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Tom Scott

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Deliver Us From Evil

Tom Scott


“Deliver us from evil.” Have you uttered these words? I sure have. When you observe the actions of people in our world do you ever call upon God to be your buffer? When schoolgirls are kidnapped and killed in Africa or terrorists set off bombs or Antifa maims and burns down businesses, does it seem evil is all around, lurking even where you thought you were safe?




Isaiah 5:20 “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (NKJ)

Woe is not a word we hear often. Webster's Dictionary defines woe as great sorrow or distress. Those people working against God-ordained truths, relationships, and civilization to promote lawlessness are in for great sorrow or distress. They are choosing to rebel against God by distorting His creation of truth. As the architect of the universe, God established His truths for reality. Those who challenge and ignore those truths, for their pleasure, risk His wrath and the consequences of willfully ignoring His commands and precepts.


We have seen the efforts of removing the influence of God (Light) replacing it with the influence of Satan (Dark), by promoting moral relativism. That is, if a man on his own thinks something is true, or right for him, then it is. People are being taught today that they are the center of the universe and pleasing themselves is what’s most important.


Today the love of God is being supplanted by the love-of-self even though it often results in man damaging man to get one’s way. This is being encouraged by those spouting that the end justifies any means as-long-as you are happy.




In our culture, God is being taken out of His role as Father and provider of all that is good for His children. Society teaches us to find our direction and meaning in life through the lens of self-satisfaction. We “are like a god” and we are the only ones who know what is true for us.


The provisions that God has laid out for us in the Bible address our every need. Turning our lives over to God to manage and direct, allows Him to take the pressures of our lives, our decisions, and our behaviors on to Himself. We do not have to be anxious about anything because following God’s direction means living the life He had intended for each one of us.


It seems opposite to what society says, but not living to please just you, morphs into living a life that is good, blessed, and God-honoring. One that counters evil, setting the example you would like for the world.


Try it out. Live it. See if your relationships with your world are not richer, softer, and more rewarding. To do otherwise is to perpetuate the evil we are experiencing.


Will this eliminate all evil? No. But I can guarantee that you will feel better allowing God to direct your life, just as He planned when you were created.


(Please leave a comment.  I am trying to grow in my writing and would be very thankful for your opinions and suggestions.)


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I enjoyed reading this. I believe we have all said deliver us from evil at one point in time. It does seem that there is a lot of evil around us these days for sure.

You are right the love of self is growing and wanting to justify sin to do what people want to do to feel better about what they know is wrong. 

Sadly it seems even some churches are more concerned with pleasing people instead of God. 

Living to please God is what we should have our mind set to, and helping the lost along the way.

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