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  2. I am praying for your friend.
  3. I like Greye, because it has the word "eye" in it, which has associations with the noir genre - private eye, spy, etc. I do think it would need to be a code name and not an alias. As others have mentioned, it does stand out.
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  5. So glad to hear your uncle is improving and you're aunt's boyfriend is getting better care. The hospital did the remote monitoring with my husband when he was released, still recovering from Covid pneumonia. Those monitoring devices are amazing. Bill was on supplemental oxygen for about three weeks, but other than still tiring easily, is doing well. His doctor said it could take up to a year before he gets all of his energy back.
  6. First page. I set a lot up and answer those questions later.
  7. Welcome back! I'm glad you decided to return.
  8. Well! You sure set up the difficulties! I am a little confused by Zinnia being the king's daughter, the POV being the king's daughter, and yet he says he will fight to death for her friend. Did I miss something about the friend?
  9. There are two publishers cited with Mike Duran's work on Amazon. One is Realms, the other is Blue Crescent Press. I cannot find either on the Internet. So either they've both gone defunct, or these are the business names under which he self-publishes his books. He seems big enough to start his own publisher, so that's probably what he's done for business reasons. But, by all accounts, it looks like he's been self-publishing. When I said "that won't happen," I was referring to your comment about going through "mainstream publishers." I don't want this t
  10. Aw, thanks, Nicola! ♥ This is an after-thought, but I figured I might as well give a sample, so here's the first page (first draft. Don't judge “Attention!” Father cried out over the crowds of people. Almost instantly, they silenced and turned toward him. He stood upon a pedestal, his diamond-covered robes shimmering under the afternoon sun. His crown outdid his entire outfit, the large golden piece sitting firmly over his chocolate brown hair. “I fear the kingdom of Sia has threatened a war on our lands!” My breath caught in my throat. Surely not! Sia and
  11. @Sarah Daffy How do you pronounce Greye?
  12. I have lost all concept of "safe". I count comfortable, and joyful to be of greater worth.
  13. Mike Duran's Reagan Moon paranoir novels are doing ok. They're not explicitly labeled as Christian but contain a Christian Worldview if the reader has eyes to see. They're fast-moving, weird, and a lot of fun. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074CFD9K5?searchxofy=true&binding=kindle_edition&ref_=dbs_s_aps_series_rwt_tkin&qid=1618866975&sr=8-1
  14. Welcome back! I also recently returned after a hiatus of several years, and I'm enjoying being back.
  15. Ditto! Lord God, I praise You for putting Samantha in her friend's life. Strengthen both of them for this task. Please gather the community of believers together to fight against this wretchedness. Set them all free and glorify Your name among us! Amen
  16. Hey Samantha! Welcome back! I've faded in and out of the community, and I keep coming back. Kindness lives here like nowhere else!
  17. image.png.09534042ed7b56a262d71e77e59e7e5c.pngimage.thumb.png.b32a81698a8f3c5533fe08fc8c2721ee.pngimage.png.2b30219c36f0fe604e6404d013d1d0e6.pngimage.png.b360605685a3afc6d22260d16bebc749.png

    1. Ky_GirlatHeart


      Lol, I love the last two!


      Now I'm going to copy that last one on a piece of paper and give it to people...*evil laughter commences*

  18. I'll read anything by you, Sam! I love your stories!
  19. What I do, is not mention that there is Christian content in my writings. For genre classification, I might call some of them "Speculative, Suspense, Fiction". It's only after someone starts reading what I've written, when he or she discovers the Christian Content.
  20. Trust me, that won't happen. Look at their wish lists. They're not interested.
  21. Hey, y'all! I have a project that I could use some help on, if anyone's interested! First off, note that this is NOT a finished book. I'm writing it chapter-by-chapter, so I'd release a new piece to betas once every 3-7 days. Here's a list of info on it: Title: (Unkown) Probably something along the lines of Tana and the Shadow Wars Genre: YA high fantasy (with very clean romance) Word Count: 40,000-50,000 Sensitive Topics: Magic (no witchcraft or anything, just basic magic) I also sprinkle in hint
  22. I know I've already made this clear, but ME! Also, I'm writing my fantasy project chapter-by-chapter too, so if you wanna critique each other's work, that would be awesome!
  23. Today's blog is the last poem in my series inspired by the Beatitudes in Matthew 5, "The Christian Life: "He Is Worthy," A poem inspired by Matthew 5:10-12." To read the rest of my series or to check out some of my past posts, go here: https://sandykayslawsonWriter.org/blog https://www.sandykayslawsonwriter.org/post/the-christian-life-he-is-worthy-a-poem-inspired-by-matthew-5-10-12
  24. When playing with word meanings, we always remember that they can change, a lot. This can be especially true with French to English, 'cuz once the French-speaking Normans conquered England and became their royalty, everyone was eager to act sophisticated, by using "the royal language." A lot of French words got abducted and given new/similar (or not-so-similar) meanings. A French crayon, for example, is what we'd call a pencil. That didn't stop us from finding creative new English uses for crayon. And modesty forbids my mentioning a whole list of, uh, "personal" and "hygienic" implements that
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