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A group dedicated to those who enjoy reading/writing and sharing Christian poetry - covering all themes, eg. praise, hope, love, forgiveness, encouragement, God's creation, daily life ...the list goes on) ~ Free verse or rhymed ~ all abilities welcome. A place to discuss past, present, upcoming projects too!
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Grey_Skies, this a wonderful, uplifting poem. Extra so. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Great! Poem. Enjoyable to read. Thank you for the positive message that is God, within the strife around us.
  4. In this present world filled with darkness and sin I turn to the Scriptures and promises therein And find all of God’s love and mercy displayed to see And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!” This era is filled with hate and violence and crime But all of this is happening within God’s time Events unfolding like prophecies across the land and sea And all I can say is, “Extraordinary!” He loves each rotten sinner upon this turning sphere And so He will tarry until the time that all will hear His grace covers all my transgressions, cov
  5. Wow, this is really, really good!
  6. This poem is about a time very long ago. When a naïve young man married someone who turned out to be manipulative and selfish. After four years, it ended in divorce and was one of the worst times of my life. Here is how it ended, and what happened next. Married for a couple of years, never happy and full of tears. Vows made, what could I do? Just had to keep pushing through. It was tragic; I didn't know the day she wanted me to go. I had done nothing wrong; I wondered where it all came from. It happened out of nowhere; I was off my guard, so unaware. S
  7. Wonderfully deep poem! I believe many of us can relate. Thanks for Sharing
  8. Love this! Lilies are indeed beautiful flowers.
  9. Definitely gifted in this style of poetry. Don't give up your gift here.
  10. There is much depth in your work, and I appreciate it.
  11. This poem was about a wilderness experience that I went through where I felt so distant from God and my desperation to reconnect with Him. As a mature and experienced Christian, it was such a confusing and contrasting time to struggle with the very nature of faith and pursing God. I have never ever doubted the existence of God, in fact that is the only thing I have always been 100% certain of. But having that assurance since I was young and not knowing what it is like to not know God, makes living a faithful life sometimes challenging to keep it honest, genuine and new because as human beings
  12. Body on earth, yet the spirit is in heaven.
  13. Beautifully done. You are truly an artist.
  14. Writing poetry A spiritual experience Nothing owed To empirical science. The Holy Spirit Moving inside As words and thoughts Onto paper glide A poem born An earthly mother Heavenly Father Poems are My little brood Feeding off Of spiritual food. God and me And our little family Of Poetry
  15. Thank you Donald. Helps us in our seeking strength and guidance from the Lord today.
  16. Love this...I have been crying to the Lord about the waiting game. Thank you for this.
  17. I like your poem, Donald! Thanks for sharing with us!
  18. Lilies of the Field I’m waiting for You. It would take a miracle, I know. But You are prone to such things, even though I am not deserving. Know that I ask this, not for myself, but for those who might not know to ask. I’m waiting for You, knowing it will all be in Your time, not mine. Still, You know of my impatience. Consider the little ones, those who matter most. But in suggesting that You don’t hear them, have I myself become deaf?
  19. Guest


    Hunger. For the high. Time goes by What will I do Guilt inside Pretending to cry How will I move The answer was yes, in this test for you are my child you've been so fooled as they take all the possessions from you
  20. But a simple shepherd, Leading my sheep o'er barren hills toward town. Who could have known how life would change When the angels above shone down? But a simple shepherd, Listening as the angels did entreat. I made my way toward old Bethlehem, A young family there to greet. But a simple shepherd, I peered into the stable, Come to see a little babe, lain 'tween horse and sheep. Who could have known how the world would change By this babe so fast asleep? But a simple shepherd, Ne'er one to open mouth to preach. How could I not go with new
  21. Hi everyone! I was invited to post some of the poetry, the Lord gave me to write. I haven't been able to spend much time online lately, but was more than happy to share what the Lord has given. God bless you all always! Breathing in all the air around me, seeing as far as my eyes can see. The beauty and reality of all God’s creation, takes my breath away as I see its daily fruition. Breathing in each day that He’s given to me, shows His love in my life and how to be free. Even when Jesus surrendered His last breath, th
  22. By and large, I've gone through an extensive period of time of limited writing. And for some odd reason, it has not been an uncomfortable interlude. There's much in the Scriptures that has been jumping off the page, convicting the heart, and refocusing/reshaping the mind. This, of course, affects all of one's life. I find the reset refreshing, and a sense of new purposes is emerging . . . There has been a poetry reaching toward the page Felt between the tree bark of Blue Ridge forestry, Windstruck words defying print—who copyright’s the heart? Yet, shall I

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