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The Reality of the Human Conscience

Walter Kahler


After Adam and Eve’s fall from God’s grace, He activated the human conscience (Genesis 3:9-10).


Why is that?


Because He uses this inner-awareness as a reminder of His presence and to experience the discomfort of disobeying His commands.


The Human Conscience’s Reality


On the positive side, experiencing this unfavorable behavior is an opportunity to draw closer to Christ.  God calls us to recognize our infraction and take corrective actions.

And the first step to making it right with Him is abandoning ourselves to Christ.


Now, this is important because surrendering to Jesus without reservation captures God’s attention. Remember, God made Christ the conqueror over sin and without abiding in Him temptation engulfs our existence.


On the negative side, ignoring the conscience is dangerous. We don’t have to look far to notice the destruction caused by a dead conscience. Evildoers are everywhere and the news media with the advancement in technology gives us instant access to wickedness.


My Dead Conscience


I know the outcome from a conscience gone dead. It’s not pleasant. Everything I anchored in selfishness. I wasn’t concerned with others. My tongue full of vulgar words causing others to turn away in disgust.


This spiritual agony placed me at odds with God. In fact, it left me in the paralyzing grip of His enemy. Yes, Satan is real and because of his stronghold on my heart, it left me in ruins.

The devil turned me away from God and led me to a life of alcoholism. And let me say, a belly full of booze coupled with a hardened heart brings loneliness.

Another reality of my inactive conscience was the bitterness and resentments I carried inside my inner-spirit. But when I was in this mindset it stayed nonexistence keeping me in darkness.


So what’s my point?


It’s simple. To understand the way the human conscience connects with God’s Spirit. And to share with you this incredible gift from God.

Now, the conscience is a small part of Christ’s eternal plan. To stop here isn’t enough. But I think you will agree with me when I say without a conscience our ability to recognize disobedience stays elusive.


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