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Book Review: The Homesteader's Sweetheart




Faith-oriented readers will especially love this wholesome western story of an underdog who rises above his hardships to build an unusual and large frontier family, against all odds.  Now he just needs to find a wife, but the only girl he's ever loved is a wealthy, high-society banker's daughter who doesn't even know him.


Author Lacy Williams has made us fall in love with young Jonas, the patriarch of the unique White family, and with Penelope, the banker's daughter from a nearby town. You won't want to put the book down until you know whether Jonas will ever succeed in finding someone who loves him as much as he truly deserves.


The country around Calvin, Wyoming, comes alive under the author's pen, and you'll be ready to move there by the time you finish reading.  This clean, wholesome, engaging adventure is appropriate for all ages, and it portrays matters of faith in a positive manner without being judgmental or preachy.


I predict you'll be eager to move on to other books in this series, to find out what happens with all eight of Jonas White's fascinating children as they grow to adulthood and begin to establish their own homesteads and families.


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Awesome review! I want to find out what happens to there eight children and how it all falls into place and I have not even read the first book yet. Sounds like on to pick up!

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Guest IrisChacon


To @jonjovi,  You're absolutely correct. 😀It is a delightful novel. I read it in one day and immediately went to Amazon looking for the next book in the series.  Sweet Christian entertainment is hard to find, isn't it? I try to grab it when I find it!  Thanks for commenting.  

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