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  2. Wake me from thinking, that I have a million more days, to pull air into these finite lungs. Let me treat my days I have left, with humility and amazement, for that blood which flowed, down the wounds and face of our God of compassion. Let me focus my thoughts, on my actions and words. Let me not throw useless talk, or actions of selfishness around, without regard of the damage they might do. Words can be building blocks, or a wrecking ball for the people we encounter. Let His love, be the mechanism which motivates
  3. - character development - good message or moral of the story Without character development, the story will read flat to me and relatively unrelatable. Without a good message behind it, I won't care much for the story, no matter how well written. Formatting, presentation, grammar, tone, etc... all those are secondary (though they are important).
  4. not one bit! I love wit and wisdom and creativity. The most rewarding scenes in television, movies, or books, is when a fight seems inevitable and through creativity and wit, it is avoided and the outcome is the least expected one. I think they make for the most powerful of stories. A real life example... kinda... my Uncle was a football player at Wichita State back in the day... QB... he is now a pastor, but back in high school (i think it was high school) there was a bully that was like the meanest kid in school. The one my Uncle thought was furthest away from being willing to e
  5. When you can snatch the pebble from my hand.. it will be time for you to leave...
  6. Amen! Cellphones have become an addiction!
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  8. I agree. That is for those who continue in sin. I however am in constant prayer to the Lord, who I consider "my close, familiar friend". That is what Job called him. I can't remember the exact chapter and verse, which is one reason I'm reading through the Bible again. If the Lord isn't as difficult for the righteous to deal with, as it is for the unrepentant, His Word certainly is. I also like that we're having this really good discussion here. Thank you Tommie Lyn.
  9. The thing is... we don't "deal with" the Lord. We obey Him. Or not.
  10. That reminds me of a 70s TV show with David Carridan in. Dad of Keith. Just ku something. Not panda though.
  11. The Lord is holy beyond our finite ability to understand, and that holiness cannot tolerate sin. But that can be a hard thing to accept sometimes, because we'd really like sin to be not so bad.
  12. As I said, this isn't my first reading cover to cover. I have been a committed Christian for more than 50 years. I have been a regular member of Bible studies for most of that time. One thing I've come to see over all this time, is that even for those who are righteous, the Lord can be very difficult to deal with.
  13. Trained but cowardly (his flaw)??? You could even make it comedic.
  14. "See then the kindness and severity of God: to those who fell, severity, but to you, God’s kindness, if you continue in His kindness; for otherwise you too will be cut off." -- Romans 11:22
  15. Our youngest 3 kids were adopted through foster care. You can feel free to pm me if you have specific questions about the process. I don't like to provide too many details publicly since it's not only my story but my kids' as well.
  16. At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, it all depends on how you write it. How about having your main character highly skilled in martial arts, but always tries to talk his way out of tense situations. Part of his struggle is to resist using force when pressed, even though his mind has already figured out how to win the fight ten different ways. You can even show the reader how is mind has thought through the moves, counter moves, and so on, all to yield to well chosen words. Just a thought (no pun intended).
  17. I try to read through every year, and usually am successful. I applaud the previous mention that it all be done prayerfully. After that, three breakthroughs that really sped me along were: Break the daily readings into an Old Testament portion and a New Testament one. Until we get a solid familiarity with all of the Old Testament, it can sometimes be rough going in some spots, Without interspersing familiar readings with the unfamiliar. This reduces the chances of dropping behind and dropping out. Consider getting a chronological Bible, and reading chronologically. The difference
  18. Well, if you take away all of the serpent's beautiful words, the facts you are left with are these: God says "Do not eat." Satan says, "Eat." Man eats. They fully understood all that was necessary to understand: God said no. That should have been enough.
  19. But in my novels, as Suspense writer, I can sure craft a realistic fight scene. But now, I'm thinking to craft a different type of character. Someone who doesn't fight, but tries to solve conflicts with words. Do you think that will make my stories less interesting?
  20. I do know if the birth parents, or previous adoptive parents, won't sign the child over, the foster parents cannot adopt.
  21. I don't know much, but my dad knows a TON (he's a social worker so he's had to take kids in and out of homes, go to court, take kids to foster homes, and things like that) and I'm close to a family who adopted 12 kids, so if you have any questions, I can get you answers :))
  22. I know a very small amount about it, but I also know people who have done it. I'm sure they'd be willing to answer questions if you want to message me and I could forward it to them and get you answers. If nobody else here has answers for you.
  23. Good question. Since it's deep POV, "Mom" would make most sense coming from Spaulding's narration and dialogue, but "Destiny" when the other characters refer to her.
  24. ...foster care adoption and the process it takes? I know there's articles out there, and I'm going to be looking at/through them; but some insight from those of you who have gone through this process would be much appreciated. Thank you!
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