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This group will be for - as the title suggests - books that we don't quite know how to categorize. For example, my writing is in the Christian romantic fiction section, but with added suspense to make it a bit more interesting. I call the genre [romantic fiction] but I usually add that there's also suspense in the story.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Okay, so for the foreseeable future (could mean all of today, add tomorrow, just this morning, I don't know) I have things I need to concentrate on more than EtS. Sorry.
  3. Well, they were never truly "mine" to begin with, so you can't steal them! LOL!
  4. Sounds reasonable enough. I might just "steal them from you". *blinks innocently* Who? Me?
  5. I know... It's actually really easy. I used Draft2Digital which is an aggregator that puts your ebooks up on a bunch of different places (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). They do take a small percentage of money out of your sales, but there aren't any up front costs. In other words, they only make money when you make money.
  6. It's a real shame vanity publishers even exist. People just want to make money and be rich and profit from others. That's the same reason I'm going to self-publish. If I can figure out how.
  7. You wouldn't have to pay a true traditional publisher to publish your book. The ones you pay are called "vanity publishers," and please stay away from them! I agree! One of the main reasons I self-published was because my books are too Christian for the Christian publishers...
  8. Well... You know how I "skipped ahead" earlier on? This is a continuation of that.
  9. I've been leaning towards that because I'd prefer not complicating my life with paying a publishing company to do it. Not to mention good Christian publishers are fewer and fewer.
  10. Wow! Excellent continuation! I've got a feeling some major suspense is coming very shortly!
  11. I don't think it's too soon to start thinking about that. But I can't decide for you whether you should go traditional or self-publish. All I can tell you is to do a bunch of research. There are a ton of discussions on this site about that topic, and the internet is loaded with them too. Personally, I self-published, and I don't have any regrets! It's been a lot of fun!
  12. March 1 "Ruth," he murmured in his kind--yet patronizing--tone, "you can't come with us any further. You've done your part showing us the way here. Stay hidden and let us handle him." Ruth opened her mouth to argue, but is was as if his hand on her shoulder pressed an invisible lever. Her lips closed with her saying a word. David's solemn expression told her he approved of her not saying anything. "We'll be back before you know it. I promise he won't hurt you anymore." Ruth couldn't help herself now. She flung her arms around David's muscular frame and squeezed tightly. "
  13. Okay. Next question. Should I e-publish or go the traditional route? Or is it too soon for me to think about that?
  14. Don't worry. So far, I've been nothing but encouraged here.
  15. Yes, you could. But you shouldn't! Please don't!!
  16. Well, I didn't say I would. Just that I COULD. ^_^
  17. It didn't work for me. It took me to a page that would create a new page for my website...
  18. I don't know if this link will work if you aren't a "follower" of my blogsite. But would you try it anyway- Just to see? https://wordpress.com/page/kskafecom.wordpress.com/439
  19. Don't be so sure about that. ^_^ I could always stop sharing what I write as I get it written. Lol
  20. Good! I'm holding you to that promise! You can't leave me hanging!
  21. I'll get there. I will. That's a promise. I want to know how it all goes down, too.
  22. Now I understand! You had me confused. Tell your imagination that it has to keep going! I need to know what happens!
  23. Well, I actually did something pretty close to what I usually do: Skipped the middle. I did get further into it from the beginning than ever before, but.... My imagination just feels like it's going stale.
  24. I didn't know you were that close to the end! I guess it wouldn't be too soon to have her feeling that way then.
  25. I did wonder if I was bringing up feelings too soon, even though it is close to the end. Well, maybe a couple of chapters away. I'll try and remember your advice for later.

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