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I Can't Hear


Recently a pastor sent out a letter to his congregants requesting suggestions as to what topics his people would like to have him address on Sundays.  Another church felt the necessity to highlight the recent racial divide in our nation.  To address the issue, they brought in two individuals who represented an ethnicity different from those of their own congregation.  They discussed issues that needed understanding and even correction.  I guess the purpose of the interaction was to bring people out of their comfort zones and into the reality of racial division.  It seems that there is such a quickness to respond to societal problems that we fail to understand the true reason for racial conflict is SIN and BIBLICAL DISOBEDIENCE.  When we fail to address these root causes of racial conflict, we will never find the solution to racial disharmony.  When I see churches walking away from Biblical principles in favor of carnal analysis, my comfort zone is in jeopardy. 


Churches are becoming responders instead of initiators.  We tend to react to issues instead of acting on the principles of God’s Word.  We tend to bend over to the whims and actions of others instead of standing firm on the infallible, inerrant Word of God.  If we continue to bend, we could face the danger of breaking and becoming ineffective for God’s usage. 


People are having a difficult time hearing God because they tend to limit Him by their wants instead of their needs.  True Believers want unfiltered truth that speaks to their spirit.  Selective topics tend to enforce complacency or to satisfy “itching ears.”


Christians do not need to be lectured on interracial issues, for they are taught not to be a respecter of persons of differing social/economic and physical characteristics.  All people are created in the image of God and are to be loved and accepted no matter what their physical makeup.


The Church needs to continue to promote the teachings of Jesus and not enter the carnal arena that involves social issues that tear down instead of build up.  When Christians leave the principles of Biblical truth, we have lost our way. 


Satan wants Christians to fight by his rules of engagement.  We must never take the bait.  Always remember the brighter the light, the more the darkness will be dispelled.  We must stay focused on our calling.


The Church must display love.  The Church is not to be a judge, but a witness of God’s Grace.  The Church must not enter the “colosseum” of conflict, but stand on the foundation of Truth.  The Church is not to be integrated with the opinions of the world, but to display the Truth of the world’s Creator.


When people have a hard time hearing from God, it is usually the result of frequency interference that comes from hearing interpretive truth instead of Holy Spirit inspired teaching.  People have a hard time hearing God when they act outside of the Biblical framework.  LET CHRISTIANS STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT GOD WANTS FROM THEM INSTEAD OF WHAT THEY WANT  FROM GOD.

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