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  2. The Brides of Alba series by Linda Windsor. Each book focuses on one of three brothers and their love interest. The O'Malley Series by Dee Henderson does something similar. The only series I can think of that's connected by place is Narnia.
  3. Christians, their situation prepares them for extraordinary service. I.e. the more that situation, the more you draw closer to God, the more that pain the more you draw closer, you fast, you pray. The more that trouble, the more your attention for God. For our faith to be consistent, it must be based on something more stable than feelings. You need no more than open the eyes of your faith. You’ll not see enough until the eyes of your faith are opened. When we are in dark, we are likely to be frightened. This is why Christians today; without are fighting, within are fears. Before you can become a Christian you must be adopted by the holy ghost. T.B. Joshua
  4. Luke 1:79 To shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace. We as children of God represent the LORD as the light of the world, our lives should be a light that shines in this world of darkness, and our lives are to give light to those who sit in darkness. Many of us, even though are saved and know the ways of the LORD, seem to be rather representing the kingdom of darkness instead of the light you belong to. We have turned against God, with the kind of life we have chosen to live. He gave His life for us so we could live for Him, not to live for ourselves; He made us heirs to His Kingdom so we could be His ambassadors, not to be an ambassador of the kingdom of darkness. Let our light shine bright so that even in the darkest of places, our presence brings love and hope. We were not called to continue to live in an old wineskin, to love our lives, but we were called to live in a higher life, above sin and death, the decaying of the soul. So this morning, in entreat you in the name of our KING, get rid of that old wine and old wineskin and put on that new wineskin full of the new wine, be the ambassadors of the great Kingdom you belong and the King Who laid down His life for you and so we could be called "the sons and daughters of the great I AM". Kobina
  5. The Giver series is like that too, I think. I remember wondering how or if book 2 was even actually connected.
  6. Negative political adds should be outlawed. Just saying.
  7. I think that's what I paid a few years ago.
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  9. Sure. First off, they changed their royalty rates to be more in line with what Amazon offers. This is a good thing. I can't remember what they previously offered, but I'm pretty sure it was below 70% (as in you keep 70% of each sale). Second, they will now allow you to set up a your own special discounts. So if you want to offer a "50% off promo" to your email subscribers, but don't want it rolled out to everyone (keeping your retail price on Google Play the same), you can give them a special discount code to use. This is great because if you lower your retail price, then other retailers who price match (like Amazon) will sniff out the new price and adjust their price to match. This is a big pain, particularly after you end the price promotion and then have to chase down all the retailers who priced matched (because they are AWALYS very slow to reset the prices). Smashwords has offered this service for years, and I've always used it to distribute free eBook copies to winners of contests. It's good to see Google finally get on board. Overall, Google Play has been a huge disappointment for me. I've been selling through them for a couple of years and have yet to make a single sale. I find that mind-boggling, not because I think my books should sell like hotcakes, but because I think someone, just one person, would have made a purchase by now (even by mistake). Gives me the impression that Google Play is a very small player. I hope these recent changes are signaling a renewed willingness to grow and compete.
  10. That's what my romance novels and several others in the genre do. I've written about a group of friends and siblings, each one being the central character in their own book.
  11. I just saw that ProWriting Aid is one of the deals NaNoWriMo is offering this year. It's at an even bigger discount: $199 for a premium lifetime license. 😲
  12. I started laughing when I understood the "Panda Medic" part. Just what I needed!
  13. Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I'll be Captain America.
  14. The Auralia's Colors Series by Jeffrey Overstreet. There are four books, each from a different perspective within an overarching story.
  15. I wonder what are the different ways that a series of books can be developed? For example one way is a chronological family saga where as the years pass younger character take center stage in later books. Another example would be to have a story told over a number of books with each having their own story arch using the same core main characters. Has anyone come across a series where each book contains a new central character and story but it is somehow connected either to a place or group?
  16. I just received an email from Reedsy about selling books on Google play. It begins: If you sell books on Google Play, then you’ve probably heard of the two big announcements they recently made: They increased royalties to 70%, no matter the price point for sales in 60+ countries (including all the major English-speaking ones); and They released a promo codes feature that allows you to generate codes to either give away your book, or make it available at a discount. I read through the article and copied it, but I'm a little confused. Could someone who knows about this stuff please explain it to me?
  17. Holyblues


    By treasuring God's word in your heart it will guide you and protect you. His word will lead you in the direction you shall go.
  18. Disagree, depending on the type of story. I don't need James Bond to have an internal struggle. I don't need John Wayne to have an internal struggle. Superman's pretty well established as a character - his challenges come in other ways. It really depends on the kind of story you're telling.
  19. Interesting take! Of course i never mean to say that cliches are bad. What I mean is that every main character needs an internal struggle, but that I would like to see some new, fresh struggles. Getting over an ex, overcoming addiction, learning to understand your older relatives, these are all ideas i have yet to see a character deal with, at least in fantasy. On the other hand, I’ve seen “believe in yourself” more times than I can count. And in execution, sometimes it can be as simple as changing up your dungeon party to include your twin sister.
  20. OK. Question: The material I submitted yesterday evening via Submittal has been reject. I have had a couple of rejects lately that have come back in less than 24hrs of submission - I do research and select who I sub to so it is not random. I am beginning to wonder if agents/publisher are starting to use some kind of online system for vetting submissions - as employers do applications. Does this sound likely or am I just being spat out by some poor soul glued to a PC all day going through the slush pile?
  21. I've been following a bunch of indie comic book artists. Their model is generally to crowd fund production through outlets like Kickstarter. However, a few of them have been handling hardcover / softcover printing via Ingram Spark.
  22. THanks I ordered the third book. I am a therapist and have done some research on this because it helps me so much in my sessions! This looks great and I am going to read it!
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