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Rejoicing within is like a dance.

One urges we give the floor a chance.

Timbrel, harp, cymbals, guitar,

form music unlike ours,

play in the ordinary people,

the people who rejoice.


We will close a like-minded circle,

move in shouldered melody,

clap about God’s grace and inspiration,

shout at each other’s cue with glee.


Rejoicing in the Lord is like a dance,

where gratitude leads happiness.

This warmth some may call a feeling.

Yet, there’s no time for introspection,

because new life is reeling,

dancing in the ordinary people,

the people who rejoice.


The Sons of Korah band sings a beautiful rendition of Psalm 56,

which begins with David calling out to the Lord for help.   There

is a rejoicing transition to trust in the Lord starting with 4:05 in

this song:


Sons of Korah:  Psalm 56

Edited by Ragamuffin_John

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A very good reminder to rejoice over the tiny things we sometimes take for granted. You are right, rejoicing leads to happiness.

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