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  2. Yes, I meant convert. Thank you for pointing out the error. Thanks again.
  3. I'm very sorry to come in here only to mention this, but it's bugging me so much I have to say something. Ever since you started this thread of discussion, I've noticed the word covert in the discussion title. I'm quite certain what you meant to say is convert, right?
  4. LOL Oh, good, Spaulding! So glad you all found this useful.
  5. WOO-HOO!!! Way to go, Rita!!! I hope it was supposed to be a comedy. 🤣 So happy for all of you!
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  7. Updates: Still trying to get financing. We are planning a gala affair this fall. Honestly, this is the hardest part. We have everything except a few crew members and the final cast to start principal photography! You can check out my pitch on my website www.fishgateproductions.com and click on projects. Copper Town the Movie is in the drop down menu. Click on that and you'll see the promo pieces for the movie.
  8. I'm sorry I missed this Sarah! I have made 10 short films, documentaries and have written several screenplays. I've been on set and off, behind the scenes and produced as well as edited the final movies. The answers to your questions contain so many "depends on" this or that. Our preproduction for Copper Town is still ongoing. We have actor attachments, producers, cinematographers and casting director all in place but financing is the huge hurdle. If you are fortunate enough to pitch to a studio or a network then they take care of all of it. If you try to do the Indie thing, it can take months or years. There are programs for budgeting (Movie Magic budgeting and Gorilla Budgeting) and you can try that but be forewarned, the movie industry is a huge network of people who specialize in all sorts of things from producing, budgeting, casting, location managers, line producers, just to mention a few . . . and the legal things must be taken care of by an attorney. It's so much more involved than people even realize! But don't let the big picture overwhelm you. Write and pray. If you need more info, you can alway PM me.
  9. Hey! Just wanted to shout out that my short film A Very Scary Zombie Halloween Party just won Best Comedic Horror Short at the Silicon Beach Film Festival this past weekend! We are all so excited to have finally won something after all of these years of making short films. It wasn't necessarily a Christian film but there was a good moral to the story. And the zombies were great!
  10. Lol you aren't alone in that!
  11. Agreed. I really did not want to take a narcotic for pain, but I gave up keeping track of which doctor tried which drug on me after the list hit 24 different kinds of drugs. (Ends up over half of them weren't even for pain. They were for digestive issues.) That was at the halfway mark of them trying stuff that might help. I distinctly remembering losing my pancakes, (figuratively and literally), on the side of the highway the day I tried my first (hydro)condone. Hubby took me out for breakfast to cheer me up. It took a long time for them to find the drug that helped. Many, many stories of the ones that did not. Then again, I think that's why there are so many kinds of drugs for the same thing -- because there is no one-size-fits-all.
  12. Oh boy! I started writing a story featuring my stuffed animals with my teddy bear as protagonist. Once it got to the point of it being worth saving on back-up, I bought a thumbnail teddy bear. Now you point me to a teddy bear that tells stories. I feel like the prospector who found a gold mine and then found the mother lode.
  13. SW, Thank so very much for your prayer and kind words they really have meant a lot to me. I keep reading your prayer over and over finding comfort in it.
  14. I am interested that we are going back to where we were when we told stories around the fire, surrounded by wild beasts. Pre-script. We are so educated we have educated ourselves out of symbols and into the spoken word!
  15. Most of the time it's not just my devices that are not "smart."
  16. Thanks for sharing! I've heard a few songs from this band and really liked them, but I hadn't heard this song! (And the lego version is amazing 😂)
  17. In 2015, I fell two different times. The first time, I broke a rib. When I got to see my doctor, she prescribed one of the condone drugs. She warned me that they were addictive. Well, the LORD worked it out that I could not take them. I had instant side effects from the first pill I took. The second time I fell, I had to have surgery for a severely broken ankle. I had to go to a rehab center (think nursing home) to recover. In the hospital and at the nursing home, they had to give me a strong pain relief medication, again, they warned me not to rely on the medicine. It caused another issue for me. When my husband realized what I was taking, he said he wanted me off of it ASAP. When I was released from the rehab center, they planned on sending some of those pills home with me. I refused to receive them. I deal with side effects/allergies from several medications. I approach taking any new med carefully.
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  19. For my fellow geeks... 😄 @jonjovi I found it in lego version. With bloopers!
  20. I never thought about a voice search for a book. Well, I have no device that is "smart" so it wouldn't matter.
  21. Ummm ... I feel like I've stumbled onto a thread about foreign languages.
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