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This God has to say to His prophets of the third day:


To Moses, I showed him the design of the Tabernacle, and he built it according to what he saw. To David I sent him a blueprint and Solomon used it to build the Temple.  I showed to the prophet Ezekiel My future temple, giving him the details; he wrote it down for posterity.


These days, to you, my sons and daughters, the company of prophets, I have entrusted the vision and the building of My Kingdom Temple. You have bowed down to the vision and heeded My calling. You have not been disobedient to the heavenly vision. You have clung to the vision for years and let it not go. You have carried it in your heart and mind, nurtured it to maturity. I have seen each of you how you labored day and night at My Temple work; you have fainted not at My calling.


I have seen how you went up to the high mountains to cut the logs and to dig up the stones. I have seen how you have tirelessly cut, carved, and polished the stones and the wood for beauty. You have inlaid My Temple with precious silver and gold.  All these My eyes have seen, says the Lord. Your labor shall be for a name and for a remembrance, for generations to come, says your God. 


And now, says your God, be of great courage and of faith. Be diligent and finish that which My Spirit has shown you to build for My Name. Let not your hands tire, nor your hearts lose hope. It is a little while, then I will come and dwell in this House you have built for My glory to reside.


Remember when Moses and the children of Israel finished the work of the Tabernacle, My Glory-Cloud came down and filled the Tabernacle.  The day Solomon completed his work and dedicated the Temple, My Glory-Cloud came and filled the Temple.  When I had finished My Atonement work and had prepared the disciples, I sent My Holy Spirit on the first fruit of the Church and they were filled with the Glory of God.  


Today, you are the continuation of My Temple, My Church. You are also the last generation destined for greater things, to build My last-days Temple. My Spirit marks you for a purpose; you shall complete and perfect the millennial vision of My Church. Through your hands, My work will be perfected. You shall fashion and complete the temple where My Ark will come and rest. It is this Temple My Glory will come, fill and dwell in forever. (2 Cor. 4: 1-5)


Can you see and hear My Glory-Cloud coming? It is about time that it impacts the world. It is coming with power and fury. The Glory-Cloud will come and fill the Temple you have built for My Name. The entire world will see My power and My glory emanating from this Temple, says your God.


Now let each of you be diligent and finish working on what I have assigned you. This shall be for a name and for a remembrance for you, for generations to come, says your God.



Glory be to God


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