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What Is Given Up




King Ahasuerus (Xerxes I)

When blessing us, some sovereigns
would yield up to half of their reign.*
Yet, we have the right of an Esther beloved
to ask for the fullness of the Kingdom of God.**

King Herod Antipas

When cursing us, some enthroned
would give half of what they own.***
Yet, we have the right of a fervent John
to immerse our hopes beyond martyrdom.****

The Prince of this World (Satan)

When tempting Christ, the Deceiver
would offer up the kingdoms to our Redeemer.+
Yet, Adonai had the right to lay a full siege,
overcoming, by the Word, the wily, evil liege.

King Yeshua

When saving us, our King
gladly gave up all royal reckoning.++
Now, we have the right of a centurion +++
to trust in the Savior, love's criterion.

Saints before the King

When praising Christ our King,
we will surrender reward-crowns before Royalty.^
Then, with the right of called children,^^
we shall thank Abba among many brethren.^^^

* Esther 5:3; Esther 5:6: Esther 7:2
** Luke 11:13
*** Mark 6:23-24
**** Luke 7:28
+ Matthew 4:8-11
++ Philippians 2:5-8
+++ Matthew 8:5-11
^ Revelation 4:9-11
^^ 1 John 3:1-2
^^^ Romans 8:29



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