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When Caught Between the Mattress and The Wall.

Ahila Prabu


During one of the deep cleaning weekend days, I found my husband holding a twin mattress slanted on a wall, and my daughter playing bother-less in between the matters and the wall. Oh, the obsessed mother I am, and an experienced nurse about the safety……. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


I asked my girl, “Papa (Baby), why are you playing there?” I continued with a cautious tone, “That is dangerous, that mattress might fall on you.”

 She, with the continued blissful smile, said, “Appa (dad) knows I am here Amma (mom), and he is strong.”


Well, I am surely not endorsing this play or potentially dangerous endeavors in your cleaning routines. But at that moment, I was touched by the trust of my daughter in her father. I was intrigued to examine my own trust in my Father, not a humanly one, not a mortal man, with the limited strength, but my Father, with omnipotence, and unending love for me.


 Every time I am surprisingly caught in the mattress and the wall situation in my life, do I continue to smile? Do I really have the confidence to say to my worried self, “Don’t worry pathetic and fearful self, my Father knows I am here, and He is strong?”

I am not sure, at least I am not that trusting always.


With that thought, I gave that “look” to them both and walked on with a smile. In that instant, I whispered to my Father, “Maybe this is exactly what you mean by a childlike faith, and, Father, I really want to have that!”


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