord!
  6. Have you considered self-publishing? As a seasoned veteran (that is to say, I’ve published one book and am preparing another) I am pretty happy with my results. It all depends on what you want to accomplish, though.
  7. Here's a topic on them back from 2018: I'm not familiar with them and looked over their website. I see a big yellow flag, which is their lack of transparency of how they charge for their "services," all while being vague on exactly what services they offer. The only thing they seem clear on is what they won't do - marketing. My advice is to proceed with caution.
  8. The first century church met under persecution. this is mild compared to then. All they have threatened us with is misdemeanor charges and fines.
  9. I'm taking a course by Ravi Zacharias Institute, and recently watched a wonderful lesson on the Trinity and the impact that has on how we see relationship and love. A fellow student started a conversation about how our culture, in particular for men, encourages us to hide or suppress our emotions, and showing love being a part of that. Being authors, this perhaps doesn't relate to you as much as others in our society, but I wanted to see what your thoughts were.
  10. Good- glad you're safe!
  11. Unfortunately the Supreme Court Chief Justice sided with the majority in a 5-4 vote to give Gov's the right to allow such a thing. Churches seem unfairly singled out in contrast to other groups. Peaceful civil disobedience may be the only way to go before long.
  12. Thanks for the update, Y. Glad you're safe. Stay that way!
  13. Yes, thank you. It was an interesting night with sirens and fires going on. Lots of stores were damaged. The lot I was in was in a little alleyway with an apartment building so not many noticed it, those few who did left when I stepped out of my vehicle. I then had to work day shift the next day and night shift again after that so I crammed 3 days into two and this is the first I have been able to check in. Thank you all.
  14. Praying that you and others around you are safe.
  15. I rather liked Jared's idea...the tiny girl with the big shoe...or big chair? Doorway? Something, anyway. If you're not sure about the plants/growing things theme, why not go for the big/little theme?
  16. So tired of everything this morning.  Wish it would just end.

  17. 31081b3e2233e5b0f23236800db7a6ce.jpg.ecbd84ce756e2db266018c50187d00bb.jpg

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      Flash back! 

    3. Jared Williams

      Jared Williams

      lol. (i was more talking about oil rig fires... but... yeah...) 

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      😄 I knew. 😜 

  18. Honestly? No offense here either so warning, negative response coming. It looks like a poorly done children's book.
  19. I third what Carolina and sw said. Really beautiful. Thanks for sharing, @Alley
  20. No offense to your friend, but this...just...isn't. Definitely not.
  21. When you get the double arrow when you hold the curser on the edge of doc you hold down your left mouse button while you drag the double arrow and it will make the doc bigger or smaller.
  22. I chose side by side here and it shows my browser and two word docs I have open. You can then left click on these documents to move them around on the screen or minimize the ones you don't want. You can also hold your curser on the edge of the doc and a two way arrow will show. You can then make your doc larger or smaller.
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