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  2. I'm trying to think of the best way to back up my work. (The documents.) I use a Chromebook, and it comes with the cloud (which is nice), but it limits external backup. Anyway... I'm debating between an external hard drive or a flash drive (USB). Any thoughts? Will it make a difference in anything other than my bank account?
  3. Okay, I've done that before, and it sounds good and more than fair to me. Am I established enough on the site to get started immediately?
  4. This got double-posted because my internet hiccupped.
  5. Hey, Alley, congratulations on no migraines!
  6. You know, you really should do for charge presentations. With your background, I think you would be perfect for it.
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  8. Home-> Clubs -> A mixture of genres -> Whose POV? I accidentally started a discussion in the club - which I've only recently discovered doesn't have the best name - and I'm wondering how I can move the topic to another place?
  9. Dear Michael, I'm a Christian writer interested in this opportunity too. Is it still open? I have had articles published in e-zines, and one poem published in a print magazine. I have a website now with a blog, so I have learned to write them as well. This sounds like a wonderful way to get involved in a ministry. Please contact me here or at the contact page of my website: https://www.help-from-above.jimdofree.com/about/ Looking forward to hearing from you!
  10. Yes. I think it's a term used too loosely these days. I studied military communication protocols so that the comm-dialog in my thriller novel would be realistic. Does that make me an SME on this? Absolutely not! But many would suggest that I claim to be, and then write a blog (or newsletter article) so that I can leverage it to help build a platform. I have way too much respect for our military to make such a ridiculous claim. I've also done presentations on eBook retail channels for my local author group, so newer authors could quickly learn where they can sell their books. On more than one occasion it was suggested that I could create (and charge for) a seminar, because I'm an SME. Hardly! All of the information I shared could easily be learned for free, and besides, I stop short of the information that authors really want to know - how to actually sell books (not just where to put them up for sale).
  11. Hi! I just wanted to let you all know that my newer blog posts will show up on a new website I created to help me advertise my main site. The new website is called Beverly's Writings: https://www.beverlyswritings.blogger.com I don't have something new there today, but I will let you know. Thanks for being so patient with me! Beverly
  12. And they asked him, saying, “Why then do you baptize if you are not the Christ, nor Elijah, nor the Prophet?” (John 1: 25) This is the question asked to John the Baptist by Levites and priests sent by the Pharisees, precisely to ask this question. As we all know pharisees dedicated their life to learn and keep Jewish laws. They have a list, and quite confident with it as well. They asked, “are you Christ, Elijah, the Prophet?” John answered very clearly, no, no, and no! that’s that, the Pharisees can’t tolerate any other ways this can be done. Their head is full of knowledge regarding the Messiah and the incidents surrounding His appearance, knowledge that is dry and full. There is no place for flexibility in their pre-made list, even it meant God’s sovereignty and omniscience in doing so. They had a list, and that’s all it can be. My friends, how sad at times, we fall into this trap as well. We have a preconceived notations and lists, and we totally miss the miracle that is staring at our eyes saying, “I am the voice crying out in the wilderness?” We ask, “are you……………...? why then……… if not? In many incidences. So, may I implore you today, look at the miracle that is starting at you. See the beauty that God is creating in your own wilderness. May your miracle be wearing animal skin, eating locust, strangest as it could be, you look deep into its eyes and hear its message. That might be the very place God begins the beautiful work of your salvation to come. Yet again I say, look deep, leave behind your pathetic list. There is no particular fashion God must work. Don’t you see, we are talking about the God who created black holes, and gas pillars in the middle of vast nothingness. Our Savior lacks nothing short of perfect creativity. Look and enjoy, don’t restrict Him to your imaginary box. Even a big enough box is still a box, that will never contain God. He doesn’t fit our descriptions, He is incomprehensible. I present three major pointers from this portion, If you have a list of how God must work in this situation, unfortunately you might miss the miracle in front of your eyes, It is nothing less of absolute arrogance to say, “we know exactly how God works,” It’s a sad truth, at times people filled with a great head knowledge of His Word, might failed to search more truth from the same Word. But the saddest part of it all, we dare ask another minister, why then ……. If not? And pitifully joint hands with those Pharisees. Before you scream out, “But there are exceptions!” please be patient and let me finish this series completely and we can discuss it all. For today, leave behind your list and look for the beautiful miracle in a strange package, sitting in front of you, and staring right at you. God indeed works mysteriously, and we call it a miracle.
  13. I would be interested to see how this turns out for you, Alley.
  14. Purple heart veteran, artist, writer, cartoonist, widower, and father of five, living in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  15. That is great!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Applause from here as well. We'd be delighted to read some bits and pieces that you post in Criticism and Feedback.
  17. That's important to know. I wonder if teddy bears and penguins would get along. I'll bet they would. Maybe Guino can find a teddy bear under the bleachers and they can start a relationship. Thanks for another story idea.
  18. Thank you, @Spaulding! This is very informative. I can do this!
  19. Here are three other articles: https://www.janefriedman.com/email-newsletters-for-authors/ https://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/there-are-no-rules/newsletter-basics-for-authors https://writersinthestorm.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/the-how-and-why-of-author-newsletters/
  20. Grace, that's all I plan to do. My writing tends to be border-line decent. No cussing or anything, though.
  21. If you google about newsletters for writers/authors, you'll see it's the same across the board: shorter is better.
  22. Newsletters are just that: news letters. And the ones I get from writers do not contain chapters of their books, published or WIP. See if this article helps and be sure to click over and read the rest. It's very helpful: The benefits of author newsletters Not the market-y benefits of newsletters. The people benefit of newsletters. Newsletters are a special way to share personal insights with your readers. Newsletters, therefore, create connections with your readers. For the record, this business about creating connections applies to all of your social media work. If you aren’t using FB, Twitter, IG, or whatever to create connections with people, then you are doing it wrong. If you are spamming people on Twitter with relentless “Buy my book!” tweets, you will get blocked. By me. Right now. Because I don’t know you, and I don’t care about you. We don’t have a connection. But the reverse is also true. When my friends have new books coming around, I want to hear about that news. I’m happy for them, excited for them. I’m delighted to see those tweets and other social media shares about the new book. Because I have a connection with the author, and the author is important to me.
  23. I really sympathies for people with migraines. They can be debilitating. My wife used to get migraines and it was terrible for her (Now she is in heaven migraine free). I never had the headache type migraine (thank the Lord), but I have had a couple of ocular migraines. No headache just , psychedelic images of zigzagging lines (and lol, I do not use drugs, or drink alcohol for that matter).
  24. My chapters average 4000 to 5000 words. So I was thinking I would shoot for 1000 words or less?
  25. I've shared some of my writing here, @HK1 has told me s/he (I still don't know if this is a he or a she) likes one of the titles I'm trying so hard to focus on. Others have reacted pretty much the same way about a few other titles I've named my stories. Blue Heart The Other Prince Charming Unbreakable Trust Making Amends Choosing Sides And a few others. I'm not entirely sure what to do. I have so many titles in the file on my phone and elsewhere that I don't know what to do with them all. Not to mention the Story plots/ideas.
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