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Kingdom Of God As A Rolling Stone

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How the Kingdom of God Arrives













The dream in Daniel Chapter 2 is about world politics as seen from God’s perspective. In simple terms, the dream presents a symbolic representation of the  progression of governmental systems and how they will be superseded and destroyed at by the rise of the Kingdom of God at end of the ages. In an outline form, the dream maps governmental systems that will succeed each other in history until they are all replaced by a totally different type of government called the Kingdom of God.


In short, the dream provides us insight into how God views political history. The dream’s main focus is on the Stone that represents the Kingdom of God, how this will destroy all types of political systems and following that how the Stone becomes the sovereign of the earth.




The Metallic Statue


In the dream, human governmental systems are represented by a statue crafted in the form of a man. The statue is a mosaic of various metals; the head is made of gold, the arms and chest made of silver, the belly and loins made of bronze, the legs made of iron, and the feet made of a mixture of iron and clay. On the other hand, the Kingdom of God is represented by a boulder that comes down from a mountain and destroys the statue.


The long-standing and universally accepted interpretation of this dream says the body parts made of various metals respectively represent the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Roman empires, and the final man-made empire, the Antichrist's reign of terror. Since in my other essay, I have presented an alternative interpretation of the multi-metal statue as a representation of successive regime types (or, ideological formations), here my focus will be on the Stone that overthrows and pulverizes the statue. 


The interpretation will demonstrate how in the fullness of time (when one type of regime becomes extant) God will activate His Heavily regime out of the Blue. God's Kingdom will appear suddenly, move rapidly to consolidate its power, and dominate the world. God here shows History has a planned end. 



The Stone Cut Out of a Mountain


Mountains in the Word of God represent kingdoms or center of authority and influence (Ps. 68: 15; Is 2:1; Mich. 4:1; Rev. 17:9). The Stone that crushes the statue is not a stand-alone stone; it is part of a mountain. Since the Stone comes out of a larger or well-established body; figuratively speaking, the Stone is part of the larger economy of God.


The well-established and larger economy of God on the earth is the Church. Since the Stone comes out of mountain; figuratively speaking, can represent a revival movement that starts from the church; or as sometimes happens. it can represent a major prophetic or reformation figure like Moses or Martin Luther, etc.


The lesson from this context is simple. Whatever God does on earth, it comes out of the church. The Church is God's base from which He launches any action related to save the world. Any man or woman God has used to advance God spiritual purposes has come out of the church.



The Stone Is Activated


First, it appears that the Stone is self-activated by rolling down the side of the mountain and rushing towards the metallic statue. But Daniel discloses that actually it is God who activates the Stone, making it roll down the mountain to strike the colossal statue. (Dan. 2:44-45)


The lesson is this: God will initiate a major historical event at the end of the ages, and what God will initiate, no one can stop. For example, the church body which God has started on the day of Pentecost has went on to conquer the Roman Empire and later it grew to be a worldwide force. The Church, which God has started, no one has been able to stop in its expansion. The church's detractors have come and gone; but it still stands, by expanding every day.



The Stone Rushes!


Obeying the law of motion, the Stone gathers speed as it tumbles down the side of the mountain and rushes towards its God's appointed target. In its movement, the Stone accumulates momentum (i.e., force) until its force reaches maximum impact when it strikes the statue. The stone's force (momentum) is revealed when it overthrows the metallic colossus.


There is a precedence in God's work rushing towards the enemy. Jesus went to the wilderness to face the devil. Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem, setting his face like a flint, walking towards the cross, through which He overthrew death. David run towards Goliath. In brief, when there is a clash of civilizations, God's Word predicts a gathering of speed on God's people's side. (cf. 1 Sam. 17:48; Dan. 8: 5-7) Daniel Chapter 2 says in the last days, God will start a process which will conquer all governmental systems. It will be a process God initiates and the progress of God's kingdom will be unstoppable. God's activated force will gather speed until it collides with man-made governments and overthrow them.


The message here is clear. The closer we get to the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, the tempo of God’s activity will pick up. God has stated that He will accelerate His activities towards their fulfillment in the last days (see Is. 60: 22; Hab. 2:3). For example, visions and prophecies about the Kingdom of God will multiply, and more people will be equipped with divine skills to run government.




The Stone Arrives Suddenly 


The Stone comes like an accident. It will be an unannounced. If the statue represents the world’s governments, then they will be taken unawares and overthrown suddenly. The Stone (The Kingdom of God) will come against them without warning. 


Just like the statue before the Stone, world governments will become a sitting duck before the Kingdom of God. This idea agrees with the statements Jesus has made about His Coming. His coming will be like a thief in the night, or like a snare. Jesus said the Day will take the world unprepared. (Cf. Mal. 3:1; Matt. 24: 36-40)


Had the world known better, they would likely have taken some preventive action to divert or stop the Stone. Therefore, it is likely that God has made the Stone invisible to the eyes of the world. For example, one way God can do this is when He makes people to see but despise what they see. (Cf. 1 Sam. 17: 41-44; 2 Chr. 36: 16; Is. 53:1; Ps. 118: 22; Luke 17: 22-37)




The Stone Has a Mission


God launches (i.e., activates) the Stone for His grand purpose. God launches the Stone to overcome and smash the kingdoms of the world. Therefore God has charted the course of the Stone, which means that the Stone would never veer off course. The Stone attain its mission only by remaining on course, by moving towards the Statue.


The lesson here is this: Whom God uses in the last days to overthrow the kingdoms of the world will be characterized by a relentless focus. God will keep His agents on course until they attain His objective of setting up the Kingdom on earth.


God's command to His agents will not be much different from what He reminded Joshua never to turn to the right or to the left in the mission God has ordained (Joshua 1: 1-9). God used Joshua to overthrow several Canaanite kingdoms so that He can set up God's government (i.e., theocracy) in the promised land.




The Stone Achieves a Revolution


Once it comes into contact with the Statue, the Stone does not keep moving on; but goes to work right on the spot. It starts the second phase of its mission; it starts grinding the statue to fine dust. The Stone acts like a programmed robot; it is directed to target the set statue (the embodiment of human government). 


Later the wind completes what the Stone has started. The wind carries away and scatters the crushed pieces. The “funeral ashes of the late-great-statue” are scattered to the four corners of the earth.


What the Stone in its mission represents is this: The Kingdom of God will appear out of nowhere and overcome all existing forms of human kingdoms. Some of these governments could be quite powerful, being armed with nuclear weapons and commanding armies of millions of men. But the Stone attacks all forms of human government and overcomes all of them. Basically there will be no future for these governments. In that way, for the level of change it achieves in politics, the Stone can be considered a thoroughly revolutionary force, but whose every action is ordained and directed by God. (Is. 41: 25-29; Is. 45: 1-7)



The Global-Power Stone 


Once the Stone has crushed the Statue, it keeps growing and grows until its fills the whole earth. That means the kingdom of God will not be limited to a certain place and time. Rather, it will keep expanding to become a universal kingdom whose expansion and authority no one will be able to limit or end. (see Mt. 13: 31-33)


The Stone is dynamic in that it grows until its presence fills the earth. Overthrowing the metallic statue was its first mission; but as its outreach grows from local to global, the Stone enters its second mission as it  universalizes its influence. Secondly, the Stone's dynamism is revealed in its abilities to destroy hindrances. As Jesus warned, whoever contends with the Stone, will hurt himself, and anyone on whom the Stone falls  will be destroyed. That is, the Stone overcomes two types of enemies, namely those who choose to confront or hinder its mission and progress, and those which the Stone selects to target for judgments (Luk. 20: 18).




The Stone is Eternal


The Stone is not only growing, but also is Eternal. That means as a representation of the Kingdom of God, the Stone stands forever. Contrast this with human built empires. None of them lasted more than a few hundred years at most. All the empires that have come before have passed away, including: Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Holy Roman, Arab-Islamic, Ottoman, British, and Soviet Union. All these have declined and subsequently passed away. On the other hand, the kingdom of God, which the saints will inherit, will last forever. As the Apostle Peter says, the inheritance the saints will receive shall not wither, fade, or pass away (1 Pet. 1: 3-4). That means, it will be a kingdom that will never lose its power, glory, or its luster as time passes. God guarantees that the Kingdom of God will last forever, continuing in vigor and shining in luster (Is. 9:7; Dan. 7:27).



Glory be to God!



© TLD, 2017 - 2025. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Teddy L. Desta and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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