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This group will be for - as the title suggests - books that we don't quite know how to categorize. For example, my writing is in the Christian romantic fiction section, but with added suspense to make it a bit more interesting. I call the genre [romantic fiction] but I usually add that there's also suspense in the story.

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  2. This is your club. You can't overdo it
  3. I would share more, but just that one bit was pretty long. I don't want to overdo it.
  4. I really like this part. God uses the things that happen to us for His glory. I know this. I've lived this. In those hard times, I didn't see it, but now, looking back, I've been able to talk to other people with a lot deeper understanding because I've been through similar hard times. And because of that, I'm able to point them to Him. He's doing the same thing in your life. He's going to use your writing. He probably already has. Keep at it There are people out there that He's prepared you to reach.
  5. I really appreciate that. Thank you! :D
  6. Oh yeah... something else I wanted to add... Your main character is so realistic! I can tell you put a lot of your experiences into her.
  7. Great job! The part about the raspberry flavored coffee was funny I must be like her mom... I can't imagine what it would taste like. Maybe if it had plenty of sugar... Amen! That's why we write! Looking forward to reading more!
  8. PARTS (G) · “You’ve no idea what it feels like to see so many people your age getting married and having their own kids. But you can’t have your own family because of health issues making it impossible to imagine for yourself.” Renee was uncertain about opening up to a virtual stranger online. However, it seemed to be going fairly well until this point. · Kathy Baley was older, more mature, wiser. They became friends on Facebook several months earlier when Kathy joined the coffee group she formed on her account. · “I’ve met some wonderful peeps on CDFF. But I see Damian there so often—I’m constantly feeling like no one actually wants me around.” No response from Kathy informing her she did the right thing—or not—was forthcoming. · “It was time for me to leave the site, anyway. It was getting too distracting.” Renee paused, reading Kathy’s reassuring reply before posting her own, following it with more. · “I appreciate your understanding and comforting words, Kathy. And in answer to your question, no, I don’t plan to go back. I just didn’t feel like I belonged all that much.” · Again awaiting her friend’s reply to appear in the message box, Renee took a sip of her now-favorite beverage. The Coffeenut Coffeehut existed because of her new-found love—make that “obsession”--for the hot beverage. Today smelling and tasting of raspberries. · It being a flavor her mother despised—and [hosting] a smell she claimed to be somewhat offensive—only Renee actually took pleasure in the red stuff. · Putting two or three drops in a cup—or a mug—before adding cream and filling it with hot brown liquid not only keeps Mom at bay, but it tastes pretty good, too. Renee smirked before gulping some more. Raspberry was an acquired taste, since she didn’t enjoy it very much at first. · It’s also a win-win, in my opinion. Renee smirked thinking of the way her mother often reacted any time she smelled or accidentally tasted the flavored coffee. Kathy’s commending words sent a little shiver of pleasure through her thanks, Kathy. I really appreciate you saying that. Renee stopped typing at this point, unsure of what else she could say to [convey] her gratitude. · Kathy is one of the few with whom I feel comfortable discussing these things. Renee lowered her eyes, [focusing] on the white keyboard. It needed cleaning, she decided. Several keys had [spots of brown] that had come from spewing coffee. · Later, she decided, I’ll do it after I’m done using my computer for the day. [Focusing] her attention once more on Kathy’s message, Renee read the most recent—another question. · “I’m keeping busy—trying to, anyway—by writing.” A pause before adding “I try to write, anyway.” An ellipse in the [box] told her Kathy’s response was being typed up. Before she could do anything to occupy her time, a lengthy message [popped into] the chat box. · Both comforting and confusing, she mused, perusing rapidly before settling in to [respond]. Her [response] came slowly as the words gradually dawned on her. · “Meeting him must have been a part of God’s plan. I just don’t know how.” Not knowing had proved to be a most unpleasant occurrence. Especially since experiencing her TBI. · At least I'm alive to possibly—and hopefully—make a difference. Reaching up, Renee fingered the ever-present lump on the back of the right side of her head. Telling her story—while sounding selfish, in her opinion—might very well move someone towards God. · Sudden [inspiration] made her place her hands on the proper keys and begin typing exactly what she just thought. Then, not wanting to discuss Damian anymore, she bid Kathy a quick farewell before closing the chat window. · Without bothering to do the same on her account “wall”, she rapidly closed the FB tab. Sitting back and sighing, Renee [reached] upward, giving her the appearance of [reaching] for the ceiling while stretching her tense muscles. · Groaning with relief as she [stretched] the tense [muscles] in her back, Renee glared at the computer’s [screen]. While she was logged on to the Internet, only her Gmail and Hotmail accounts actually occupied any space in the tabs. ============================================ · Feeling the need to [stretch] her back somewhat, Renee reached for the ceiling, even knowing she wouldn’t reach that height in her seated position. Or at all, really. She continued reaching as far up as she could manage, groaning as her tense muscles were used. Renee glared at the computer’s screen, · No, she decided before closing the window and disconnecting from the Internet. Starting up CDFF won’t help me one bit. I finally left the site fully intending to get over Damian and I completely [intend] on doing it. Moving the mouse’s pointer over the “x” in the top right corner, she clicked, selecting the “close all tabs” option. The Internet—with its myriad of entertaining and social [options]--vanished. · Letting out a sigh of relief having fought—and won—her first battle with the Internet, Renee sat back. · What should I do now? she asked herself. The Internet was her “escape” most days. But if the temptation was this strong, then maybe avoiding the Internet was what she needed to do. She might be able to get something constructive completed if she kept away. ·
  9. I honestly meant to do that. Sorry I forgot. Incoming....!!!
  10. I started writing this novel during Nanowrimo, but I didn't manage to complete it for a couple of reasons. The first is my overall laziness. Yes, I'm afraid I write and write and write, then erase and rewrite and delete. But I did get a bit of decent, novel-worthy words written down. I hope you won't mind that I share some of that here. Oh no! I had forgotten they don't allow Word files to be uploaded. 😕 Sorry. I'll figure something out.
  11. Joining is perfectly awesome!! That's one of my favorite words so you'll probably see me use it repeatedly. I will probably share some of the novel(la) soon. But I'm the paranoid type, so.... Sorry about that. And yes, I have heard that bit of advice before. But it was good to hear it again. A good reminder!
  12. Hi, I'm new here so I hope it's alright if I join in on the conversation. I am trying NaNoWriMo for the second time, and doing a lot better on this go. I too am embellishing my story, and tweaking it. My main character was becoming someone I didn't want her to be, so I do have quite a lot to rewrite, and I was almost halfway to my end-goal. One advice I have heard several times - and am sure you know it as well - is to write the story you would like to read. It seems to be a logical and wise advice. I'd love to hear more about your book.
  13. I've been "embellishing" (is that the right word?) quite a bit for this first book in a trilogy. I keep wanting to write it out fast and getting it over with. But I'm forcing myself to do more writing than I want because it will help enhance the part of the story that really did happen.
  14. Topic: Nanowrimo 2019 FAQ: Are you doing this challenge? Do you want to talk and share about why you are? If you aren't then why are you even here? I'd like to share bits of my Nano project. I've tried accomplishing Nano several times in the past. Each time was a dismal failure, but I like to think I've learned some from those times. I won't be sharing much because I want to keep it as a surprise when the story is over. Hopefully I'll accomplish that. But before I start sharing.... IS IT ALL RIGHT IF I DO?!
  15. I admit I'm getting pretty excited about Nano this time around. I used to think writing from start to finish was the only way I'd be able to write anything very well. But I've struggled with that over and over again. This time I'm trying something completely different and it's going ... dare I say it? Swimmingly. I've shared some of what I write with a few Facebook friends and they both have been quite enthusiastic about it. Cheers!
  16. I apologize for not posting here recently. However, I've been somewhat preoccupied and Nano just started. I've made more progress this year than ever before. I've attempted to do Nano five times in the past, but only managed to fail miserably. This year I started with the last chapter of the book I'm hoping to write this month. I actually finished it, and feel confident that I will do well in the coming days/weeks. Also, I'm updating my word count on Nano, but I haven't written all that I've claimed to. Yet. Days like today (I'm thinking) will be very beneficial for my writing. Though yesterday was a good day, too.
  17. I just thought of something for that cover. Not everyone writes historical stories. I know I never have. It could be a look back from today so not everything is set in the past. Like an interview or something.
  18. I think I posted a photo with about twenty or thirty covers on it a while back. If you can find it you can look at some of them there.
  19. For me, this would be one where a very rich couple loses some priceless jewelry and their son on the same day/night. It would show how they go from caring more about the jewels to their offspring. Well ... anyway.
  20. This one is mainly about having faith despite it all. At least to my way of thinking.
  21. I've seen that over the years. I've found writing to be therapeutic for the most part. When it's not frustrating me beyond imagination.
  22. Not always. It helps some people to write about difficult times.

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