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Canvas of Life




Every morning when we wake up, we face an element of uncertainty.  Of course, we usually have predetermined expectations, but there is still the potential for the unknown or unexpected to appear.  Each day of our life begins as a blank canvas and ends either with a beautiful picture of positive accomplishments or an abstract painting of negative results.  The strokes we use in depicting our daily experiences will determine what type of picture will be presented at the end of the day.  The brushes we use in initiating and responding to everyday experiences depend on the attitude of the painter.  What our painting should show at the end of the day is how Jesus was involved in our experiences.


What happens when our landscape turns into a potentially life changing event?  What about a surprise illness that carries a life ending sentence?  What about an accident that causes limited physical freedom?  What about minor challenges to our Faith?  What will our painting show at the end of each day?  The outcome of any painting is determined by who is brushing the canvas.  As a Believer, we see life’s storms, but we also realize that Jesus is in the storm with us.  Sure, we struggle with the challenging “waves,” but we realize that as long as Jesus is in the boat, we will not sink.  At the end of the day, we finish the painting by showing that beyond the storm are peaceful waves circling our boat.  How long the storm will last matters little, for we are not alone! 


What does your painting show?




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It is easy to start your day like any other. The ups and downs will come throughout the day. It is how we handle the wave when it comes. Will it knock us down, slow us up, or will we stand strong? Sometimes it can be hard in the thick of it, but all we have to do is call upon the Lord and cast are burdens to him. Reminding ourselves throughout the day the no matter what God is in control, and he is with me! 

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