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This group will be for - as the title suggests - books that we don't quite know how to categorize. For example, my writing is in the Christian romantic fiction section, but with added suspense to make it a bit more interesting. I call the genre [romantic fiction] but I usually add that there's also suspense in the story.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. I've been "embellishing" (is that the right word?) quite a bit for this first book in a trilogy. I keep wanting to write it out fast and getting it over with. But I'm forcing myself to do more writing than I want because it will help enhance the part of the story that really did happen.
  3. Topic: Nanowrimo 2019 FAQ: Are you doing this challenge? Do you want to talk and share about why you are? If you aren't then why are you even here? I'd like to share bits of my Nano project. I've tried accomplishing Nano several times in the past. Each time was a dismal failure, but I like to think I've learned some from those times. I won't be sharing much because I want to keep it as a surprise when the story is over. Hopefully I'll accomplish that. But before I start sharing.... IS IT ALL RIGHT IF I DO?!
  4. I admit I'm getting pretty excited about Nano this time around. I used to think writing from start to finish was the only way I'd be able to write anything very well. But I've struggled with that over and over again. This time I'm trying something completely different and it's going ... dare I say it? Swimmingly. I've shared some of what I write with a few Facebook friends and they both have been quite enthusiastic about it. Cheers!
  5. I apologize for not posting here recently. However, I've been somewhat preoccupied and Nano just started. I've made more progress this year than ever before. I've attempted to do Nano five times in the past, but only managed to fail miserably. This year I started with the last chapter of the book I'm hoping to write this month. I actually finished it, and feel confident that I will do well in the coming days/weeks. Also, I'm updating my word count on Nano, but I haven't written all that I've claimed to. Yet. Days like today (I'm thinking) will be very beneficial for my writing. Though yesterday was a good day, too.
  6. I just thought of something for that cover. Not everyone writes historical stories. I know I never have. It could be a look back from today so not everything is set in the past. Like an interview or something.
  7. I think I posted a photo with about twenty or thirty covers on it a while back. If you can find it you can look at some of them there.
  8. For me, this would be one where a very rich couple loses some priceless jewelry and their son on the same day/night. It would show how they go from caring more about the jewels to their offspring. Well ... anyway.
  9. This one is mainly about having faith despite it all. At least to my way of thinking.
  10. I've seen that over the years. I've found writing to be therapeutic for the most part. When it's not frustrating me beyond imagination.
  11. Not always. It helps some people to write about difficult times.
  12. #1: 5 covers that "go together" - at least in my own imagination. I just noticed the number 1 is last instead of first. 😕
  13. I'm going to start sharing book covers along with numbers so they can be more easily references. 😮
  14. I thought it was too difficult of a subject for them to write about. Not to mention getting those types of books in English is rather difficult. I hope I can get some church members' stories. I forgot to ask that when we were in the States last.
  15. Yeah, definitely. But you've got recorded interviews, diaries, and the books they've written.
  16. I guess you're right. Though aren't most of the men/women who served kind of ... old by now?
  17. I like your covers And you never know what God has planned for you in the future. Maybe you'll be able to put those skills you learned making the covers to use.
  18. You know, that's really not a problem. WWII wasn't all that long ago, and we've got plenty of first-hand accounts to learn from.
  19. Oh. Not to mention I have WAY TOO MANY book covers made. In essence, I wasted money to purchase photos and a photo-editing program. *shrugs*
  20. That's true. The problem with me of all people writing this type of story is that I've never, ever lived through something like this. Except in movies and other books. I'll think about it, though.
  21. You could always just have it from the heroine's POV only. That would avoid all the battle scenes and everything.
  22. Thanks. I don't think I'd ever be able to write a story that serious. I never get that involved in things to do with battles and wars. Not to mention those 2 are fairly distant. But I do think what you say works best. I wonder if any of my friends are writing a story like that? I'll ask.
  23. Both covers look great! I especially like Beyond These Shores. It's a good title too. I think the story could be something about WWI or WWII. Maybe the hero goes to fight overseas, leaving the heroine behind.
  24. As you might guess, this title is most-likely more suited for a book about daydreaming or endeavoring to leave one country for another located "across the way". Thoughts?

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