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That Man at the Pool and, me!

Ahila Prabu


Scripture Reference – John 5:1-15.

I didn’t have infirmity for 38 years,

I didn’t live in 1st century Jerusalem,

I don’t live in a public pool,

I am not helplessly laying and depending on other’s mercy for my livelihood.

But I know, I was there once at my own Bethesda.

So crippled, so spiritually sick,

So painfully watching the spiritual transformation in others,

So trying to get into the pool of freedom from my own shame, guilt, and sin.

But every time! It became another’s turn and not mine.

People rushed me by, they were getting healed.

All the while I was lying there, so helpless, so very deprived.

It is then; HE came. HE came with perfect love and a passionate voice.

He asked me as well, “Do you want to be made well?”

I had reasons too, just like that sick man, I said, “Oh! I am sinful, I am not worthy, I can’t be free, the guilt weighs too heavy.”

And in HIS own style, He listened to all my reasons, yet with beautiful compassion, He said, “Rise, rise, my girl, take up your bed and walk.

Walk-in freedom,

Walk like my own,

Walk with no condemn,

Walk filled with dignity,

Walk with no guilt or shame,

Walk with an upraised head,

And walk securely in my abundant grace and perfect love.”

My dear friend, until then it all went well, but all of a sudden there appeared people with the law. They all try to push me back to the pool. They always exclaim, “It is not lawful for you to carry your bed, do this, and that……….”

Most of the time I wanted to say, “He who made me well said to me, ‘Take up your bed and walk.’ and to walk free.” Yes, just like that sick man with full of assurance.

Oh, my bad, at times I fail and go to the pool, quiet and despair. I don’t know what to say, I wallow in the same old sin and pain, with a treacherous infirmity of my soul.

So, my sweet, sweet friend, let’s rise today, and walk like that man, fully free as we are HIS own. If anyone comes and insists you to be a slave, tell them this, “The one who made me well, said to me, walk, walk fully free.”

Oh and never forget to whisper this truth to your own soul. At times the law holders are not from out. They are the endless battle within you, your own self-condemn that crippled you for years.


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