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Knowing the Word - In Him All (1)

Ahila Prabu


“All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.” (John 1:3)


As I read this verse, my creative brain runs to that awe-inspiring moment of time, when time itself began to exist. How spectacular, how powerful, how unfathomable it is, creation of time, matter, space, all of it as we know, and will never know. Now, all things were made through Him, Who also made you and loves you, isn’t it a thought worthy of reveling for a minute.

 As we grasp hold of that truth how, “Without Him nothing was made that was made.”

As with all our senses we see, hear, touch, smell, and feel the beauty of creation in our tiny little corner of the galaxy.

As we eat, sleep, rest, work and enjoy all that there is to this life.

As we cherish and are cherished by fellow humans.

We will soon cross the pain filled reality of the existence of evil. Pure, disgusting, diabolic evil in its core.

Where did that come from? Very legitimate question to ask.


In my little venture without any theological degrees attached, this is what I resolve to believe,

Remove light there remains only darkness,

Remove life there remains only dead carcass,

Remove goodness there remains evil in its extreme.

Even though at times, evil seem to be an outrageous, active, intentional plot of another, the essence of it is all simple absence of ever consuming goodness of God.

As He is sovereign in allowing it to occur,

in that first moment of rebellion of a perfect angel,

the foolish encounter of eve with the serpent in Eden,

today’s total depravity of this world we see and painfully behold,

It’s all simple restrain of God’s goodness in expo.


So, my friend, 
Behold the beauty of His handiwork, in the dark night sky, in the bright flowers of the day, even in the little life you may hold in your hand,
Believe you are made by the One, through Him everything,
But never forget, no intentional act is required, if He simply restrain His good, what remains is disaster, pain, death, and darkness.


That’s why I say,
Don’t think you stand, if you are not moving forward, you are falling backward,
If you are not with God, you know who your head is,
If you are not intentional in doing good, believe me pretty soon evil is all that will remain.


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