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This group will be for - as the title suggests - books that we don't quite know how to categorize. For example, my writing is in the Christian romantic fiction section, but with added suspense to make it a bit more interesting. I call the genre [romantic fiction] but I usually add that there's also suspense in the story.

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  2. My problem with The Shack is that it is presented as Christian fiction and horribly distorts Biblical doctrine. For that reason, I wouldn't recommend anyone reading it.
  3. Sorry, I have to disagree with you here. You are correct it does include 'new age' ideology, but it also includes Buddhism, Hinduism and a dollop of native American Indian beliefs. I would argue about the writer passing all of these off under the sole label of 'Christianity' (which he also alludes too). The main notions of a monological God, suffering and evil, & a paradise or Nirvana, is commonplace amongst many other religions so you could say he does under the disguise of Buddhism. I only offered it up as a possible read simply because the nature of the thread, not to advocate as a philosophy or theology
  4. Ah. I see what you're saying. I was trying to match the red in the water with the titles - and tie them altogether.
  5. I think the dark red is too dark. It's too hard to read.
  6. Thanks. These were fairly early on after I first obtained Photoshop. They are better-looking than most I had made before getting it. I'm honestly not sure what you mean about the titles not showing. Perhaps I could have added a drop shadow behind the words. It's too late now. I don't have Photoshop any longer and can't alter them without it. *shrugs* Thanks, @HK1
  7. Size is fine.The first and second ones are rather dark and the titles don't show up very well. But actually a nice job.
  8. I've thought about reading/watching The Shack, but never have gotten around to it. It's not too available around here, anyway. @HK1, thanks for the warning. I usually watch "Christian" tv or movies assuming they probably won't be too close to the real thing. Except for the Left Behind series starring Kirk Cameron and now Sherwood Pictures.
  9. @KR LaLonde, I wouldn't read The Shack. I've heard some really bad stuff about it. It's basically a bunch of New Age writings disguised as Christianity.
  10. Those are nice! You've done a great job on them!
  11. I wish I could make these show up smaller. I feel as if I'm slapping people by sharing them so big. They're in the wrong order, though. Sorry about that. Oh. I guess they aren't that big after all.
  12. It has been done before but that does not mean you shouldn't. My advice would be to 1st be clear about who and what your non-believe is. Are they an agonist or atheist? Were they brought up in a religious home (and if so which religion - it does not necessarily have to be a christian household - even if it was - which denomination or church tradition?) or not. There are plenty of books written that challenge the existence of God as well as one by people who were non-believers who came to faith. If they are to convince or try to convince their christian partner then you as the writer will need to be clear about what their argument is against Christianity and how they make their choice attractive enough for the christian character to potential be swayed by it. If you have not read it I recommend The Shack - which does this very well using several religions including Christianity to create a kind of Nirvana. Research is going to be key to this story. Good luck with it.
  13. So, a writer friend of mine on Facebook and I are discussing this. We might write it together. Co-authors of a Christian romance. The two of us. Wow.
  14. A new idea came to mind. It's not something "normal" for a lot of people today. But IMO it's fairly open to any and all who wish to participate. Marriage between a Christian and a non-believer. Except in this story, the Christian resists. What do you think?
  15. Well, I've been hesitant to write in this story (don't ask me why because I don't know). I've even considered an alternative title for it: Dating a Computer. You'd understand better if I would write and get the story moving. Also, this will be a stand-alone title (whether I change it or not). The trilogy just isn't working out. I might change my mind when I've written more, but right now I don't see the trilogy happening. Even though I did come up with a fairly decent title for it. The third book has a title, as well. The second one is giving me some trouble. I'm not exactly sure why.
  16. Wow. Just ... WOW!! I have so much to do!! First I need to read what I've already posted so what I write after that will make sense. Then I have to write it. Then I have to post it. Then I'm sure you know what comes next: w-a-i-t-i-n-g. I seriously want to continue this story! 100%!!
  17. Something strange I've noticed--.... What was I going to say? *yells at self (in her head) trying to remember*
  18. First of all, GOOD DAY TO YOU! Unless it's after 12pm. Then I'll say GOOD AFTERNOON or GOOD EVENING!! Secondly, I'd like to again say I hope to participate here more often. I'll admit, though, it's not always an easy thing to do because I usually think what I write is closer to trash than worth keeping. Although I usually keep it anyway because I'll remember what not to write. Thirdly, I am going to try very hard to have something worth sharing written by the end of this week. That's Saturday, by the way.
  19. So I've been rather absent when it comes to interest for ETS. But today, I did make something that I'm hoping will reinvigorate my inspiration for this novella. Let me know what you think of my emoji-made chapter 1.
  20. A story about figuring out just how truly miraculous life is. [Name Name] watched surreptiously as the [Jones] family filed into the pew ahead of her. A smile of sad [acceptance] tilted her lips when the four-year-old boy stood and faced her. His once neatly [coiffed], dark brown hair now apppeared [tussled]. Small stains spotted his formerly clean white shirt, as if staying clean defied logic. [Name] chuckled as inwardly as she could manage, covering her mouth with her fingers while attempting to silence herself. The toddler laughed - quite loudly, moving up and down as if exercising. His toothy grin [tickled her funny bone] still more. She allowed herself another laugh - out loud this time. [Mrs. Jones] twisted in her seat, sending [Name] a glare of reproach before taking hold of her son and forcing him around and into a sitting position. [Name]'s mirth left her as quickly as it came. There goes brief entertainment. It happened every week, seeing as the Jones family always occupied the [pew] directly in front of her. And she wasn't moving from "her spot". She was far too comfortable there. Not to mention they started coming after she had settled in. The toddler - she didn't even know his name - again twisted around, fighting his mother's [admonishments] and attempts at seating him again. [Name]'s mouth twitched at the way he continued fighting the woman, fussing at her parental scolding. "He's all right," NAME whispered, leaning forward so as to be heard. Mrs. Jones scowled, shaking her head. She didn't even bother giving an explanation for her response.
  21. This is your club. You can't overdo it
  22. I would share more, but just that one bit was pretty long. I don't want to overdo it.
  23. I really like this part. God uses the things that happen to us for His glory. I know this. I've lived this. In those hard times, I didn't see it, but now, looking back, I've been able to talk to other people with a lot deeper understanding because I've been through similar hard times. And because of that, I'm able to point them to Him. He's doing the same thing in your life. He's going to use your writing. He probably already has. Keep at it There are people out there that He's prepared you to reach.
  24. I really appreciate that. Thank you! :D
  25. Oh yeah... something else I wanted to add... Your main character is so realistic! I can tell you put a lot of your experiences into her.

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