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Star Trek, Cultural Connection, and Biblical Truth

Ahila Prabu


Started watching star trek – the next generation, in the past few months. I really enjoy it for what it is, sci-fi series with most use of artistic license. The motive for this almost 40 years old female to watch star trek is pure curiosity, curiosity of what made this series to run for 5 decades successfully with that many episodes, that many books and novels featuring it. I am intrigued by this kind of influential media and its relevance in cultural connections.


After almost watching 4 seasons, I can’t deny that I became an enthusiastic fan of the potentials of this universe and the beautiful ways it is depicted in this series. However, after watching one episode called “the host” – season 4:23, my mind was stimulated to ask many questions. In a nutshell, in that episode there is an alien being with two parts to him, one is a parasite living inside and another the body that is just a host. This being is paralleled with the humans as we hold spirit and flesh. The parasite living inside the being is the essence of the being similar to our spirit, and the host is just the body for the parasite to live similar to our flesh. The parasite lives on, not eternally but longer than the host body even after the host body dies. Unfortunately, a human doctor falls in love with this alien being without knowing details of his ontology. Due to an accident the host body of the alien being dies of, and the parasite lives on…The parasite gets another temporary body for few days, until he gets his replacement host body. This human doctor after much struggle accepts this temporary body as a being, she loved and continue to express her love for the alien in a different body. But, to the viewers surprise next host body that arrives to hold the parasite is a female humanoid body. Now, the human doctor faces the worst predicament to not being able to love the parasitic being in a female body, she ends the relationship by saying, “perhaps someday…. our(humans) ability to love (sexually and romantically) won’t be so limited (to body and gender differences).”


The questions at least I am drawing from this episode is,


If we believe humans are complex beings with spirit and body, and of course body is just a temporary host for the being we are, why not love (romantically and sexually) beyond this body and its gender differences?


I am interested to answer this question as a biblical value that’s under attack here!


 There is high change for even a Christian to fall for this question, “why not!” without proper understandings of gender roles, our being, biblical commandments, spirituality of human love and relationships comparing to our eternal relationship. To say the least, to a Bible believing Christian this episode should just bring a grin of the ways the truths can be twisted and subtly stir up misunderstandings.


 So, I am inspired to start a study discussing these topics so by the end we will know, why it’s very proper at least for a proposing Christian NOT to ask, “why not?”


If you are fascinated by this study and want to engage more about these topics, I welcome you to be a part of this study that is coming soon…


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