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  2. Hi Jim, Alley has an ongoing series of threads on this forum called "Author Platform Discussion" that may or may not be some of us complaining about our promotion efforts, but would also effectively give you a good list of things the rest of us have been doing to advertise and promote. I also wrote a somewhat lengthy treatise on getting in to bookstores some weeks ago, so if you click through to my profile you should be able to find it.
  3. If some of them (Amazon, Facebook) gave you some idea of how their algorithms work that would probably help all of us. As it is there is a lot of guesswork and trial and error (mostly error it would seem). Setting up a promotion is simple enough on most platforms, but getting real traction with it can be a mystery.
  4. I have a website that is decent enough, but no great way to drive people to it. In a different era and a different business I had success with Google Ads, but when I went back to try it again for this last year I decided they had completely broken that system. I still tried an ad and it was useless. There is a lot I love about Facebook, but as mentioned you now have to pay to boost a post otherwise you get just a handful of reactions from the people who already have your book. I certainly understand having to pay to attract new people; having to pay to make content visible to people who already actively liked your page is garbage. And in my experience, I never generate enough sales from an FB ad to actually break even on the cost of the ad. I just did a boosted post about my last award that got over 300 engagements, over 20 new page likes, and apparently 0 sales. LinkedIn is totally useless for this. I'm actually not sure what LinkedIn is useful for anymore. I'm only still using it due to momentum. IG is owned by Facebook so I'm not sure what extra benefit I would get, and I just don't have that many images to share. Likewise for YouTube, there is no way I'm going to produce videos on a regular basis. I enjoy GoodReads personally but I haven't gotten anything out of it for this. When I've looked at their promotions I haven't been able to see how I would ever get the value out of them. I have been reviewed by a couple of minor Christian book blogs, which as far as I could tell netted me zero sales. (I contacted about 40, but most of the Christian book blogs only review Amish romance fiction. Seriously) I've gotten a couple of awards, which cost me money to enter and as far as I can tell have gotten me zero sales. Some awards are outright scams, but even the ones that aren't mostly exist because they want to sell you other services after you win or place. Some I'm pretty sure are their way of vetting who they want to pursue as clients. I've published a couple of articles on Red Letter Christians, which I believe got me 2 Kindle sales. I have an acquaintance who is a professional PR person and she is constantly talking about how she can make all sorts of amazing things happen... right after she talks about how people have to be willing to pay for quality PR. I'm blessed that I can sink some money into this effort without sweating it, but I can't pour thousands of dollars into a professional PR outfit with no guarantee of return. I haven't read parts 4 and 5 of this thread series, so I'm hoping that's the part where you all share the secret sauce of getting noticed in the crowded market without having to mortgage the house. 🙂
  5. Great, great humor. I don’t have a visual aid, but I do have questions: Where are all the robocalls and telemarketers when you need them? Can you refer some to me? How would Barney Fife react to all this? I’m just imagining: Now Andy! How are we going to handle prisoners? Could we ask Aunt Bea to give Ernest T’s cell a good scrubbing? I mean— Now, Barn, stop your fretting. Firstly, Aunt Bea, although spry for her age, is in that age group that needs to stay home, you know. ‘Sides, ol’ Ernest will bring in the best disinfectant with that whiskey bottle of his. Andy, that there would violate all correctional facility decorum! Barn, simmer dowwwwn. There’s a lot of things can be done in times of trial like this with a bit of humor—an, and efficiency, if you have a mind to. (Ring) Sheriff’s office, Sheriff Taylor speaking. Sure, Floyd. No problem. Gotch you. Will do. I, I know. I’ll ask Deputy Fife. Ok. G-good bye. You, too. (click) What’s that, Andy? Oh, what with Floyd having to temporarily close the barber shop, he’s of course hesitant to go shopping and all— And? Well, Barn, as he asks, I’m going over to get some groceries and take them to him. See ya. Mmm, didn’t Floyd tell you to “Ask Deputy Fife”? Oh yes, uh, what he meant by that was just his gentlemanly barber’s way of asking you to maintain the public tranquility. You know, like staying calm.
  6. This resonates deeply with me. Twitter, as I have said before, is rather like screaming into a void. Or, perhaps, like screaming into a secret club where you don't have the password.
  7. Thanks for your prayers, all. If the flight happens it should be happening right about now. I'll let you all know. @Zee, I will be praying!! 🙏 Glad you have a flight scheduled, @BKHunter!
  8. Thank you Lynn! I got myself shut out of the forum for two days because of password trouble. That's how socially inept I am. 🙄
  9. Amen and amen, Z. Praying in agreement with you and everyone else. Thank you!
  10. LOL Reminds me of one I just saw...
  11. I feel like this right now.😦
  12. Praying every day... at times like this we realize how powerless we truly are and how much we need God's strength, guidance, and wisdom...
  13. Charles, I loved your thread here where it's more appropriate.
  14. Men, love your wives. Ephesian 5: 25-33 All scripture is given for reproof and encouragement. With that in mind I would like to explore the idea of A-dam both the first and the last who loved theirs wives for our example. First off, just how do I love my wife as he did or perhaps, like they did? The scripture of the word of God being written by the Spirit of his Holiness clearly states that Yeshua/Jesus is the second A-dam. Thus, it is not out of order to say that the first A-dam is like Christ. But in what way one might ask here? Trying to explore a line of reasoning I came across, I wish to present to you my thoughts on the matter and see if it is sound reasonable to go down this road or turn around. So let us begin. We know that Yeshua, the second A-dam, did indeed die for the church, his bride. He love her so much he gave his life up as a ransom to redeem her from the punishment of her crimes before the almighty God. So just what did the first A-dam do for his wife, his bride how did he love his bride and what did he do for her to show her his love for her? In the first beginning; The Spirit of his Holiness wrote down that Yeshua, as God created mankind as a male and as a female. The first A-dam, (Red earth or clay), was made in the image of God. His bride, Eve (Mother of all living), was made in the image of A-dam from his side. Thus out of A-dam came his bride. Just as in the second beginning; The Spirit of his Holiness recorded for us that the second A-dam, God as the man Yeshua (Safety), was made in the image of man. His bride (the ecclesia or called out by him), was made to be conformed to the image of the Christ, Yeshua. So, in the first beginning we see Eve being talked into eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. A-dam was by her and said nothing. Why? I think it because it was her choice to do so. She had total and complete free will in the matter. If she did not then it would not have been a temptation. A-dam being in the image of God did not over ride her will or take her will away, because that would take away her freedom in the matter. (Just like God does with us.) Thus she was free to do what she wanted and deal with the consequences. He love her too much to take away her free will rom her. But once she did yield to the temptation she fell and A-dam saw her in her fallen state. He still loved her and he had not fallen yet so his love was untainted and pure as God’s was. A-dam love her so much that he could not stand to be without her, even if it meant she was in a fallen state he still completely and totally loved her. But how was he to bring her back from her fallen state? The truth was that he couldn’t. So what was he to do? A-dam chose to be with her even if it meant to be fallen with her. In God’s provision and his knowledge of knowing the end from the beginning he knew that if A-dam hadn’t done this there would not have been the opportunity for her to be redeemed. It was in his joining her that she had children and in the children the redeemer came into the world. Thus fulfilling the saying within scripture, 1 Timothy 2:15, “The woman is save through child birth” in a sense. The second A-dam had a similar problem in his life. His love his bride (The ecclesia). He saw that she had fallen and needed to be brought back from her fallen state. He loved her so much that he joined her in her fallen state for the purpose of taking on the punishment she deserved onto himself so she didn’t have to. He was able to redeem her to himself and back to God our Father.
  15. Holyblues

    God's Anger

    God is capable of great anger but His love for us is much more than his anger. His love is always full of mercy and forgiveness.
  16. Lord; we desperately need and want Your guiding hand for all infected by COVID 19. Give them strength and healing. We also pray for those treating the ones who need their help. They need Your strength, not just physical but mental strength as much as wisdom to know what best to do. Provide them Lord with the supplies they need and the peace to know You are present and actively working. Your children need you Lord, we trust You will help in this time of need just as You promised and we have full confidence in. In Jesus powerful and holy name. AMEN
  17. Yesterday
  18. How are you and your congregation holding up? 

    1. Chuck Kralik

      Chuck Kralik

      Hi, Alley. It's so nice of you to ask. We have recorded an abbreviated worship service the last two weeks. Our congregation seems to like it just fine, although I still feel somewhat uncomfortable in front of a camera. The more difficult thing is providing pastoral care without physically being with people. I make a lot of phone calls, emails, and texts to check up on folks. Thanks again for asking! Blessings!

    2. Alley


      It sounds like you have been doing well. I know some of my writing (not the fiction ones) do best when I pretend there is someone I'm writing to, as in a single person. Maybe that would help you when talking to a camera. (Which I know is a little weird.) Praying for you guys! 

    3. Chuck Kralik

      Chuck Kralik

      Thanks! I appreciate it so much!

  19. c35d1645027e82b276238f40c55302df.jpg.7818f6f76e81cb1bc6085a0424114882.jpg

    1. Bob Leone

      Bob Leone

      Oh, no, not you I hope. :(

    2. Alley


      Unfortunately, yes. 😔 

  20. I finally found the e-mail link to the correct Bank. I just e-mailed them a copy of the one I sent to the wrong Bank yesterday, then posted a copy here Hopefully, things will finally work out. Thank the Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  21. What I've been praying to the Lord personally, is that this is just wearing me down, and I don't want to have to be going through any of this; and I've been asking Him to just put an end to all of it now. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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