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Watching as her mother took the bucket to the sliding glass door, [Amanda Jordan] didn't move from where she was sitting at the dining room table. The colouring book and numerous crayons spread out around her on the flat surface provided enough distraction that she didn't think about what her mother was doing.


That is, until the door slid closed once more. The muted sound drew her attention back to her mother, who lowered the bucket to the floor and strode into the kitchen.

Glancing back at the metal container, Amanda scrunched her eyebrows in some confusion, wondering what her mother had just done.


Sliding off the [couch] and moving toward the [bucket] Amanda marched on bare feet to see what was inside. Nothing. Just a few drops of water remained on the inside of the bucket, prompting her to question her mother's motives for throwing out clean water. Turning and [striding] into the [kitchen] she tugged on her mother's skirt almost-frantically.


"Mama? Why'd you throw out a whole bucket of water? It was so clean." Her mother's gentle smile and shake of her head told Amanda she was mistaken. That she said something amusing. But what?


"Mandy, sweetheart, that wasn't clean water. It was filthy." The woman smiled softly, her lips twitching as she fought off more urge to laugh. Amanda couldn't figure it all out.


"But why, Mama? Why don't we just drink the water? You cleaned with it. Isn't it okay to drink it?" Her mother grimaced--she couldn't seem to help herself--shaking her head more [vehemently].


"Not at all, Honey. It had all the dirt that was on the floor in it. I'll show you next time, so you can see the difference." Amanda was still [confused], but she nodded her agreement and went to play in her room.

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