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Give Your Messy Fish

Ahila Prabu


“What are they among so many?” (John 6:9)


Andrew asked to himself, holding five barley loaves and two small fish.

Intriguing, we all have asked this question to ourselves, now, much more than 2000 years ago! This is one of Satan’s most favorite lies for centuries.

"What are they among so many?"

Choices good or bad, just one choice has the potential to change a life.


One Adam, one Eve, one fruit,

One Abraham, one Isaac, one Joseph, one Jacob,

One Esther,

The once, who never asked, "what am I among so many?"


So, my friend, next time that millennials old question peeps into your mind,

What is one more article?

What is one more query letter?

What is one more Gospel track?

What is one more good deed?

What is one more sacrifice?

What is one more phone call?

What is one more text message?

What is one more encouraging word?

What is one more marriage counseling?

What is one more hug to your child?

What is one more whatever.........?


Remember, one more is nothing in our hands, but that might be everything at the right time, in the Right Hands.

Give your own messy fish to Him, and the rest is not for your glory.


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