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  2. Prayers of thanksgiving that you're safe, prayers of petition that the damage will be fixed soon.
  3. My 1.5 cents. To accomplish your goal you first have to establish Joshua as a cyborg. Meaning Joshua would have to come to the realization of what he truly is. Based on the previous books, not a far reach. He already questions this. Then you could start down the path of could he be redeemed. As already stated elsewhere on this site, a machine does not have a soul. So, Joshua has already, in previous books, demonstrated the ability to question what he is. And make decisions in, (dare I say it), faith that a machine would not necessarily make based on data al
  4. Welcome back, Keith! It's great to see you again! I'm sorry to hear you've had such a rough time with COVID-19 but am thankful things are looking up. Praying for continued recovery.
  5. “In kingdom terms, then, the governor was the most powerful and important person in the colony. Because he introduced the kingdom’s culture, language, and lifestyle—every unique aspect of the kingdom—to the colony, he had great value for the kingdom and its larger purposes. To summarize, the governor was valuable: 1. As the presence of the government. Without him, the kingdom would not exist in the colony. 2. For representing the government. If he wasn’t there, the king would not be adequately or effectively represented. 3. For the enablement of
  6. He frequently exercises free will and the ability to choose between good and evil. But he is human created. Follow Wes B's suggestion and find this. We can debate this for years, like theologians trying to determine how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
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  8. Good question, too, @Carolyn W! It makes me rethink my premise.
  9. Wes, thank you. Lot to think about. (not harsh at all!)
  10. Wes B


    Praying also...
  11. Welcome back! Praise God for your recovery.
  12. My first thought was that i want to know what "die" means for the android. Secondly, Genesis 2:7 and Mat 10:28 indicates that a human body cannot live without a soul. Your story convinced me that the android is alive, which is to say, you convinced me he is salvageable:) How will i be convinced he is dead?
  13. Life fell away as the inviting floor greeted me unbid. The beginning - darkest of bright days, the brightest of dark days. The confusion of thoughts in some maelstrom of peace. Goodbye wasn't possible though filling the flashing urgency of our parting. Unspoken words, un-understood and in a strange handwriting, on a trolley, waiting, waiting, waiting. This is helplessness, this is dependency deep beyond trust, this is none of me this is the beyond. This is resting in other arms an infant
  14. Hi all. I've been away from CW for absolutely ages. Partly due to going through a period of writing inactivity and partly due to life in general being far too hectic. I was an admin on this site when I was more active with my own writing. Life isn't overly hectic right now: in February I was sped off to Hospital with Covid 19 and am, even now, still in recovery courtesy of 'Long Covid'. Recovery at all was due to the hospital's magnificent attention and the prayers of friends and family. When the paramedics arrived I was unconcious. Due to the restrictions in place my wife had to leav
  15. Words & photographs (Ekphasic poetry) from an English poet.
  16. So my friend shared with me what God placed in her heart, a heavy burden, a calling to take our place in God’s Kingdom in this last days church. All the more that she put heaven’s calling in the back burner, all the more it becomes heavier and seared into her heart.—She has to act upon God’s call. When God puts in a person’s heart revelation of heavenly things, it becomes a matter of obedience. It might not make sense, it might look difficult, and it might even look impossible when we look at ourselves with our unending lists of our buts and if’s. But when God’s calling is pushing through wher
  17. Oh wow. praying!
  18. @Emily Waldorf I changed the questions for numbers 9 and 10. The original ones weren't fair; so I came up with two other questions.
  19. Praying here, too. Praise God you're all safe.
  20. Ishda! I'm sorry Alley! How's the food/water supply?
  21. I'm praying for you, too, Alley.
  22. Ooo...I'm so sorry, Alley. But so glad everyone is okay. Praying you're able to get it all fixed.
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