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Welcoming a New Decade!



By Henry Korsah

Hello my warriors, it has been so long...


I would like to encourage you for this upcoming decade. Before, we get into that let us address the past decade. A lot has happened in the past decade, secondary school, college, uni. That alone suggests growth has taken place spiritually, mentally, and I guess I can say physically. Throughout that time period, I believe I have been learning from God, directly and indirectly. I had to learn how to deal with a major loss from my family, and to continue the legacy by being instrumental in my church back home, whether if it is organising a praise and worship night, a conference to win souls for the Lord or an event to raise funds for charity. I believe my journey has not been easy at all but with God nothing is impossible. Along the journey, I have made a massive pit stop, at the church I attend at uni. I feel like I have been placed there by the Lord; to go and study a lot of things in ministry.


This past decade, I was touched and humbled by meeting so many wonderful people, even if they have hurt me or put a smile on my face. It has all been a learning experience, I have wronged some people, I pray they forgive me, people have wronged me, they are forgiven but if I haven’t. I pray that I forgive them. I have been humbled by the fact that people have given their lives to Christ, through the tools God has given me to reach his people. It is amazing to witness someone give their life or receive a heartfelt message on my phone about someone giving their life, or an e-mail saying the blog has touched them. It gives me the fuel to carry on whenever I have doubts that what I am doing is going to fail. However, I need to learn to put my trust in God, leave everything to him, and not to trust my own efforts but his efforts.


I hope my experiences inspire and encourage you to do something for the Lord this upcoming decade. I pray this decade, is the decade you realise God has chosen YOU! Believe that you can make an impact on your walk with Christ and reflect it by doing something for the Lord. It does not necessarily mean go and preach or teach on the pulpit. A lot of things can be done like mentoring, create an event for young people, send daily verses to your peers and family, evangelise, write a blog, start a podcast, etc. Have faith that you can do all things through Christ, which strengthens you because he will never leave you nor forsake you.


This decade, be positive, speak life into anything you are doing. Go out and love your brothers and sisters as Christ loved you. Go out, and do what you dream of doing. Ask God to guide you and lead you, be strong and be courageous. Do not forget you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and that you are made in his image. Therefore, you have the power to do anything by his grace. Do not worry about the mistakes you might have made in the past decade. I have made plenty of mistakes in the past decade. A lot that I regret but it is important to understand that God does not hate you, but that he loves you, and that you have been set free from those mistakes.


God bless you, I pray that this decade will be full of peace, love, understanding, and most importantly growth in the Lord.


Please visit our blog on the following link: https://pathofwarriors.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/welcoming-a-new-decade

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Sounds like you have had a lot going on this past decade. Thank you for the encouragement, and prayers! 

I will be praying for you too for God blessing over your life!

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