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The Courtroom~Original

Emily Waldorf


After listening to a sermon on Zechariah 3:1-6 I had to write this poem.


In the courtrooms of the earth

The judge is sweated high,

With the court spread out before him:

Witnesses of foul deeds

Whose voice the ruler heeds;

And the jury set before him.


In the place of least repute

The man accused stands by:

His accuser stands before him,

Whose words are true: they are just,

And heed them justice must:

Plain is the law spread before him.


The lawyer of the guilty

Stands up and starts to say:

“He is false who has accused him.

“No such doing has he done,

“You seek a different one”—

Though his crimes bear out before him.


A courtroom’ set in heaven

And the Judge exalted high:

My accuser stands before Him.

My sins attest foul deeds

In justice He must heed:

All my crimes are spread before him.


The Accuser speaks the truth:

In guiltiness stand I.

This he pleads before Him.

When the Just One starts to rise

I sink beneath His eyes

For my sin spreads out before Him.


He opens His holy mouth,

I hear Him start to say,

“I am the Lord, I rebuke him.

“Though these deeds by you are done,

“You are My chosen one”—

Though my guilt is plain before Him.


I am pardoned, I am clean!

I hear the echoes say,

“It is finished!” laid all on Him.

I am in His garments dressed,

He’s taken all the rest,

And he stands me, pure, before Him!

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