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My Greatest Fear

Jared Williams


The mind may be sharp, and the body keen, but is the spirit awake? Have we deadened ourselves to the point of apathy? Have we let the derision leave us indecisive and the quandary to turn us to despondency? Have we left our wishes to our past and our 'ought's to our future? And the mass of entropy leaving us inept in the present. When shall we live, if not now?Where shall we stand, if not on truth? How shall we gain, if we do not pay forward? And how shall we improve if we do not change? We ask ourselves how we can move in the face of such despair? The question should be... how can we not? And have we done enough?

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Good questions here. I believe sometime we have to be uncomfortable to move forward sometime, or else we would just stay where we are. Never moving forward. Praying, looking to improve and help others in our daily walk with the Lord with get us where we should be according to God will.

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