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  2. Congratulations Zee - You have given back to many of us with your thorough and thoughtful critiques so thank you for them.
  3. Congrats, Zee! Looking forward to reading more of your work
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  5. Thanks Alley , lovely voice and song . Moved me 🙏💖
  6. Beverly, I don't know. I haven't seen that before. Will have to summon @Rebecca to make sure.
  7. Yay, Zee! Good work!
  8. Probably because the entries have reached their one month expiring point and are no longer available to viewers.
  9. I know for sure that I'm a member and I am signed in right now. I went to the critique forum to read a few stories, and got an error message like this: Error code: 2F173/H What is wrong? Whatever is happening, I hope it will work better next time. Thanks for making this site so fun to spend time in.
  10. When I arrived at work one June morning, my legs trembled, my heart raced, and I fought tears. My work had to be done, somehow. Sleep had eluded me again. After I waded through the morning, lunch break came. I stood in line and ordered my meal, collapsed into a chair, and cried. Sarah* joined me, an older woman who had become a dear to me. She asked me what was wrong. I struggled to describe my turmoil, asking her why it was happening. Then Sarah opened her Bible and read a verse aloud that astounded me: “But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you,” 1 Peter 5:10 KJV. I wept as I listened, too upset to eat or fully absorb its meaning. However, her kindness and love gave me hope. I stopped crying and was able to eat during the second lunch period. Sarah's kindness has been a treasure to me. And I've remembered this verse. Reading interpretations of it were enough before. But now I have dug deeper to grasp the truths here. God saves his own by grace, through Jesus Christ, calling them to one day share his eternal home. Soothing words were paired with words I didn't want to hear: “after that ye have suffered a while”. The word “suffering”, refers here to the human suffering of Christians. But, I've learned that God has a good purpose in mind. God uses suffering to make us “perfect”, or “to render complete”. He does this by refining the dross from us to leave precious gold. None of us enjoy pain, but God will use it to make us holy like his Son. It may not seem good now, but it will be worth it in the end. “Stablish”, or establish, means "to fix, make fast, to set" Once that is done, we can grow spiritually. Another word for this is “confirmed”. God wants Christians to be solid in their faith and live it out. Jesus commanded Peter to “strengthen the brethren,” (Luke 22:32). In that verse, “establish” was translated as “strengthen”. In 1 Peter 5:10, Peter said that God wanted to "stablish them (in every good work and word);" God is so good to teach and enable us to grow, in person, and through others. When Peter said, “strengthen”, he means that God also uses suffering to make our souls stronger. We can live with struggles that we wanted to flee from before. James 1:4 tells us to “let patience have it's perfect work”. Suffering is what teaches us endurance. And, “settle” means laying a foundation, or grounding us. For example, in Eph. 2:17, believers are urged to be grounded “in love”. And in Col. 1:23, believers are urges to be grounded “in the faith”. These are true believers who continue to live their faith. Since God's work in us is life-long, the work he began will continue to become more complete. Our souls will grow solid in our faith and grow stronger. We will learn to live lives of faith and love unfazed by whatever life gives us. There is hope. I'm so thankful. Words that had confused me before are now the right words to encourage me. *This name was changed to protect privacy.
  11. Thanks for such a friendly welcome back! I hope that I've learned to write better, but I know I'll soon find out.
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  13. Always looking for new song to add to my playlist!
  14. Hi Victoria, welcome to Christianwriters! It is great to meet you, and have you here!
  15. Really sorry to hear that... I'll keep praying!
  16. Thank you HK1, your comments are always so encouraging and inspiring.
  17. I've noticed in UK books that they do tend to use 's. Just saying.
  18. Yes, self-publishing is in trouble. A good book consists of three parts: 1) A good overall cover, with a good title and good art. If you don't have the skill to put together a cover, you'll have to hire someone who does. 2) The story inside. And there's a little to say about choices of typeface and layout. 3) They won't buy it if they don't know it's out there. So, a list of places to promote the book. Avoiding using skilled editors hurts on a practical level. I suspect some people can't afford them or feel they need some kind of 'creative freedom.' In any case, if it's poorly written it won't sell. And Literary Agents do require a certain number of pages of the manuscript. Again, too many people accessing different ebook, POD and other ways to get published are crowding out everyone. People just don't have the time to read that much material. On a side note, look at TV. Over 200 channels and how much is really worth watching? Throw in streaming and according to a person in the business: "People got too much to watch." Not true, by the way. People will pick and choose among the various choices. So a shake-up will happen with streaming.
  19. One poster here has over 70. The reason? He (or she) picks up bits and pieces of useful advice from each.
  20. I don't understand the following. What kind of 'platform' are you referring to? "Traditional publishing has been saying for ten years writers need a platform, and need to help promote their novels. It's time we listened and added that to skill sets."
  21. I keep telling you, Nicholas and anyone else who will listen, that THE market to sell to is self-help for writers. Really, it is. They keep churning out those books by the absolute thousands. And, really, how many books do you need to tell you how to write?
  22. I think the major point you're arguing recently was brought up by an agent who was here for a little while - although his words weren't well received, I listened because he was trying to teach us. The traditional publishing route presents credibility, because someone's vetting. Self publishing has none. I can self publish without any regard to structure, TYppos, speling, unresolved plot threads, etc, Traditional publishing means an agent has read your query letter, and possibly a 30 page leave-behind. you've escaped the usual amateur mistakes, and moved on to acceptance. Then the agent sends it to the publisher, who does a more thorough vetting process. It's even more strict nowadays, because the publishers don't have editors sitting around waiting to coach writers through the process. You've got to be pretty much publish ready right at the beginning of the process. The internet is awash in bad writing advice, but if you know what to look for the information is out there to learn. While almost every writer wants traditional publishing, our fragile egos shatter when we're told our mistake ridden manuscripts aren't publish ready. We all have tantrums. The people you want to work with listen to the instructions and fix them. The others don't. This is the reason the self publish world is in trouble - no vetting. Nobody to say, "Did you learn anything about structure? About rising tension, about subplot and subtext?" No proofreaders, no typesetters, often amateurish cover art, and little or no promotion and advertising. Traditional publishing has been saying for ten years writers need a platform, and need to help promote their novels. It's time we listened and added that to skill sets. It's SO tempting to self publish, because I could have seven novels on the market by December - but I refuse to let go of a novel before its done. Although I think I could pitch a book on self editing for writers pretty successfully!
  23. Hi, Vicki!! Welcome to Christian Writers! Wow, congrats on your published books; I would love to read them sometime. 😁 We are all very happy and thrilled you found us; so feel free to make yourself at home here!
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