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  2. Man, I tell you, that is a wonderful story, Sandra, of God's wonderful blessings on you.
  3. jonjovi

    John 3:17

    Amen, such truth!
  4. Yes, believing that God is and He rewards those who seek Him is essential. It must be in the core of our being for us to live the life He has chosen for us. Only in faith. I've moved your thread again, Sandra. This forum is for discussing writing, publishing, marketing, etc. only.
  5. Thank You . I'm sandra and I'm Glad to be here among all these great writers. I'm willing to reach each and everyone post. I love it here and thanks for the welcome
  6. We are humans and we don't trust words unless we see some proof. what i'm writing about is that we don't trust in God unless we can actually see his hands move. We trust what we can feel, hear, taste, smell and the importantly see. It's hard for us to believe in something that we no way can see. or even prove. There are so many people who doesn't believe that there is a God because they don't see with their eyes. I was talking to a young man one day about God and how God had set me free and how sweet to be loved by God and how he's so amazing and he stopped and responded to what i had said. He told me that he doesn't believe in God and that i was just fooling myself. We Christians are to have faith in what is impossible. The Bible tell us that the just shall live by faith. A God who can move mountains if we ask him to. The one who can make the blind see and the lane to walk. But how do we know that God is asking us to step out on faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. I can remember many years ago in my 20's I was bound to a wheel chair. My mom and sister would each take me by the arms, I couldn't stand up on my own and i couldn't walk. I would always cry out in pain in the late nights hours. Mom and sister coming running with hot water and towels and oil . My sister with the bible and mom with oil. praying while rubbing my legs with oil. They were two praying women. I could hear my mom saying stop crying. God don't want you to cry . pray to him and call out his name. I found myself on my knees in tears crying out to The one who can save me and who can raise the dead.The following next Sunday everyone was up getting ready for church. I can remember lying in bed and my mom coming in and looking at me and asking me how i felt. I looked up at her and said fine. She asked me if i felt like going to church because she always was home taking care of me. I remember rising up out of the bed and saying yes that i felt like going to church. She helped me get dressed. We Made it to church and the look on the people face was surprising because they never seen me walk in a long time on my own. When my mom asked me if i felt like going to church that's when i step out on faith. That's the moment that God healed Me. When we surrender our lives to Christ, God then begin transforming work in our lives. Then we will see his hands moving.and shifting things toward his will. We must have faith and trust. Without faith and trust it's impossible to please God. We must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.
  7. You know, I think you should, Nicholas. Or at the very least write books about it. I've always said that there is a market for how-to books with writers because there are so many of them.
  8. I despise labeling people with their past mistakes, mishaps, failures, depravity, sin and plain humanity. I dread my labels as well, especially the unfair labels that I know in-depth holds some truths about me. But to face the reality, we all hold titles that we hate, and we give unfair labels to the ones we hate, don’t we! But reading through John’s gospel I see people labeled, so utterly mercilessly labeled as follow, “The Samaritan woman with five husbands” “The woman caught in the act of adultery” “The born blind man” …… I wonder why not calling them, “The woman who had great questions at the well.” “The woman who God graciously forgave” “The man who spoke boldly in Sanhedrin” …. I wondered, why? Why would the beloved disciple of Christ label these poor souls to be identified with their horrible mistakes for years to come? Even after their repentance and healings, they were still addressed as such. More sadly, even after thousands of years we still identify them as these. It is then, I understood, only when we bring to light the depravity, deliberate sin, depressing handicapness of this body, we can clearly show the perfection, grace, and the healing power of our Savior to the world. In that light, this verse makes all the more sense “In your weakness, my strength will be made perfect.” Oh, how I continue to dread the merciless titles yet gloriously see the beauty in it now. And with Paul, I declare, “I will boast all the more in my infirmities.” My friend, you! who cringe deep in your viscera every time you are labeled as one of these, “The girl who got pregnant before marriage” “That parent with a disabled child” “That woman who got divorced twice” “That tall one or the short one or the fat one” “That girl who is always anxious” “That woman who is loud” “That girl who talks too much” “That one with a crossed eye.” “That man who is bald” …………………. Let it be any title that you dread today. May I encourage you, please take a step back with me and see, how in it ALL, His glory shines. I am not justifying labeling someone, on the contrary, I still hold tight to the idea that it is so much unchristian like to do that. I am only saying “everything works for good to those who love Him, even our labels.” I am only pleading you to See, how in your worst diagnosis your faith twinkles. In your worst failure His strength brightness. In your horrible mistake, His grace is beautified. How in everything you are, yes, including that unfair label, His gospel spreads………. who knows maybe even for thousands of years from now?
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  10. Oh, yes! So true, Sandra. I moved your thread here where it's more appropriate. I hope you'll hop over to Meet and Greet and introduce yourself so everyone will know you are here and can welcome you.
  11. I keep thinking the title was going to be alliterated...
  12. thanks. I keep thinking I should teach this stuff.
  13. How far are you will to go? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Are you willing to sacrifice the pleasures of this world and follow him? Are you willing to sacrifice your life on His behalf? Yes, I should talk about those who haven't received Christ yet but, what of you who says you've received Jesus, what is your stand? Are you really sincere? Let's say you were sincere, how are you living this new life? Are you really committed do His will? Or are you still struggling with sin? Surely you can drop every sin, but every man has a weak point where Satan uses against him, have you discovered your Achilles's heel and fought against it with the word of God, how many times do you feed on God's word per day? Because, we should know that it is not in our power to overcome sin, our power to overcome comes from the delivery power of God's word in us. That is; Christ in us, because He is the word of God. John 1 In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God, The same was in the beginning with God, all things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made, in Him was life. ( in the sentences the word " word " was expressed, replace them with Jesus and understand it better ). This is a spiritual age and those who worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Being born again is not just a declaration, you've confessed, fine, but what have you done to defend your faith, are you still living in sin, rising and falling, saying: " Eh... Is by his grace, he'll understand." Mind you, " Shall man continue in sin that grace may abound." And anyone who is born of God does not sin, because His seed remains in him. This seed is the gospel, the word of God sown in a man's heart, when a seed has been sown, it has to be nurtured to grow into a tree. Been committed to live for Jesus always, this tree matures and bears fruits of the holy spirit. Salvation is total commitment to Jesus, if you truly want to follow Jesus, you don't just stop at been born again, it's more than that, you need to have a burning desire for the holy spirit, a desire to be baptized in the holy ghost, to be filled with power, to know the mind of God, His purpose and blue print for your life, to hear from Him more distinct and clearly. Any one born of Christ has the spirit of Christ in him, but that is different from being baptized in the holy ghost, when you're filled with the holy spirit God speaks to you through your heart, and he also reveals Himself to you through other means, but being baptized in the holy ghost, this is a different level, you're transformed into a spiritual being, you operate in the spirit, and then you walk with God, He speaks clearly to your hearing, where He says you go, you go, if He says don't go out, you obey, He guides your every step and tells you the reason. This is the desire or a true child of God, to have this intimate fellowship with God, to relate with him like He did with man in the garden of Eden, and like He's still doing today to those who have given their all to Him. How do you know you have this desire driven by the holy spirit? Your desire to listen to the true gospel whenever it's preached, you don't need to ask, the holy spirit tells you which one is true or false, your spirit won't agree with a wrong message because light and darkness can't go together. You have desire to study is word daily to be more like Him, desire to pray occasionally at all time. Though it takes consistency, for Jesus told his disciples Acts 1:4-5 " Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised, which you have heard me speak about." Wait, don't go out until you receives the holy Spirit baptism, for John baptized with water, but in a few days you'll be baptized in the holy ghost." It is when you have this baptism by fire, you have the holy spirit guiding your every path and putting words in your mouth to speak, you have boldness and courage to proclaim His gospel with power and authority, even in the midst of lions. This was why, though the disciple weren't afraid when they were baptized in the holy spirit, immediately they went out with boldness telling about Jesus. Let us pray that we'd be given the desire and also guided by the holy spirit to yield our heart in obedience to be baptized in the holy ghost, because it's not just something you pray for, sacrifices are made also in obedience to the dealings of the holy spirit with you. It is the desire of true sons of God, even Jesus said: " pray that you receive the holy spirit." Let he that think he's standing, let him stand firm, lest falls. And when we've done everything to stand and have being baptized in the holy spirit, we shall walk with him, you'll hear from Him every day, the day you don't hear from him, you know something's wrong. How many of you have this desire? I pray God gives us the strength to do what it takes to get that spirit, what a wonderful experience it will be.
  14. Gamera! Yes - well, more the really really aggressive Gamera from "Legion". But yes... that Gamera! Of course, that scene was shot during the ACT III battle sequence against Gyaoss. Gamera is a little cautious, because he's aware every injury he gets, Stephen Seagal's daughter gets (sorry, can't remember her name). My sequel occurs when the Japanese self defense forces team up with someone from the CIA who need her to regain her link with Gamera. I think it's a really action packed script with lots of character development. Really cool moment when nerdy CIA guy forces her to stand on the beach and promise to stop making her uninterested daughter take the Gamera link. CIA GUY Say it with me... Asagi I can't... he doesn't want me... I'm a mother now... CIA GUY From before the dawn of time... say it Asagi It's not my place anymore CIA GUY It was always your place. Asagi from before the dawn of time... CIA GUY Go on... ASAGI Gamera... The waters boil and lift. GAMERA stands, 400 feet tall, towering. He nods to her. * * * * Can you see it? If you've seen the first two movies (second movie strongly crafted around Christian themes, BTW), you'll see the scene in your head.
  15. Zee


    I was just thinking, and I wonder if part of my problem may be confusing life with art... Most of us have probably experienced an intense, potentially life-threatening situation once or twice in our lives, but for those who have these experiences become habitual, the instinct is to dial back the tension, to survive mentally sound. I think I'm perhaps unconsciously doing this for my characters too, instead of turning up the heat as much as possible, which is what is required for the art form. We'll see what we can do. Ha ha!
  16. There's times when i feel like i have come to the last miles and i just can't go no further i have come to the end of the road, I Know there's a name above every name and that's God who sent his only begotten son to die for us that we shall live again and never die as long we know that his son Jesus Christ Died for our sins that we should have everlasting life. There are times when we don't believe because we don't see God in action. But I'm strong when i'm on my knees. When I'm weak God makes me strong. The Lord is my Strength and my Salvation, Who shall I fear And who shall i be afraid because he walks beside me and never leave me. He fights all of my Battles and he only ask me to do one thing and that to be still. He Deliverer me from all of evil doing. He protect my head when the Battles come. Keep your eyes on God face and he will protect you out of all of wrong doing. God call all of his children to bow down and worship him even in the storms because with him on our side we can't go wrong.
  17. Good stuff. Sometimes writers my company works with want to add histories to stories thinking the reader needs to know. Unless it's short, it usually gets cut.
  18. Thank you everyone for your replies. I read a lot of nonfiction, primarily historical. I think letting people know about human trafficking is important. Just by bringing it up in book form can help people.
  19. I think we all have a different idea of what it looks like to us. We are writers, or in the field of writing, but not all the same one. They are traditional publishers, traditional authors, indie authors, bloggers, technical writers, none fiction, and more. However, since you asked for personal ideas, I will share mine. I write about abuse victims and human trafficking. Bringing any kind of awareness to these subjects, giving people an idea of what victims go through, or helping victims is big to me!
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