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A Club dedicated to writings which are in the style of the Old English King James (Elizabethan English) Feel free to stop by and develop your own voice. Poetry, Praises, or a place to talk (so long as ye are willing to carry a conversation in an old dialect.) Anything goes, but the goal is fun and learning for all!

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  2. That's cool! For those unfamiliar with the word, pronounced broo-ee
  3. I've actually heard this used a few times in the phrase "it was bruited about," meaning "it was said," or "people are saying." Like "it was bruited about that she would run for office."
  4. Bruit is apparently the old English word (from the French) for "Rumor". The word still exists today in medicine, when you suspect someone has a small hole in their artery or veins (if I understand that part correctly).
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