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Just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive. I have been doing all my writing the old fashion way and trying to wean myself from the computer, more precisely the internet. I find that writing with my computer leaves me too much temptation for playin on the the internet instead of doing what I need to be doing. So, I am grounded from the internet so to speak. :)

Update on my work. I finally had to quit cowboying full time due to a bad accident in February (a first time cow squashed me into the fence). I had 2 vertebrae with potential fractures (they couldn't get good pics) and 3 ribs dislocated. Add that to my lower back issues and the doctor said no more fulltime stuff. So I got a job at a gamebird hatchery up the road. I am herding ringneck pheasants, melanistic pheasants (black pheasants) & chukars (partriges). sorry about spelling. We pick up eggs and wash them and then put them in cooler, to set them once a week. So far this summer, the hatchery has hatched over 600,000 chicks. At one point in the summer, we were picking up over 13,000 eggs a day. Birds are not laying now we are on downhill of hatching this year and the rest of the year is maintenance on pens, feeding, cleaning and easier work. Gives me time to mess with my goaties, border collies and maybe get that colt started this fall.

Still doing my cowboy story performances as well. My book should be ready to go to print by next spring. I am self publishing to keep the copywrite on my stories so I can tell them at performances.

Happy trails folks, got to get back to writing.

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Welcome back to the site! Blessings on your stories.

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