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Line It Up




One of the most challenging aspects of my ministry has been to get Believers to evaluate what they believe;  to see if what they confess as truth stands up to the challenges to their Faith.  Too many Christians operate only in their “comfort zones” and are diametrically opposed to any Biblical excursions that might cause their basic beliefs to come under scrutiny.  Lukewarmness becomes a reality when we become content with the basic tenets of our Faith, and are unwilling to grow in the Faith.  A lukewarm Christian becomes a spectator rather than a participant in the Kingdom of God.  It is so tragic to see Believers walking with limited Biblical knowledge.  I thank God for the foundational truth of Jesus, for without the Cross, His Resurrection, and Ascension there would be no Church.  The question is what have we done to build upon that foundation?  Scriptural ignorance has caused many Christians to simply accept what they have been taught without personal Biblical confirmation.  Why are we so afraid of revisiting our “comfort zones” to see if what we have believed truly lines up with the Word of God?


For many years, I studied at some great theological schools.  I attended Methodist, Lutheran and Catholic seminaries in quest of understanding God’s Word.  I pursued pastorates with churches affiliated with three major denominations as well as independent fellowships.  I taught against things that conflicted with my “adopted “beliefs.  For years, I preached to peoples’ wants instead of their needs.  Finally, one day the Holy Spirit took me to the Scriptures for the first time and my eyesight went from 20/20 to 39/27 and I saw things as they really are.  From that moment on, I began to preach under God’s direction.  No longer was I going to teach to appease the “itching ear syndrome” of my fleshly “employers.” (I Timothy 4:3)  It has not been an easy road, for people that are entrenched in unbiblical traditions are almost impossible to budge; Satan sees to that!

My prayer is that Biblical ignorance can be eradicated.  I pray that people will get back to personal Bible study under the tutorage of the Holy Spirit.  We need to make sure that Scriptures compliment each other.  In other words, follow the continuity thread throughout the Word.  If a verse says something, find co-existing verses which will compliment and elaborate on its significance.  The Word will never conflict itself.  Don’t be quick to read; use a soaking action.  Read a verse and then meditate on it until you are released to move on.


I challenge every reader of this article to join me in opening your Bible and making sure that what you have defended for so long lines up with the Word.  If it doesn’t, make the corrections; if it does, press on to even greater truths.  Whatever you do, do not remain complacent.



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