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  2. Reminds me of this Honeymooners dialogue from the "$99,000 Answer" episode: Alice: Spell "antidisestablishmentarianism". Ralph: I'll spell it. [pauses apprehensively] Ralph: I'll spell it! Alice: [waiting patiently] Well? Go ahead. Ralph: I'll spell it! [agitated] Ralph: I'll spell it when you give me $16,000 for spelling it! Alice: [sarcastically] 16,000 for spelling it? I'll give you 32,000 if you can SAY it!
  3. Sometime I find that when I start something, and leave it unfinished, I let it "ferment" for a few days. Then when I go back, suddenly, it all falls into place.
  4. Remember the roaring Twenties when swallowing a goldfish was edgy? I remember my youth, and I was chock full of "young and dumb." Problem is that, these days, we expansive technology, and retractive parenting that deepens that pool.
  5. This is bonkers. So was Tide Pods. It never ends. Ugh.
  6. Makes me think of this video. 😂 I'm part Welsh and my dream is to one day be able to pronounce this lol.
  7. Forth! And fear no darkness! Love it!
  8. Hi, @calissi.k!! So nice to meet you!! 🤗🤗🤗 I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Welcome to Christian Writers!!
  9. Interestingly--and sadly--studies show that most readers read at a sixth grade level. Even more recent studies show that they now read at a fourth grade level. MaryAnn
  10. Carolina, I'll get back to you a little later with an answer. In the middle of a movie.
  11. I'm trying to get my diary writer through a Montana winter. Seems unlikely a reader would turn pages that simply say, "Still can't get out of the cabin."
  12. I don't have Elements of Style, but I'm curious. Lynn, what are some of the other you have used?
  13. Deserving of cookies! I only know how to bake chocolate chips cookies, so I hope these are okay.
  14. I don't use long words because I taught ninth graders for 30 years. I wanted them to understand me. And now I don't know any bigger words.
  15. And I just had to look up "golem." Obviously my midwestern background did not contain any of these. And I have read all your golem stories.
  16. Wow Craig, sounds like you have had some pretty amazing life experiences so far. God bless!
  17. Hi HK! Nice to meet you too.
  18. I'd rather just sulk for three days with writer's block and lament the impossibility of fixing the problem with my scene. Makes me feel more like a writer.
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  20. I have a feeling a stay in that hospital would be hazardous for reasons well beyond the coronavirus.
  21. Got the extended versions too. The extras were fascinating to watch. I'm glad the brought in Alan Lee as an artistic consultant. I've always loved his work.
  22. I'm probably a dissenting view. I bought it years ago and it has been on the shelf forever. I don't like it. Could never find what I wanted in it. Have others I've used for reference.
  23. HK1


    Hi! Nice to meet you
  24. I always assumed ELEMENTS OF STYLE was more of a guideline than a Bible. I read it, absorbed it, and then forgot it. Knowing those principles has informed my own writing style but I don't consult it as a source of absolute truth.
  25. I wish someone shot me before I read Elements. Why E.B. White Was Wrong About (Some of) the Elements of Style
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