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A group dedicated to those who enjoy reading/writing and sharing Christian poetry - covering all themes, eg. praise, hope, love, forgiveness, encouragement, God's creation, daily life ...the list goes on) ~ Free verse or rhymed ~ all abilities welcome. A place to discuss past, present, upcoming projects too!

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  2. My life is worth the fight to find healing One the enemy is intent on stealing I won't go down without a fight Pushing forward with all my might Until the day all the pain is far from my sight I'll keep going until the blessed end because I've seen the light
  3. HK1

    New View

    Amen! Great poem!
  4. Love

    New View

    Amen. This is me, after years of walking in the valley of shadows, I'm finally seeing the light! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I can start to see the light shine through Giving me a whole new view Of this life I've been given Which keeps me driven Knowing there's a purpose Just beyond the surface And there's nothing in this life to fear As long as my Lord is near
  6. When the black dust clears I can see beyond just those years I'm in the present No longer full of resent I see beyond the clearing There's more to life than what I've been mirroring Gods helped me to see both sides Understanding of how the past and present collides. Now I'm recieving His token As each word pours out and is spoken Every breath I keep heeding For a life I'm still needing Continuing on in His name Pushing beyond what suffering I must proclaim
  7. Love

    The Dark

    Hi Niki, Wow! This poem is powerful. I write my best poems when I am sad, pouring out my heart to God. He hears your heart cries. Blessings, Elle
  8. Couldn't decide if I wanted to give the like emoji or the sad emoji... beautifully portrayed. Just remember, "Nearly all God's jewels are crystalized tears." Despite how it feels, He's got you!
  9. Hi MaryAnn. Thank you for your kind words. This poem was written from a place of deep emotional turmoil. When I can't sleep at night this pours out of me.
  10. Thank you for your kind words
  11. My soul is lost It's stuck between now and then What was and what now isn't Yet the sorrow carries on It lingers in my mind I feel the pain within my body Yet it is not now it is then Still I feel it It reroutes through my veins Entering forcefully through my body Ravaging my heart Bellowing through my core Leaving a black dust as it scars and leaves its next score
  12. Hi, Nikki, You have a gift for poetry. Please tell me more about your poem--what inspired it, when you wrote it. Blessings, MaryAnn
  13. Thank you, Nikki, for your poem! There's been many a time that I've been able to relate to these words. Blessings on your continued writing adventures!
  14. My thoughts race back and forth I have no peace I long for something Which I can not have A joy that is not within my reach A peace that doesn't exist A song without lyrics A poem without words Silence and darkness envelope the sky I am weakend by its strength I have succumed to the taunting The lies resinate as truth When His light doesn't shine through I'm left in the dark
  15. Thanks for responding
  16. A very touching poem, Chuck. Thank you for sharing it.
  17. Was it the nails that pierced his wrists and feet, Or maybe the spear that punctured his side? Was it the cruel words that echoed in his ears, Their shouts to crucify, crucify? Maybe it was his gasping for breath, Or his thirst, Or his breaking heart. Whichever of these it may have been, I’m pretty certain that I played a part In why someone so innocent, so good, So young had to die? I am quite sure that I know why. They scourged him and mocked him And stripped this man. I looked away, only to see his blood on my hands. Naked and bleeding and paraded by men. He carried the cross. He buried my sin. As I look more closely, I finally see. It’s not what really killed Jesus, but who? It was me.
  18. OK. First of all, let me say that I am not an expert on poetry. I will simply share some things I have learned along the way, both from formal education and from writing my own poetry. Let's start with the sonnet. The sonnet is one of the oldest and best recognized poetic forms. It is a 14-line poem with variations in its rhyme scheme. It originated in Italy and then was brought to England in the 16th century. The word "sonnet" comes from the Italian word "sonetto", which means "a little song." The sonnet usually focuses on a single emotion or theme. In its two closing lines, it presents a twist on that emotion or theme. There are three main types of sonnet: the Petrarchan sonnet (also called the Italian sonnet), the Spencerian sonnet, and the Shakespearean sonnet. The Petrarchan sonnet takes its name from the Italian poet Francesco Petrarca (commonly known as Petrarch) who perfected this type of sonnet. The Petrarchan sonnet divides the 14 lines into a group of 8 lines called an octet and a group of 6 lines called a sestet. The rhyme scheme for the first 8 lines is ABBAABBA. The rhyme scheme for the last six lines is either CDCDCE or CDECDE. An example of a Petrarchan sonnet would be Elizabeth Barrett Browning's famous poem, "How Do I Love Thee?" The second type of sonnet is the Spencerian sonnet. This type of sonnet was developed by the poet Edmund Spenser. It is divided into three stanzas of 4 lines each followed by a couplet (a two-line stanza). The rhyme scheme for the Spenserian sonnet is ABAB BCBC CDCD EE. The third type of sonnet is called the Shakespearean sonnet. This sonnet is written in iambic pentameter, which means 10 syllables to each line. The rhyme scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet is a bit challenging: ABAB-CDCD-EFEF-GG. I hope you will be inspired to write a sonnet--or more than one--of your own! Here is a Shakespearean sonnet I wrote years ago and that has been published several times: Be Still by Mary Ann Diorio Be still, My child, and know that I am God, The everlasting Counselor and King. Receive the comfort of My staff and rod, And all your cares and burdens to Me bring. Lift up your eyes unto the hills above And find the peace and help I long to give. Be ever mindful of My gracious love, And know that by My power you shall live. For in the day you sought Me, I was found, And in the day you called, I heard your prayer. And when at night you wept, I heard the sound And wiped away the tears of your despair. Be still, My child, and know that I am He Who holds you in His heart eternally. © 1992 by MaryAnn Diorio, PhD. All rights reserved. This poem is protected by federal and international copyright law and may not be published or reproduced in any way, including in church bulletins, without the written permission of Dr. MaryAnn Diorio. Copies may be made for personal use.
  19. I like your poem. Thank you for sharing!
  20. Thanks so much, MaryAnn. I believe I recently visited your website. Very impressive! Blessings to you as well!
  21. Welcome, Chuck! I'm fairly new here, too. Blessings on your writing. MaryAnn
  22. Hi, everyone! My name is Chuck. I've been a member of ChristianWriters for a couple of years, and just decided to join this Poetry Club. I typically write nonfiction, devotions mostly. I've had several published. I'm looking forward to reading the poetry in this group and perhaps even submitting some of my own. Thanks so much for having me!
  23. As a flat, narrow, gently curved seam, I wend my way between sea and land, I keep the two apart, it seems to me, as I try to mediate their dispute. On the one side the so called cottages: huge homes with expansive lawns. On the other, the sea drubbed rocks. The wind blown sands continually cross me to meddle with the properties. The homes drop rocks to staunch the sea's flow. I provide a middling path for those who cannot afford the homes or the wave spearing boats; who can only walk the fine line between luxury and Davy Jones' Locker. Grandparents bring their grandchildren to an appreciation of the ocean's elegance and the homes' beauty, the sea's violence and the houses' interior rot. I keep my vigil though my efforts to reconcile the two are, it seems to me, futile.

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