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Christ Alone By Miles Mckee In English And Chinese



Dear Friends



For the next three devotions, we are going to focus on the five sola's or five great truths that underpin our faith.




500 years ago, a brave man Called Martin Luther placed a paper on a church on the church in Wittenberg Germany which has changed the course of History. We owe this man a great debt.


This was the start of the Protestant Reformation and changed history, bringinng the truths of the bible back into focus.



If we held to these five simple truths, then our churches would be bible based, have a passion for the Lord and also to reach the lost.



There will be three messages:

Message 1 Grace alone and Faith alone

Message 2 Christ alone

Message 3 Scripture alone (sola scriptura) and Glory of God alone






They will come without any links or sermons (they stand alone), they deserve to be shared, these truths need to resonate throughout the whole church. They stand as bastions as truth.


It is time for the church to stand up and stop watering down the gospel.. it is time to get back to the old paths.. Amen



These wonderful messages are written by Miles Mckee an amazing pastor from Ireland.. please view his website  http://www.milesmckee.com/



He sends out weekly ministry, and I would warmly ask you to consider receiving them on a regular basis. Thanks Miles for allowing me to use them.



Thanks to My translation team especially Grace and Andy



May God bless you as you read and share



May God move your heart and lead you to know Him Phil 3:7-16 and make his known Matthew 28:16-20 and 2 Corinthians 5:14-21

愿神感动你的心并引导你认识他(腓立比书 3:7-16),愿神向你显明(马太福音 28:16-20,哥林多后书 5:14-21)。


God Bless you








The Wednesday Word…What does that Mean? 

星期三灵修: 那意味着什么? 


Christ Alone



When we say we believe in ‘Christ Alone,’ we mean that Christ’s doing, dying and rising again constitute our only basis of acceptance before God. He alone is our Substitute and Surety. He alone has fully satisfied the just demands of the eternal majesty. Christ alone, therefore, is all our hope.



Furthermore, when we hold to ‘Christ Alone, we believe that Christ’s finished work was altogether sufficient to secure the acquittal of His people. This is good news indeed. There is nothing that needs to be added to Christ’s work, and nothing must be subtracted (Ecclesiastes 3:14). Because of the finished work of Christ, Divine justice regards the elect as having already been punished in the person of their substitute. Our salvation has been secured by one man, the God/Man.  The very mention of His name is music and health to the believer.

此外,当我们抓紧基督不放时,我们相信他所作的工足以为他的子民赎罪。这确实是一个好消息。他所做的一切已经足够,无需增添,无需减少 (传道书3:14)。 由于基督所作的工,上帝的公义视拣选的人罪已经处罚在替罪羔羊身上。我们得救是因为一个人 -  上帝之子。对信徒而言,提及他的圣名犹如听到音乐、得到健康般。


It’s no wonder that John Newton wrote,



“How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

耶稣的名字是何等的悦耳 -

In the believer’s ear


It soothes his sorrows


Heals his wounds


And drives away his fears.”



Christ alone brings us to God (1 Peter 3:18) and brings God to us.  He is the only one who is able to do this since He suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust. When we believe in ‘Christ Alone’ we have confidence that outside of Him there is no salvation. For the believer, Christ alone is the source and content of salvation. In salvation, Christ alone gets the credit, and we get the gift!

 唯有基督引我们到神面前 (彼得前书3:18) 以及让神来到我们面前。唯有他才能这样做,因他曾一次为罪受苦,就是义的代替不义的。当我们信基督,我们信除他之外别无拯救。对于信徒而言,唯有基督才是我们得到救赎的根源和本义。我们得求归功于基督,而得到救赎就是我们得到的恩赐!


He saved us.


No church saved us.



No religious act on our part saved us.



We were, are and will be entirely saved by Christ alone.



We are saved by free, unconditional, invincible grace. For when we were without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.  For scarcely for a righteous man will one die, yet perhaps for a good man, someone would even dare to die.  But God commends His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.  Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from wrath through Him.  For if when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life (see Romans 5:6-10).

我们靠白白得来的、无条件的,而且不可战胜的恩典得救。因我们还软弱的时候,基督就按所定的日期为罪人死。为义人死是少有的,为仁人死或者有敢做的;唯有基督在我们还做罪人的时候为我们死,神的爱就在此向我们显明了。现在我们既靠着他的血称义,就更要借着他免去神的愤怒。因为我们做仇敌的时候,且借着神儿子的死得与神和好,既已和好,就更要因他的生得救了。 (罗马书5: 6-10)。


Christ's sinless life and atoning death have been accepted by the Father as ours. His doing and dying of two thousand years ago is the only ground of our acceptance with God today. This is what we mean when we say we believe in Christ Alone.



“Here we have a firm foundation;



Here the refuge of the lost;



Christ's the Rock of our salvation,



His the name of which we boast.



Lamb of God, for sinners wounded,



Sacrifice to cancel guilt!



None shall ever be confounded

那些信他的人不会惊慌失措 -


Who on Him their hope have built.”



Thomas Kelly



Christ alone has been found pleasing in the Father’s sight. So, since repetition is the price of learning, let’s say it again….There is but one reason only for our acceptance with God—Christ Alone!



There are no other ways to God but in Christ alone. Let us not forget this, Jesus unashamedly claimed to be God in human flesh appearing. Now, if the one true and living God has come for our salvation, what other way to God can there be? Since Christ alone is God, we can ruthlessly and immediately dispense with all other supposed ways of salvation. They are all fabrications of men’s imaginations and devising.  There is only one salvation, and it comes to us in Christ alone.

只有通过基督我们才能来到上帝面前。我们务必要记住: 耶稣自称是上帝的化身。这位又真又活的神为我们的救赎而来,那还有别的什么方式吗?既然基督是神,我们可以马上冷酷地丢掉任何其他的救赎方法。那些方法只不过是人们想象和虚构出来的谎言。只有一种救赎,它只来自基督。


And that’s the Gospel Truth!



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