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  2. Probably! I am quite left brained but personally I tend to really struggle with what we classify as "logic" problems. I actually dropped a logic class in college, which was something I never did, because it was before I would get a strike for it. I hated their deduction system; to me it made no sense. The class to me might as well have been called "arbitrariness". I applaud anyone who can wrap their brain around that system. I think for me I need things to be more concrete! 😜 I am an Ancient Roman and not an Ancient Greek, as my mother would say. 😂
  3. Congrats! Your blog is very clean and professional-looking. I love it. Hurry and post some more stuff soon!
  4. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Will check it out. 😄
  5. http://tddracken.wixsite.com/blog There isn't much to it yet and some things are still unfinished, but hey! I have presence on the internets!
  6. Yes, life is precious and short on this earth.
  7. Hi @BKHunter! I'm new to beta reading and I know this response is super late, but if you're still looking for readers, I'd be happy to look at your work and give advice as best as I can!
  8. Hi Catherine! I know this is super late, but if you're still looking for beta readers, I'd love to read your manuscript. Sounds really interesting! I've never been a beta reader before, but I'm willing to give advice to the best of my ability!
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  10. With this kind of analogy, you already have the ability to write. And according your bio above, you've been working at it for a while. Back to the original question, my two cents' worth is that God can use people even when they don't conform to our values.
  11. I used to get their emails when they had a few freebies but they stopped or something changed because I unsubscribed. Nothing wrong with them though. Just wasn't able to pay.
  12. 🤪 I dunno. Maybe.
  13. Hear, hear, @Sarah Daffy, I'll consider your ten cent's worth.
  14. Looks like a great place. Maybe you should check it out. *shrugs* That's my 10 cents worth.
  15. Tell you what. I'll check it out.
  16. 😔😭😢
  17. Does anyone know anything about/familiar with Envato Elements? I am considering a subscription. https://elements.envato.com/
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