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  2. It is a Writing and Publishing topic as this subject includes: 1) An established literary agency, 2) An established literary agent (who is a Christian, I might add), 3) The fact that a lot of people make connections and advertise on Twitter, 4) the fact that certain individuals were turned "toxic" because of the social media platforms they used. 5) The discussion of social media platforms comes up under Writing and Publishing all of the time. I'm not the moderator or admin, but I think one or more of these qualify. But if you want it moved, be my guest.
  3. Hi AJ, a big hug from me even though we are both strangers. I'm in my early 50s, you sound like you're ? late teens/early 20s? So many years between us, but while I had a pretty stable childhood I've gone through traumatic stuff as an adult. I learned how to come through it and be resilient. Resilience is a wonderful quality & worth cultivating. I echo the praying for you, the urging to seek a Christian counselor, the advice on essential oils (high quality not cheap brands as those are adulterated) and eating real food not junk! I add to that good sleep. I bet you're up la
  4. Thank you, @suspensewriter. We work very hard to keep things civilized, fair, and non-political on the site. I want everyone to feel welcome here in the true spirit of Christ. I left the topic up because it involves both Christianity and the writing profession, so it seemed relevant on both fronts. It's not meant to be a political statement, but rather one of unity. Censorship of this sort transcends politics and becomes more about fairness, honesty, and the free expression of thought and faith. I'm hoping as Christians those are all values we can agree upon and supp
  5. Yes, however, it does affect us as writers and we should be aware of these things. So sad even to have to say that.
  6. I'm not so sure about free speech in the context of open dialog from all sides, and options is no longer a writing topic. When anyone is calling for book bans or book burnings, it needs to be looked at. https://dawsoncountyjournal.com/blog/2021/01/22/why-burn-books-when-you-can-ban-them-writers-and-publishers-embrace-blacklisting-in-an-expanding-american-anti-free-speech-movement/ https://www.breitbart.com/law-and-order/2021/01/12/watch-antifa-forces-portland-bookstore-closure-over-journalists-forthcoming-book/ I could go on, but the point books also fall u
  7. I think we can readily see how easy it will be for unbelievers to someday accept the mark of the beast, and to be completely comfortable with the abuse of Christians who will not receive it. I don't know anything about the twitter matter mentioned in the OP, but we can see the pieces falling into place, all around us...
  8. Normally I would say this is not a proper topic for a writing site, but I have to say, I agree with you all completely!
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  10. God has always and will always remain in your life faithfully.
  11. Hi there, are you actually a Kiwi? Went to NZ once as a child on a family vacation. Nice memories.
  12. Ruth


    Just yesterday a US friend was telling me she was learning Portugese on DuoLingo! And here I come across your post. Welcome to how the world is interconnected in ways we can't begin to imagine
  13. Yes, the type of witch hunt going on is a huge assault on Christians and free speech. I don't care what side of the political spectrum you're on, with very few exceptions silencing the marketplace of ideas and thought is not a good thing. I believe that as Americans, we should all be standing up together against the type of blatant censorship and cancel culture going on. I don't believe any reasonable person is defending violence, threats, or criminal activity. As a web developer, it's part of my job to know about different platforms. I'm familiar with both Twitter and Parler. In m
  14. @kiwigummy, thanks for asking. I write in Portuguese, but I have some poetry in English and some translations to English (short stories). They are about modern life: broken relationships, hope, loneliness, women, fear, trust, forgiveness and faith. Last month I started writing something where people were using masks too.
  15. I hope to someday. Perhaps when I go to college.
  16. LOL Amen! And hopefully, that someone maintains a sense of humor as well.
  17. @RockyMtn Gal Or the ever-so-common peace signs!!
  18. Similar issue with art in general. There is a new craze called "art fixing" where an individual "corrects" the "problems" in other someone else's art posted on social media. This entails making the art align with the sjw causes of the day. Naturally, this has nothing to do with constructive criticism (which artists tend to accept well), or having a civil debate, and everything to do with shaming the artist and posturing as a self-righteous hero. The Bible does say that in the last days people will be lovers of themselves... It didn't mention duck
  19. What if, through the eyes of what happened during Holocaust, people could see how we're living through our own Holocaust--a Holocaust called abortion? What if people could see that what they thought was okay to believe in was actually wrong? That is exactly what was done in this movie. It's over 33 minutes long, and it does contain some graphic images from WWII (the pictures were of the Jewish prisoners who had been slaughtered and thrown in piles or were in pits); if you have a YT account, you can access it there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2KsU_dhwI It is
  20. You can tell that God has a good sense of humor when he gives someone with a significant visual impairment skills that are all vision based
  21. ...you can get canceled. This came across my Twitter feed today. All because Ms. Oefelein had an account on Parler. Not that she posted anything bad, mind you, only that she had an account there. And they canned her for it. Don't bother looking up the Tweet for Jennifer DeChiara, as she's deleted it, or made it private, or whatever they do to hide their messages. What's Collen Oefelein's take on her firing? Now, I did mention that I have accounts on Parler, Gab, Minds, MeWe, YouTube, Twitter, Rumble, and Facebook. And that I
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  23. jonjovi

    Jealousy and Jesus

    Amen, great advice!
  24. Kiwigummy, I just put the first part of the prologue in the Critique and Feedback forum. The prologue is a bit lengthy, but that is justified because there are a lot of events that happened prior to the main portion of the story that must be explained. I understand that some folks skip prologues (I admit that I do sometimes), but this one is integral if the story is to make sense. Thank you so much!
  25. @Amosathar Yes, those are really good pictures! (Sorry, I didn't compliment them earlier.)
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