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  3. In case anyone wondered what it was like to write with young children in the home, I just discovered my 1-year-old's addition to my notes.


    I think she has some strong feelings on these questions.


  4. You know, you might want to check out Alice Cooper's conversion story for ideas. Yes, this is the same Alice Cooper who wears makeup, and is a shock rock star. I saw a documentary on his start, descent into drugs and alcohol, and his conversion to Christianity. Brian Welch from Korn is another. You may think these seamy and raunchy (they are), but they are actually quite illustrative of what happens during a decline, and what it is that shocks them into belief.
  5. You know, I was going to write a long post disputing this. But, in the end, you're right. I was going to write about not wanting to be in an echo chamber, or preaching to the choir. But if I want to write for "us" and "them," I at least need to get started with "us" first.
  6. "As soon as I figure out this ONE MORE THING about my novel, I'll be able to start the next draft," I said for the twentieth time.

  7. Welcome! Your books sound interesting!
  8. Welcome to our writing family, BH. Glad you joined us. Congratulations on your books. You'll find plenty of help, support, and encouragement around here, so roam around and make yourself at home. Blessings on your writing!
  9. I have been a worship leader over 35 yrs. I have written many songs through the years. In the last few years God has led me to write about the things that have greatly impacted my life. "The Power in Believing" reveals the realities if what really happens when a person truly believes in Christ. It also addresses some common misconceptions many have about Christianity, about faith and about God. My second book, "The Power in Relationship" addresses a topic Christian pastors and leaders must learn if they are to succeed in ministry or business. Any leader who wants to succeed must learn to nurture good healthy relationships. Relationship is the essential key to ministry, to business and Christian living. Https://www.LockhartMinistries.com
  10. Really- now that's interesting, Thomas! No one else has said that before.
  11. New ministry website of Christian worship leader, songwriter and author William Lockhart. I have been leading worship over 35 years. Looking for help promoting my two books: "The Power in Believing" and "The Power in Relationship." I am also looking for music artists interested in recording my songs. Both books are currently available on Amazon, but I have no idea where to go from here.
  12. @Thomas Davidsmeier This is helpful information thanks! I don't know of any online forums other than this site, but I personally have built a list of 500 subscribers. They aren't very engaged though. Learning how to get email subscribers that actually care about your work is extremely challenging I'm finding.
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  14. jonjovi

    Remain Prayerful

    The power of prayer is powerful indeed! Praying daily is key to growing as a christian.
  15. Good to here, I will be praying for you too.
  16. Hi William, I hope you have an awesome birthday! 😃
  17. Hi dprowell, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to have you here!
  18. You take care, also, @BKHunter!
  19. I am a Christian Fantasy author. I definitely brand myself as that. My books are absolutely explicitly Christian. I've still had an Internet atheist review bomb a book because it was "too religious." It was listed in the Amazon Christian Fantasy category! (Got a best seller orange flag for that one actually). But, as an author friend of mine pointed out, the Christian Fantasy category is really broad and has a bunch of bad books in it. So, that makes calling yourself one of those a bit challenging. Still, if you are writing clean, wholesome books, Christians are going to love you for it. I've working on a book that isn't Christian Fantasy right now, and I'm going to use a pen name for a couple reasons, but one of them is that I want to keep Thomas Davidsmeier as a Christian Fantasy author and not confuse any readers I've gotten to this point. Any of you other Christian Fantasy authors got a good list of readers going yet? I keep getting distracted writing books instead of marketing like I'm supposed to. Is there a good Christian Fantasy forum or discussion or online presence? I've yet to find one... (I'm not on Facebook because it is of Satan).
  20. Thx. I was a Youth Pastor for a few years with the 8th - 12th grade students. This is how I taught them Scripture 😊
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