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He is Risen!

Ahila Prabu


It is seldom we all sit together as a family to have a passionate talk. Thank God, we got to have one of those conversations yesterday. As we both fervently talked about Christ, His birth, death, and resurrection,

Nesia, my five-year-old girl paused and asked, “Why would God do that mom, it’s so weird.”

“weird” she said.


We have one phrase that saves us every time we have these kinda questions, “Because, Jesus loves us Nesia!”

So far it seems to put her at ease every time. I am sure she needs to take her own journey to understand what it means “to be loved by the Creator of this universe” as each one of us have to.


Yet, in all its sense, it is extraordinary, supernatural, nothing usual about, the GOD of the universe, taking a human form, humiliated to the core, died on the cross, and gloriously resurrected. It is incomprehensible for a tiny puny human mind to comprehend. As Nesia responded, “It is weird” in a four years terminology. But my friend, He did indeed, came, died, and victoriously rose again. I am sure His love for us definitely have a lot do with it, but that’s not all of it, Biblical scholars can give plenty of reasons more. By the end of the day, this truth beyond us, yet true.


One of my favorite Authors Lysa Terkerst posted yesterday, “Easter isn’t just a celebration. It’s a personal revelation. It’s where the unknowns of today feel less excruciating because of the certain victory of tomorrow.”

How true it is!

Just because He rose again, the pain and depravity of this world is little bit more tolerable,

Just because He rose again, the fears that cripples me even to think of the potential threats, I navigate everyday seems less scary.

Just because He rose again, I can look at the face of the evil and smile.

 Just because He rose again, in every mention of sin, “we are angry about it. We want to do something about it” just like the Corinthian believers in 2 Corinthians 7:11.


My friend, you may call it strange, weird, unbelievable, supernatural…….whatever.

 But, what does this truth stirs in your heart? That matters. The truth that He came, died, and He is Risen, He is risen indeed!


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