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This group will be for - as the title suggests - books that we don't quite know how to categorize. For example, my writing is in the Christian romantic fiction section, but with added suspense to make it a bit more interesting. I call the genre [romantic fiction] but I usually add that there's also suspense in the story.
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  2. I'm glad I could help! And glad that you got do some writing! Oh man, good luck deciding on the beginning. I would probably prefer a little bit more before this, but it all depends on how much detail you give us here, and how quickly you explain things afterward.
  3. WOW!! That was super helpful!! I haven't shared much writing outside of my FB writers group, and even there I don't get too many comments. They've almost always been just as encouraging as you just were, though! Yes, it's a bit after we "meet them". I was so excited that I had written anything in so long that I went ahead and shared it. But you're right. There isn't much context to go by here. I'll need to start from the beginning. Unless... Maybe this is the beginning.... Hmm.
  4. I'm gonna guess that this is the middle of something that already happened? And we already know who these people (or at least something about them) and what's going on, which I'm intrigued by. When he mentally scolded himself for thinking "such a thing," I assume you mean for thinking about running his fingers through her hair, but I did hesitated, wondering if bandaging her up was what he was "scolding" himself for. Without any context whatsoever, I think it's okay. I'm intrigued of who they are and what's going to happen. He seems like such a gentleman and I hope that she's worthy of him. That said, I didn't quite get why he gasped at her eyes--it felt too dramatic for the moment (but maybe with more context that will make more sense?). Also, maybe this is just me because I'm very unobservant about things (so don't take this too personally) I feel it's unbelievable that he'd really see her eye color through only half opened eyes. Unless they were VERY bright. Or the light shined on them just perfectly? Anyway, those are my thoughts.
  5. Staring down at the pretty young woman laying on his couch, he realized she wouldn't get the rest necessary in such a noisy part of his cabin. There were only three enclosed rooms, and the living room wasn't one of them. Stooping to gather her frail form and the blanket covering her in his arms, he then carried her into his own room, choosing to allow her the actual room, and he would sleep on the couch. Even knowing it would be too short for his nearly six-foot length. Her wavy golden-brown hair made his fingers itch with wanting to run his fingers through the strands. But the gash on her forehead along the hairline stopped him. I should bandage her up, at least, he considered, mentally scolding himself for even [thinking] such a thing. Turning for the door--intending to do just that--he almost missed hearing the slight moan behind him. Spinning around at the feeble sound, he allowed himself to gasp at the sight of the glimmer of greenish-brown coming from her half-open eyelids. Another [moan]--scarcely more noticeable--left her [slightly-parted lips]--and the eyelids open just moments before drifts closed again. Should he wake her, or let her sleep longer? He couldn't decide which would be the best option. Finally resolving that sleep was the better choice, he quietly left the room after pulling the quilt back up to her chin.
  6. Would you please tell me - on a scale of 1 to 10 - how much you dislike me? I'll bet most are 10s.
  7. Great! I don't know what story to concentrate on right now. I've had so many ideas and I really think these stories deserve to be heard. Need to be read. *sigh*
  8. So I've made numerous "resolutions" over the last 10+ years to write a full novel(la) and get it published. I keep hitting "road blocks", but it hasn't completely stopped me. I hate to admit that I'm good at quitting, but I also keep trying. To be honest, I'm not actually entirely certain why that is. I asked on my Facebook page if anyone would be stunned if I get a book out this year. A few responses were enthusiastic (!), others were encouraging, and a few were actually both. But what do all of you think? Do you think I could get something out there this year? Or is it just a definitive failure? I won't be hurt if you don't think it'll happen. After all, I've been disappointing myself for years.
  9. It appears to me that my account on Goodreads.com was/IS useless.
  10. I admire your productivity KR. However, I would suggest maybe giving some thought to the heart of the story you are trying to convey and perhaps broaden out the range of people and places. If you are just experimenting and not actually trying to produce a cover for a particular book then these do the job in getting a handle on the technique of producing book covers. Two tips I read. 1) make sure the font clearly stands out from the background. 2) If the book is by an unknown author make the title bigger than the author's name because that is what will attract the potential reader. Established authors names are large on covers because they sell books due to a reader following who will buy their books solely on the fact it is written by them. (Or at least pick up the book to read the blurb - half the battle). Hope that helps.
  11. Not sure how to do this....copy&paste? https://christianwriters.com/topic/19468-ebook-covers/
  12. But I still have 3 titles. Different than before, but I like them pretty well. - Escape the Storm - Survive the Storm - Vanquish the Storm Still need the series title, though. IF I write it in trilogy format.
  13. I was able to recuperate a few titles, but I had over 100 on that list!!
  14. #1: Thanks! #2: that's about all I have. Usually in any story. Just the beginning. Maybe I should try writing the end first?
  15. Not sure why you started this here. You and I have never interacted. Maybe you can post these up in your own account? This topic in my group was going to be for my own covers. I'd appreciate it.
  16. YES! I had the list so I wouldn't have to remember them all. And with my horrendous memory, that's a very good thing!! But now....
  17. Just seeing this!! I actually did have it in trilogy format. Meaning simply I had three titles in mind that would go together. But I changed my mind and decided to keep things "simple".
  18. No, I mean change the name of Book Covers to include this one.
  19. I almost get a headache scrolling down....and down....and down....

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