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A group dedicated to those who enjoy reading/writing and sharing Christian poetry - covering all themes, eg. praise, hope, love, forgiveness, encouragement, God's creation, daily life ...the list goes on) ~ Free verse or rhymed ~ all abilities welcome. A place to discuss past, present, upcoming projects too!
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  2. In the sheer calm of midnight, Beneath a thousand stars And the red eye of Mars: Upward creeps a subtle light Like many wan fusing scars. Silent frost-light of the North, A pale, peculiar green Ris’n in the dark, unseen: Hid from the earthly eyes, seeps forth A strange and iridescent sheen. High above the sleeping plain, Beneath the blazing host This eerie, gliding ghost A sheet, like glimmering rain Delicately strong and vast. A soft, mysterious light Pale, yet fiercely gleaming Far, thou
  3. Awww, sad but sweet. Touching poem indeed.
  4. She gave me her heart so long ago To keep it safe To help it grow But she was young And I was broken Her heart slipped through my hands I picked up many other things Kids and work and drink in between There were no dreams just responsibility Her heart slipped through my hands and twenty years a scarecrows life Wandering heartless chasing light Lost in the shadows and staying there Her heart slipped through my hands And now I see its form below the beats are
  5. This is very powerful. Each phase from surprise, despair, and uncertainty through hope and healing adds depth and expresses the experience well. I'm genuinely sorry you had to walk through this. I am grateful for where you ended up. Peace.
  6. "The Peace Maker" by Sandy Kay Slawson "Peace in the middle, Of the storm. Peace when life, Crumbles around you. Peace when sickness, Steals your health, Or the health of someone, You love. Peace in the face, Of Hate. Peace through, Grief and sorrow. Peace through, The pain of loss. Peace when all, Around you, Is chaos and, Doubt and Fear. Peace unfathomable. Peace unimaginable. Internal peace, Eternal peace, This world cannot, Offer, Cannot comprehend. Pe
  7. A beautiful picture of The Bridegroom with His bride. His perfection and her imperfection was a great contrast.
  8. Wow, I enjoyed this poem! As Leah already said, you provided splendid imagery. I can see how you're showing me that we as the church wait and wait for so long but tend to lose hope, until one day He comes. Praise God for that day!!
  9. The first trumpet played its note, As morning came from dawn, Men with furry leopard coats, Ready for the sword to be drawn. Up in the Church the bells ring, To praise God’s mighty power, As Poles come from the mountain to sing, To save the forgotten tower. [For me, the best 8 lines--such telling imagery. I keep reading and re-reading them. Memorably well done.
  10. Ah, no. As the title says, this battle took place in 1683, and I looked up that Winkelreid lived during he 1300's, I think. The commanders in this battle were, (On the Turkish side) Kara Mustafa, and, (On the Austrian and Polish side) King Leopold VI and Jan Sobieski. And yes, I had to look some of that up.
  11. I really love the imagery, in this poem, and the contrasts you formed. I also liked how you never actually mentioned that it is a picture of Christ and ourselves/his church, but the reader knows.
  12. She had waited too long The dress that was white and flowing Was now stained and torn The hem ripped and stepped upon Dirty Her face once full of joy Was streaked with tears Her hair once smooth and without tangle Was now knotted and without form Her eyes once clear and full of promise Were downcast and empty Her gaze met only her feet Calloused and swollen Her heart once leapt at His thought Now beat in trepidation Her breath once eager to meet His Now caught in shallow hesitation It was her wedding day
  13. Absolutely beautiful. Stirred emotion and resolve. Wonderful.
  14. I don't know for sure...So many battles in world history. XD Is that the battle with Arnold Winkelreid in it?
  15. A very intense mind visual picture poem of what of these battles were like. My mind drifted over to Jericho, and Ai, in the book of Joshua for example. A very well thought out and captivating poem!
  16. Oh yes, I love history! Ever heard about the battle of Vienna?
  17. Beautifully done! Reminds me of Sam's speech in Lord of the Rings, light shining brighter when all is dark. Encouraging and deep.
  18. WOW!!!! You like history then, eh? This is an amazing poem! Well done! I liked it, even though I haven't had a history lesson in nearly over a year!
  19. I have just recently joined this club, and I would love to share a poem with ya'll. Kinda long, so be prepared. 1683 Gregory Woods Smoke rose to the skies, Approaching the strong gates, Heathens full of lies, And with their deeds they hate. The smoke passed the hills, And beyond the forest, The smoke, ready to kill, Heathens siege the fortress. Soldiers stand alone, On the shining stone walls, Having the fact known, That Vienna shall fall. The cannons struck the walls, And fallen
  20. Such depth and accuracy in describing the heavens, and the Maker of all of it! Nice job!
  21. Thank you so much!!! I don't have a how. I just feel it. I have since I was a little girl, I think.

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