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It Is Personal




When we fail to grasp and understand God’s will for our lives, inconsistencies and uncertainties will hinder our spiritual growth.   I wonder how many Believers have taken time out from their busy life challenges to find out what God’s “perfect will” is for their lives.


Many people read the Bible as if it were a textbook of learning for people that are searching for the truth.  They go so far as to look at the Scriptures as an encyclopedia of spiritual knowledge that is open to anyone with an “inquiring mind.”  When we approach the Bible in that manner, it becomes more and more impersonal.  The reader becomes selective, choosing what Scriptures he wants to study and what verses he wants to overlook.  This is one of the biggest mistakes Christians make when it comes to reading and studying the Bible.  When the Believer fails to take the Scriptures personally his response will lack the commitment to follow through with obedience. 


The Believer should read the Bible as the authorized autobiography of God which is given exclusively to the person reading it.  In the sixty-six volumes, God explains The Kingdom of God and His involvement in displaying His Kingdom.  The Believer should read the Word as if there is only one copy and he has it!


It is one thing to read about God’s actions, but entirely a different thing to act upon His directives.  To arrive at Biblical understanding, without the benefit of “Cliff Notes” (commentaries), there are certain steps we need to take.  We are not to be “conformed to this world.”  Simply stated we are not to fashion our lives around the things of the world.  We are to be “transformed,” which is to be transfigured.  In other words, our outward appearance should display a separate identity from the world. (Refer to Jesus’ transfiguration in Matthew 17: 2. Transformed and transfigured are the same Greek word.)  People should be able to spot a Christian in a crowd.  To make the transition from an “aint” to a saint takes a renewing of the mind.  To renew is to renovate.  It is the changing of our thought patterns so as to make us more aware of Kingdom living. 


When we separate ourselves from the standards of the world, our outward appearance is affected. When our minds are renovated we will be brought into the awareness that God has a plan for our lives.  We are then in a position to “prove (test) what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.” (Refer to Romans 12:2)


Let us open our personally autographed Bible, which was inscribed to us by the Holy Spirit.  God has a plan for each Believer.  It is our responsibility to discover what that plan is!  Read Volume 45 and chapter 12 to start on the road of understanding God’s perfect will.

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