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The Protocols of Heaven



Are there specific genres of music in Heaven that the saints will experience that have nothing to do with earthly styles? 


Maybe, but when it comes to the beyond, we are bound by our imaginations to think of music in that realm as matching our current tastes,

with hopefully a good dash of the best of the past.   We cannot help doing this.   God meets us and fellowships with us, as we are, where we are.   


Perhaps the "corporate" praise of Heaven will involve a sort of miracle of hearing, just as some Bible commentators have explained

the Pentecost-speaking in tongues event in Book of Acts 2:5-11.    Could it be that in Glory, there might be simultaneous "expressions"

(music/cultural styles) conveying the same truths and yet God (and why not the saints) receiving it all as one, fluid presentation--with all meter,

rhyme, melody, etc. somehow meshed into a single coherent communication?     It seems reasonable to think so, given that there currently exists

on the earth all sorts of styles, and yet,  Jesus our advocate receiving these with no sense of dissonance. 


Why am I thinking about this?  It is because I've seen churches in the U.S. (speaking of evangelical ones now) go through waves of

thinking that the latest style of music "is the only relevant one".   From  "Maranatha" music, high-powered choirs and quartets, soloists, soft rock, ballads--

Amazing Grace to Awesome God,  new modes and methods have spawned a constantly churning sensation that our prayers, praise, indeed spiritual

legacy are somehow tied to what is in vogue.  To critique that phenomenon requires a different blog post.  For now, however, I ponder

the reality of the Eternal One, Who (as I believe) surely receives the Church's praise today as if it were as fresh and relevant as in "times of yore" or even

years before.    And in His receiving these faith expressions, I imagine God the Father distilling it all into one, spiritually contiguous activity.   So, why not

the same in Heaven, at the time when time shall be no more?

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Heavenly music, that is something to think about. I too have been to churches that stick with hymns, and others a more modern sometimes even edgy sound. I don't think that we can comprehend the heavenly music that  awaits us. A sound all to its own I think. 

I myself like to hymns, and that is what my church sings. But I don't know if there is a right or wrong to this. Just as long as it lifts up in Gods name, and not just a show about the person. To God the glory!

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