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Do Not Spiritualize Marriage (1): It Takes Away it's Real Beauty.

Ahila Prabu


Isn’t it so humanly to make things little bit better than to stop and enjoy the real beauty of it at hand? I am sure spiritualizing marriage mostly is NOT an ill intend act but an ignorant effort to make it little bit more glorious than understanding how beautiful it is, as it is.


Spiritualizing marriage takes away its real beauty and significance. Now and here, in this side of eternity, marriage holds lots of significance. The effects of marriage have eternal consequences despite marriage itself being temporal.


Marriage is “good” as God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” (genesis 2:18). Marriage is a beautiful institution that originated in the depth of God Himself, and none less, He decided, He wanted, He made it so. Anything that originates from the beautiful heart of God must be beautiful, as He is the fountain of ever running goodness.


Marriage is beautiful because it gives a safe place to experience the highest intimacy humanly possible with another human. What other beauty there can be in this body than to be as vulnerable, as open, as intimate, as defenseless, as unprotected, as we are in our physical marital intimacy? It is beautiful indeed to be intimate with our spouse, in this safety of a Christian marriage, where Christ Himself is the Master of everything.


Marriage is beautiful because it creates the most nurturing place for a child to learn and adapt. There are numerous findings that indicates, many professing Christians start their faith journey as children than adults. Leaving predestination out of the topic, isn’t it more effective to start our sanctification journey sooner than later? What other place is better to engrave faith in Christ in a young heart than two genuinely interested people in the wellbeing of the child, sharing an uncompromised relationship? Marriage creates our Christ centered legacy.


Finally, marriage is the closest image of the eternal relationship of a believer with their Savior.

If, it is not for marriage, how I am supposed to understand,

 What it means to be betrothed to my Savior?

 What it means to be faithful to be my Redeemer?

What is means to be waiting for my Groom to appear on clouds?

What it means for Him to be my Provider, Protector, Lover….?

Yes, marriage gives meaning to these metaphors. As mystical as this metaphor is for even an apostle who has been in third heavens, as he struggles with his words, “This is a great mystery, but I speak concerning Christ and the church” (Ephesians 5:32), yet, this is the closet relationship that gives me tangible meaning to this metaphor to be His! To be His bride!


So, my friend, instead of spiritualizing our marriage, let’s stop and enjoy its real beauty, as it is intended.

 Let’s enjoy it,

 as it originated in our Savior’s mind,

as it over flows with eternal consequences,

as it flourishes our children’s faith,

as it is the only safe place to enjoy intimacy,

as it is the closest image for us to understand our relationship with our eternal Groom.



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