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God’s View On Christmas

Walter Kahler


God’s view on Christmas is salvation through the birth of His Son Christ Jesus. As Christians, He brings us into the powerful reality of His eternal plan. This amazing gift is the cornerstone of salvation and our foundation into heaven (Revelation 21:4).


To the world, Christmas means a time for giving presents. Each December people’s excitement reaches a higher level. They go to extreme measures to create a perfect scene for the season.


Here’s something we both can agree on, God’s love is best shown through the deliverance of His Son Jesus Christ. And we need not wait for Christmas to give Him thanks.

It’s important to realize without Christ our spirits stay empty. I’m familiar with the penalties from living apart from God. My infractions of His rules engulfed me in disappointment and filled my life with regrets.


Before He saved me, Christmas had a carnal meaning. It was a time to make amends for wrong behavior (sin) by buying gifts and showing kindness. And when the New Year rolled in the lusts of the flesh overtook the goodness.


It brings me joy to share with you my outlook on Christmas changed and at its center is Christ. When God rescued me from agnosticism that’s when I realized Christ’s birth is crucial.

And the best part is Jesus entrance into the world paves the way to an eternal existence with God.


This transformation is no accident but an act of God’s grace (Ephesians 2:8).


 Why is that?


The answer is the Lord promises salvation to those who hear His calling and repent will live with Him forever (2 Peter 3:9).

How awesome is that?


God wants you and His New Covenant began at Christ’s birth.


Yes, God’s view on Christmas is Christ (Isaiah 7:14) and through the Holy Spirit, we know the truth.


The powerful reality for us is Christmas goes beyond a day set aside for reflection. Our understanding of its significance is a daily experience. And it’s not limited to just the birth of Christ but includes His death, resurrection, and ascension.


Remember, my friend, our bond lies in Christ. I am grateful God crossed our paths and I wish you a peaceful and enticing Christian Christmas!


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