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Finding new strength!

Tom Scott


Isaiah 40: 31 “But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength. They will fly high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”


Reluctantly crawling out of bed, dreading a day of mask-wearing, limited movement, and the prospect of another day of sameness, it struck me; patience is needed. Patience is one of the more difficult things we must learn. We want it now. Life can bring us problems each morning. Even when we are optimistic looking forward to some event or circumstance, we know the specter of problems lies just around our next corner. Looking to Scripture to guide us and comfort us, we find Isaiah 40:31. We close our eyes and look upward toward heaven and say, “God, how long do we have to wait, and why?”




“But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength.” Waiting on the Lord or hope in the Lord, back when this was written, seems to have been easier. I mean, how many people had to wait on the Lord while getting to work on time, the kids to school and practice, and getting dinner on the table before bedtime? God made the promise that those who did wait would find new strength.




These past months, almost a year now, have required more patience than I normally would have. Suffering from some form of ADHD (can’t be my fault, can it?) I need to have things happen quickly, enabling me to check them off and move to the next item. Get things done. Reminding myself that God wants me to wait on Him to find new strength is anathema to my normal consciousness. I am an old man; I’ve relied on my personal strength my whole life. But, I am continually finding that believing in God and His promises cuts down on my ever-present anxious hours of dread.




“They will fly high on wings like eagles.” Another benefit of waiting on the Lord is to gain the ability to soar high toward God because of our new “feathers.” Renewal by God  for rising above this world to encounter the God of the universe! While waiting, we are spreading our wings and gaining in proximity to Him.




Waiting on the Lord, we can visualize ascending while our eyes are closed, ascending toward God and His desire for us and His will for us. This new view will allow us to see the world as it is, it is not heaven. Looking from the heights shows the difference between our ways and God’s ways giving us the perspective we need to live as holy or set apart.




“They will run and not grow weary.”  Isaiah is emphasizing that as we will gain new strength as we wait on the Lord. This strength will enable us to travel down God’s chosen path doing His will and being energized by His work.




Especially during these abnormal days of our lives, we need reminding that following God’s plan for us reenergizes our lives. Serving others, being there for friends and strangers in need are the things God wants us to concentrate on now more than ever. These times of quiet with activities being non-existent provide opportunities for us to remember others and not be so self-absorbed. 




“They will walk and not faint.” God is providing us the strength to continue. 




Having complete trust in God to do as he promises strengthens us to persevere. Knowing the faithfulness of God to do as He has promised frees us to reach out beyond our normal sphere of influence and affect those around us. Once you turn your daily life over to God, He can then fulfill His promise of strength and endurance for you. We can be a blessing to others, providing us with more meaning in our life, all by waiting on the Lord trusting Him to supply the needed power. This in turn, blesses us and makes our days---heavenly.








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