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A group dedicated to those who enjoy reading/writing and sharing Christian poetry - covering all themes, eg. praise, hope, love, forgiveness, encouragement, God's creation, daily life ...the list goes on) ~ Free verse or rhymed ~ all abilities welcome. A place to discuss past, present, upcoming projects too!
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  2. Jesus used this pattern alot. What is meant by world. What is meant by good. I find a lot of help in quickly understanding the thought by asking myself what I mean by good, and then asking what does God mean by good. The meaning I found very helpful for me (in the greek) is the definition: high birth. Does high birth mean Christian birth, born again...so then I look at my phrase 'most men are good'; in a poem the phrase may and can take on lots of poetic nuances. But basically, if the word means high birth, we have a general working definition that is mostly in accord with many, many biblical
  3. Thank you for the bible lesson.
  4. Yes I agree, broad is the road to destruction, enter by the narrow gate, just bringing that to light make people wonder ask question how can this be
  5. Oh ok... well I saw this and thought I'd mention a few Bible verses to think about in regards to this statement. This is often the misconception and the general view of the world, that most people are good people. If you ask any stranger in the street if they think of themselves as a good person I think nearly all people would say yes. But keeping this in mind, from a Christian perspective, we really aren't good people at all. The Bible tells us a few things that shows that without God we are corrupted by sin and we are unable to be good by ourselves or by d
  6. Anyone get the Karen to brenda line?
  7. I am saying how can this be. Most people believe they are good. Myself included maybe I need to look inward at myself, if I am so good why my world look like this, and realize I am not that good. Then it goes on to some of the things I am doing wrong push buttons instead flip pages, and so on
  8. I wondered that also, Amosathar. And only because there are varied meanings for the word world. I was more enthralled by the beauty in the other lines that I hadn't had time to go to this 'wonder' yet. So many good lines in this work that could be made into poems of good writing. (That idea about the mirror took me back to a book I wanted to write about "The Crooked Mirror"...wow...and what it takes just to save the one in the clear mirror...yes, so much good in that line for me. Thank you, Mattaz777)
  9. I'd like to know what you meant by this line?
  10. Thank you. I took what you said to heart so I am working on my wording. Thank you again, you and the other writers here inspire me to write better.
  11. 'If he is with you, he cannot be with me.’ Great line, mattaz777, Sam here 'Tell if someone is happy by the corners of their mouth' 'What if the treasure was hidden in us?' 'We should worry about saving the man in the mirror.' (I see whole poems in these lines. Very good wordage. I'm inspired, Mattaz: especially the third one on this short list: What if the treasure was hidden in us? Love it immensely.)
  12. "The Kingdom of Heaven is like, a treasure hidden in a field." The world is evil, but most people are good. Touch more buttons than flipping pages. Choose to hear deception than see the truth of his word. Fill our vessels up, conversing faithlessly, About the people we know. Smell the dead as they pile up. The devil couldn't stop falling from Heaven. If he is with you, he cannot be with me. Only God is omnipresent; maybe the problem is us. Choose to embrace the beautiful people, Instead of the one who loves us. Karen is still mad
  13. I do writing practices everyday. One asked for "a I am a --" statements from our book characters. I tried to be poetic as I had my grieving character Thaddaeus compare himself to nature. Thaddaeus’s I am statements Beginning of book I am a frog in a dry pond. When I croak, my cry sounds like a choking sparrow, a series of shrill squeaks and sputtering. I burrow deep into the dirt seeking lifesaving moisture and bury myself in silence as I wait for the rain. Middle of book I am the confusion of April. Sudden storms with lightning and thunder cursin
  14. You paused the world. To take the time For me to get to know you, That is amazing since you are the creator And I am a nobody, You made the sun and moon in just four words I struggle to get through a single day, I hear the T.V. preacher talking about how to be better That is incredible since this man never had to struggle a day in his life With his four-year degree paid for by mommy and daddy, That is enough about him being cheesy with his perfect family Talking about how much they love thee Walking past the man on the sidewalk with h
  15. The storms will come The wind will blow Lightning will strike But when the dust clears, I will be standing My health may fade My money will vanish My family may pass But when the dust clears, I will be standing Dreams will expire Hope will cease Love is lost But when the dust clears, I will be standing Friends will vacate Justice will fail Problems will arise But when the dust clears, I will be standing Standing on my rock Is where I will be With my Savior Jesus standing n
  16. I concur with Grey-Skies: How can I love you so much...(very nice movement; a triple play, to me.)
  17. Nice job, and I totally relate. This is kinda weird, but you posted this free verse poem today, and today is my dad's birthday! You might want to make sure to get the apostrophes in here and here Otherwise, great job. The lines I relate to the most are Now that is just spot-on.
  18. Hey father, me again I know it been five minutes since I needed you again I know I talk a lot It just the fact that you are my best friend Sometimes it is like you did not even hear My cries for help during the struggle Sorry I get angry when you feel so distant Making me feel like I am on my own to face life's troubles As I vent my frustrations, heartaches, and let downs I unleash the blame on you with the words Spoken by the tears that drop from my eyes How can I love you so much want to please you so much and let you dow
  19. Just got back from fishing. Sent you an email just now. Sorry, am a little bit behind.
  20. HI Mr. Dumas I sent you a message on this website on your page giving u my email. Wondering if you received it? I do not have the gram, or Facebook lol seriously. Thank you again for your powerful encouraging words.
  21. Very good. Refeshing to me. Never been here before. I find the presentation very intriguing owing to the beauty that can be found in each of the words displayed. Powerful, what is happening.
  22. A- Always B- Be C- Christ D- Delivered E- Everyone F- For G- God H- Holy I- In J- Jesus K- King L- Lord M- Messiah N- N O- O P- People Q- Question R- Righteousness S- Saved T- Truth U- U V- Victory W- With X- X Y- Y Z- Zion
  23. Ps. if others want to know what 'else' I saw, and 'why' I saw them, I would invite you to ask Matt if he can share. (or if I may share things.)
  24. If you facebook me (Sam Dumas) I will give you my email address through messenger. From there you can ask more of my thoughts, and we can dialogue more, as we have time. My aim is to teach a free class in future, or at best give to others some of my many secrets re: writing.
  25. That has to be the greatest compliment I have ever received! Thank you. Yes, I would like to know the rest. I was so nervous about posting it, but so glad I did. Thank you so much!
  26. Very many lines I liked in this poem. Full and heavy with imagery that promises more... I see several good lines that would spark lines of thought for several additional poems. The gift one writer has is the the gift one writer sees in another. There is for certain power in this poem. Thank you for being the person who wrote it and shared it with us out here. (You are indeed a writer. It takes one to know one. The first five lines are five worthy themes I would give as examples of the 'several'. More, if you wanted to know the rest.)

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