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The Holy Spirit and the Seed


Many Christians fail to realize how the Holy Spirit is involved in the salvation experience.  They believe that the main ministry of the Holy Spirit is post-conversion.   For example, Christians look at the gifts of the Spirit as the empowering of the saint to represent and display Jesus’ ministry.   While that is true, they fail to understand the Holy Spirit’s role in conversion.  A Study of the Scriptures will show that the word “seed” is synonymous with the Word.   In the parable of the sower, Jesus illustrated that the seed was the Word of God. (Luke 8:11)  The Holy Spirit takes the “incorruptible” Seed (Word) and plants it in the heart of man. (I Peter 2:23)  He then waters and cultivates the seed.  This revealing of the Word draws the individual to acknowledge his sinfulness and the love of Jesus.  Many new converts tell of an inner drawing that brought them into the realization of God’s love.  The Holy Spirit prepares the way for Believers to share (water) the Word.  Many people find it very difficult to lead someone to Jesus.  The reason is they have failed to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. 


There are times when the Holy Spirit will use Believers to be the seed sower.  They will plant the seed and someone else will water and cultivate it, but it is always done under the tutorship of the Holy Spirit. (I Corinthians 3:6)  Too many times Christians scatter the Word where it has no chance of growing. (Luke 8:5-7)  When the Holy Spirit directs the sower, the seed will grow and flourish. (Luke 8:8)  Jesus talked a number of times about how the “fields” were ripe for harvest, but the “laborers” were few. (Luke 10:4, John 4:35)  For generations, the opportunities have been there to harvest souls, but fewer and fewer people have failed to respond to Jesus’ calling.   I believe the Holy Spirit has planted countless seeds throughout the centuries and many have been saved.   But when the Believer becomes the sower, he makes the mistake of scattering the seed anywhere in the hope it will fall on “good” ground, thus producing “fruit.”   We need to share the Word, but we also need to be good “gardeners” by knowing where and when to sow. 


Where the Church is missing it is we are expecting the lost to walk into our buildings and through the supersizing of emotions bring them into the Kingdom of God.  We need to go into the “fields” and plant, water, and harvest souls for Jesus.  We must let the Holy Spirit guide and direct our “farming” experiences.


I hope when Jesus returns He will find His Believers sowing the seed and rejoicing over the abundant harvest!  May our “store-houses” be filled with the new crop!

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I agree that a lot of churches expect lot people to just walk in, and that can happen. But I believe planting seeds out and about no matter how small it may seem can make a huge impact in bringing the lost to Christ. 

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Listening to the Holy Spirit is to live. Living for Christ is to radiate His Word to all we encounter through our actions and our words.


Thank you for writing this.

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