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Nothing Wasted

Katherine Johnston




Sniffle cough,...sniffle cough,...auggh,...asthma does nothing to make getting over a cold easy!!!


Each day I am a little,...little,...better,...and then I'll have a much better day,...only to be followed by a relapse. And I am not alone,...everyone seems to be having a hard time getting over a persistent cough. Hearts and hugs out there to my fellow-sickmates. Drink lots of fluids,...tea and honey is particularly effective,...rest,...best you can,...and there is a lot to be said for a humidifier if you have a dry-heat furnace!


Here we are at the end of January,...and seemingly not much accomplished,...aside from an unpostponable trip,...and what I've been able to direct from bedside like making and filing first semester grades with our Christian School. Still homeschooling here,...but thankfully my oldest son has a teaching degree and he's been a pal about keeping the studying going along for our little guy, who also thankfully thinks academic stuff is fun!!!


Faith and patience, and perspective, too, have been grown these past weeks as Martha-me as been turned into Mary. Obviously just because I can multitask,...doesn't mean that I should be multitasking. What really and truly needs to be done,...has been accomplished,...no shock the LORD is always faithful.


Impatience is not going to make this cold go away any quicker,...especially when one has asthma. It's a comfort for this- multitasking-type-person - to know that these past weeks haven't been wasted.


Nothing in life is wasted,...life is too precious.


Even sitting around under a humidifier?


Yep,...I've needed a rest for quite a while. Most people I know say my task-list and over extended schedule exhausted them. Obviously it's exhausted me, too.


It's been nice to rest,...I don't cough ever single second. I've watched Peter Pan, more than once with my little guy, with us both giggling. He giggles at the animation, I giggle in response to his giggles. I've adopted some houseplants,...they are very restful,...and a very good object lesson in "blooming where you are planted." And I've had time to sketch,...for a good cause,...as someone I love loves sloths and owls. I had no idea sloths were so much fun to sketch,...such peaceful creatures,...they are in a hurry for nothing!




No these past weeks haven't been wasted,...


"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." - Romans 8:28

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I'm so sorry you've been sick, Katherine. Hope you recover quickly. Glad you enjoyed your giggles with your sweet boy. :D

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