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Scar of Love



My joy cannot be broken
Or become a faded token
Of my deliverance
But will by earnest prayer on knees
proverbial or ones You make sturdy
feel the ground of trust in any circumstance

Can you tell by my gait I was wounded by angels*
When I surrendered to Adonai’s summons?
It has not been in vain (that spiritual battle)
It’s more real than flesh, the good scar of Love

This Love is the healing, no exertion to wear
It is the high honor that softens the stare
Scars won’t accept tattoos of wondering will
This set apart** surface reflecting Light’s thrill

Soul, yesterday you hid from the understood scar
Adonai, as with Adam, asked where you are
You came back with the covering of I Am’s own Son+
And felt Spirit’s breeze, unconditional Love


* Genesis 32:22-32

**Holiness explained: https://www.christianity.com/wiki/christian-terms/what-is-holiness-what-can-be-holy.html 

+ Genesis 3:6-7; Genesis 3:21; Jesus, our covering, explained: https://odb.org/2016/12/17/our-covering/

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