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  2. DrRita

    The Creepy Line

    It was very "creepy"! I remember back in the 80's when I was praying over some of the prophetic scriptures I was reading at the time. The Lord said to me "It's not going to be how you think. If you are not close to me, you will be deceived." I think this is part of that deception He alludes to. Anyway, thanks for validating this post, Rebecca!
  3. Rebecca

    The Creepy Line

    As an IT professional, I've been warning about this for a long time. Thank you for posting this. Hopefully more people will wake up and realize what these companies are up to.
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  5. Jethro

    Christian Science Fiction

    That's right. Just to tell me about future events, gives me little comfort. To tell me that God loves me, THAT is something I can use.
  6. Jethro

    Christian Science Fiction

    Christian fiction has been on the decline for a number of years now. Harvest House and Cook are the latest to give up on it. Which is one of the reasons why the stores are going away as well.
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  8. Jethro

    I Hate My Editor!

    Which is a sentiment I hear often.
  9. Nicholas Reicher

    Do Authors Really Need To Blog?

    When I first began to pursue the steps that would lead me to getting published, one thing I did read was the statements of several major publishers. Those that said "We will not sign an author who does not have an established social media platform" were by far the majority. Publishing a book costs a lot of money. It's time consuming. New authors are not trusted simply because if they throw $X at your book, the worry is "will I make that back?" If you have a following of over 100 people on Twitter, it says you have a promoting mindset, and the publisher thinks, "I can work with them." You're more likely to see your business relationship as a partnership. You're more likely to go to writing conventions, ask to speak, go to book signings and talk about your book and why it's so great, and blather blather blather about it on Twitter. It's not comfortable. I don't like social media, but I've learned to use engines like Hootsuite to get my tweets programmed and out there. And I've got over 130 followers on Twitter, but let me tell you they're fickle, and you go through long periods of time of your count staying the same, but you've got six new followers. If someone doesn't agree with your writing advice, they unfollow you in a heartbeat! No matter how right you are. I've had people unfollow because I posted a tweet at 5:45 and another at 6:15. you want to get started on social media now, and learn to use Hootsuite free. It takes a while to build a following. I've been on for 14 months, and I'm only at the 136 mark or so. Use Evernote web clipper to clip a lot of articles on a writer's platform. you'll make some mistakes, but get started now.
  10. Ragamuffin_John

    Bruised and Beloved

    I don’t think I have ever felt closer to the Lord in prayer. My wife and I were in an ER, and she was writhing from abdominal pain caused by a golf ball-sized gall stone. I was gripped by a sense of helplessness as I watched her rock back and forth in rhythmic spasms. I prayed and so wanted to see the Lord so high and lifted up that—well, that His glory would take care of the rest. I finally just pleaded with the Lord Jesus, “Will You please be more than a Good Samaritan with my wife?” Tears filled my eyes when I realized that God’s love for us is so great. His Son came to this world, to our paths like the Good Samaritan, to embrace us and heal us from sin and to comfort us in our fallenness. My wife later told me that she saw in my eyes that I was praying with all my heart. I think it was rather that God filled mine, filled us, where two of us were gathered. In the midst of our distress. Relief came to her. She has progressed well. What remains more than anything else is the endelible echo of God affirming to us on this road that He is with us, despite our bruises and all.
  11. Nicholas Reicher

    I Hate My Editor!

    And of course the Writer's Digest shop has many seminars from the past. Some are good, some are great. One or two were blah. I've got many I learned a lot from, But the minute we say "you can't teach me anything", we're right.
  12. 😂 Good one, Steve,..er...Jethro.
  13. Doesn't matter. When you submit your proposal with a marketing plan, it tells them that you will take a certain amount of burden (and expense) away from them. Which works in your favor.
  14. There's a new documentary out called "The Creepy Line" which I recommend everyone, especially Christians, watch! It's on Amazon Prime and also iTunes. There's a trailer on YouTube. Here's the website for more info https://www.thecreepyline.com
  15. Jethro

    I Hate My Editor!

    Of course. But even the harsh ones might be right. A good student (in any discipline) will look past that tone to seek out the germ of truth. Even more so (I hope) for a student who happens to be a Christian.
  16. Jethro

    I Hate My Editor!

    And they are probably the ones who need it the most.
  17. Jethro

    I Hate My Editor!

    A writers' conference can help a great deal here. Both for education and networking.
  18. I'd like to weigh in on this. But first, does anyone have a response to Steve's comment above?
  19. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    And your offer is very generous!
  20. lynnmosher

    Author Website

    Rcetc, your offer is appreciated, however, would you mind posting this in Plugs & Promos? I'll leave just a link for you here. This is considered advertising. though I know it was offered as help.
  21. DrRita

    The Creepy Line

    This video is on Amazon Prime (if you have it) and iTunes . It's a MUST SEE!!! https://www.thecreepyline.com
  22. Conflict within the Church is a discussion on the compatibility of homosexuality within the Christian faith. This book’s target audience is Christendom and its church leaders worldwide. This project started out over three years ago as a seventeen-page essay. Later I posted it online for comments. When a comment was posted that essentially said, “I have been married to a homosexual for over 20 years and what you say is true. I wish my pastor would take the same position you do,” I decided to turn that essay into a book. Since then, it has been sitting on my laptop for over two years. Now it’s September of 2018, and I have decided it’s time for pastors and the church at large to hear what this individual was referencing. It is easy to take a position that is popular on this subject, but then, popularity was never what God was all about. It is my intent that the contents of this book reflect God’s point-of-view—and hopefully that matters.
  23. rcetc

    How Do You Handle Taxes?

    If you are self-published you can file as sole-proprietor using a schedule C, or you can incorporate anyway you want, LLC is the simplest, but then you taxes become more complicated in filing. Anything you spend in producing or promoting you books are tax deductible as a business.
  24. rcetc

    Author Website

    If you need some help, I have over 6 years experience with WordPress. I run my own domain with several sub-domain sites. My author website is located here, and I built and run the following website that you can review. If you would like my assistance, let me know, I am more then happy to help, no cost.
  25. This is a new song to me. I love the message. Our God is the greatest, the Only One who has saved us from our sin.
  26. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.
  27. Jethro

    Grammar Rant!

    Or maybe his teacher asked him to write a 500-word essay? Every word counts (literally), you know.
  28. quietspirit

    Just For Giggles ...

    This is darling. Thank you for making me smile. Peace and blessings.
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